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FFS, Farkin Rangers Fan Makes The Papers Again! 02:11 - Apr 19 with 791 viewsBoston
A number of you would be familiar with the man.
C'mon the Bruins.

Poll: Thank God The Seaons Over.


FFS, Farkin Rangers Fan Makes The Papers Again! on 07:18 - Apr 19 with 685 viewsPlanetHonneywood

The legend that is.....

Enjoyed many a beer with Paul in NYC and London over the years. Last year while there with my ice hockey mad Canadian missus, she nearly wet herself when we went to a game and Paul put the works on for her.

He is without a shadow of doubt, a top-top man. I have two fave stories about him:

1. An Rfosi was in NYC on business and his associates invited him to the Garden to watch ice hockey. Yes says the R, only to get very excited when he discovered that his associates' team were also called the Rangers.

Then while in the corporate box being wined and dined, he thought something was seriously wrong and that he might have drank too much booze at what he was seeing out on the ice.

The crowd noise went up as the zamboni entered the arena and before his disbelieving, possibly drunk eyes, the man sat atop and driving the machine was wearing a QPR shirt!

2. Paul's daughter told me once that she went to the Garden to watch a basketball game with a friend. Paul got them down to court side as the players warmed up for the game. Then as these hugely famous large lumps came off the court, she didn't know whether she was impressed or embarrassed for all the NY Knicks players, to a man, came off and asked Paul, 'How did we do today?'

Only to hear Paul reply, 'Beat Barnsley, now just outside the play-offs!'


'Always In Motion' by John Honney available on Nous sommes L’occitane Rs!


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