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Kirkland Laing R.I.P 15:04 - Jun 10 with 1062 viewspaulparker

One of the most underrated boxers ever , could and should have been a World champ especially after beating Duran but just didn’t have the discipline out of the ring

RIP to the gifted one

“I wipe my ass with your feelings.” (Tony Soprano )


Kirkland Laing R.I.P on 15:35 - Jun 10 with 980 viewsMrSheen

Terrible drug problems I understand, but a magician in the ring when he was on his game.

Kirkland Laing R.I.P on 15:59 - Jun 10 with 926 viewsDannytheR

Sad news. Really talented and very likeable fighter (they broke the mould etc) but never quite got it together when it mattered. Losing the Colin Jones fights would have been another moment when he could have kicked on in terms of titles - I'd have loved to see him fight Don Curry for instance.

You still see the Duran fight talked about as "Duran hitting bottom" but Laing was actually a brilliant technician on his night. As elusive as Herol Graham but a proper puncher too.

Kirkland Laing R.I.P on 16:00 - Jun 10 with 926 viewsdanehoop

Remember watching him in his prime and just being blown away by his speed and skill

Never knowingly understood


Kirkland Laing R.I.P on 06:39 - Jun 11 with 618 viewsBrisbaneR

Memories flooding back of Laing fighting Rocky Kelly in the Ramada in Fulham in the 80's...half the crowd looked like they could have jumped in the ring and had a crack too.
He was imperious that night, Kelly a brave local slugger was just outclassed, and you could see that Laing was a cut above. Sad to see what happened later, but that night he looked untouchable.

Kirkland Laing R.I.P on 19:22 - Jun 16 with 378 viewsthemodfather

missed this, kirkland was wild but after beating duran, his promoters could not find him to talk big bucks for bug fights....he was partying ! sad news he could have been a great

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