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Fulham roll call. 17:06 - Mar 26 with 3800 viewsqpr_1968

i take it that with the ground sold out bar a 100 or so, 50% of lfw are going to be in attendance.
who's looking forward to it, who's just going for the day out, and who's going because they are st holders and its just a chore.

is anyone confident that we can win......well i am.
i'm looking forward to it and am gonna make a day of it, even if we lose.
in fact, we've got nothing to lose and thats why we'll win.

we are qpr.......anything can happen.

10 of us will be there roaring on the once reliant rangers.

get in there 1-0.

Fulham roll call. on 22:21 - Mar 26 with 3040 viewsplasmahoop

I'm going. We may well get hammered, but I'm hoping that after last weeks debacle, there's a bit of a reaction. Johannsen gives them a bit of a nordic bollocking, and galvanises the team to an unlikely win. If not, I hope to have a few pints before and after.

Fulham roll call. on 22:25 - Mar 26 with 3028 viewsCliveWilsonSaid

I'm looking forward to it but I can't think of one reason why Fulham shouldn't be looking forward to it too.

Fulham roll call. on 09:24 - Mar 27 with 2871 viewslondonscottish

ST holder. Just trying to get to as many of the final home games as I can.

The last two results have been a right kick in the bollx, but I still enjoyed the overall days out.

Just hoping our lot don't fold in the second half yet again.

They could rip us a new one....

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Fulham roll call. on 09:56 - Mar 27 with 2826 viewsstevec

Haven’t quite given up yet.

Strangely, been concentrated on the gradual disappointment game by game and until last night hadn’t actually noticed the longevity of this run, 8 points from 10 games, relegation form!

If that had been our first 10 games of the season I suspect Les and Hoos might have been having another public tete a tete in the directors box and it wouldn’t have been about another four loans.

Still, 4 points from Fulham and Sheff U and we might still have an outside chance. I’m hanging onto that for now.

Fulham roll call. on 10:12 - Mar 27 with 2800 viewsdmm

Yep, looking forward to it. Now I'm pretty well resigned to us not finishing in the top 6 (yeah, yeah, I know) I feel quite relaxed about our remaining games. As much as I'd like a win against the Ruperts, I'm not on tenterhooks.

I'll go along, see freinds, have a few ales and enjoy the whole day. That's what football is all about.

Fulham roll call. on 13:18 - Mar 27 with 2627 viewsterryb

I'm certainly looking forward to it. Only three more home games to go.

Meeting friends in the pub at 1.00pm (table reserved, thank you Simon) & arriving in the back row of MU about 2.58pm. Many a match this is the highlight of the day, but for most of this season & the Eze masterclass season, the football has been worth watching .

A chore? On a Saturday afternoon it's not! Midweek games, lunchtime kick offs, rail replacement services are, but we still manage to make it to The Bush.

Will we win? I can't envisage it at the moment, but hope springs eternal.


Fulham roll call. on 14:40 - Mar 27 with 2525 viewstoboboly

ST holder, chore. Can't see us getting points against a bad fools team let alone a good one.

Sexy Asian dwarves wanted.


Fulham roll call. on 14:51 - Mar 27 with 2516 viewsactonman

Local derby game , we always do so well and the team are all ways up for it !

I will be in there in full voice before during and after even though I’m resigned to us finishing about 10th
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Fulham roll call. on 17:26 - Mar 27 with 2403 viewsPinnerPaul

Dragging Mrs Pinner along.

Fulham roll call. on 18:38 - Mar 27 with 2336 viewsenfieldargh

56 left

captains fantastic
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Fulham roll call. on 19:58 - Mar 27 with 2242 viewsPunteR

Me and Punter JR will be there.

Fulham roll call. on 20:32 - Mar 27 with 2181 viewsHantsR

Me and 4 - (son plus his family) - his partner's first time at any football game Her mother used to say how awful football crowds were, based on one experience at Chelscum!

Fulham roll call. on 08:12 - Mar 28 with 1906 viewsRs_Holy

I will be there with Holy Junior ... less than 50 tickets left now.
Fulham roll call. on 09:06 - Mar 28 with 1842 viewsWokingR

Fulham roll call. on 17:26 - Mar 27 by PinnerPaul

Dragging Mrs Pinner along.

Does that make it a chore then ?

Fulham roll call. on 09:57 - Mar 28 with 1780 viewsDTIG

Three of us going, and can't wait....for the Weeping Tiger steak down the Crown and Scepter.
I think the game will be humiliating......again.

Fulham roll call. on 10:07 - Mar 28 with 1768 viewsHarbour

I will be there in mu hoping we put on a performance and get something out of the game..

Fulham roll call. on 10:25 - Mar 28 with 1747 viewsheadhoops

2 ST from the headhoops - its either going to be a glorious backs to the wall 1-0 win or the orange corduroys will win 2-6 or similar. Looking forward to Jimmy Dunne v Mitrovic tussle. Decent officials please and will enjoy whatever the result.

Poll: Remy - can he play in the playoffs - who's opening post is the best?


Fulham roll call. on 10:47 - Mar 28 with 1708 viewsfrancisbowles

Mr and Mrs FB will be in attendance in the not so posh seats in F block.

Going as ST's always in hope, trying to keep the expectation level down and wanting to be pleasantly surprised.

3pm Saturday afternoon, will be a good atmosphere (at least at the start).
Everyone behind the team.

Come on u Rrrrrrrrs

Fulham roll call. on 12:36 - Mar 28 with 1618 viewsloneranger1

Going with my mum, dad and my little one.... Similar to francisbowles, more in hope than expectation!

Feels like a good start will be more important than ever, hope the crowd and players can feed off each other.

A bit nervous as I feel that a poor run of form, losing GKs and then Willock has really put us in a tricky spot - hoping that Dykes is available to play some kind of part, Warbs has us properly organized and picks an 11 that doesn't include Sanderson or Hendrick

Fulham roll call. on 13:09 - Mar 28 with 1576 viewsenfieldargh

20 left

captains fantastic
Poll: Should he stay or should he go....Warbs


Fulham roll call. on 16:08 - Mar 28 with 1455 viewsBoston

Busy day in the west of town, Rangers, Fulham, Chelsea and Brentford all tripping over each other.

Poll: Thank God The Seaons Over.

Fulham roll call. on 21:01 - Mar 28 with 1323 viewsRs_Holy

Fulham roll call. on 13:09 - Mar 28 by enfieldargh

20 left

Last 3

Fulham roll call. on 21:25 - Mar 28 with 1292 viewsstowmarketrange

1 from stowmarket who might still have a thick head after the stereophonics gig at the O2 on Friday night.
I will have a spare U18 ticket for the lower loft if anyone wants it,or is young enough to pass for U18.
[Post edited 28 Mar 21:44]
Fulham roll call. on 21:25 - Mar 28 with 1292 viewsSuperhoop83

Fulham roll call. on 21:01 - Mar 28 by Rs_Holy

Last 3

Just bought two of them in JU.

My masochism knows no bounds.

Suffering since 1978.


Fulham roll call. on 20:36 - Mar 30 with 950 viewsqpr_1968

well done lads and lassies, good turnout.

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