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Ending thoughts... 14:42 - May 6 with 691 viewsPlanetHonneywood

Well as we all fall over ourselves to convey the emotion of the last 10 months, I'm struggling to think of one that has been so absorbing, demanding, and draining in pursuit of a Top 18 finish. And yet, it seems to be a season where despite the absence of silver, I feel as if I/we actually won something!

As disastrous as it often looked, it's up there with the Olly 03/04 and Warnock 10/11 seasons for me, and of all our 'survival' seasons, it's been hands down the best. Is it too early to say: but are we seeing the greenshoots of recovery and the death roll of Fernandes' influence?

Personally, a hell of a season too. Firstly, I believe it was DanielPaddox who wrote that this was the 50th anniversary of his first game. Ironically, 1 January 2024 was the same for me. And yet, the Rfosi who posted that 'anger' is in the Rangers name probably conveyed my 'feelings' prior to the arrival of Miracle Marti.

I'd given up on them at least twice, and on one trip back to London, I didn't bother to go. I can't say anymore on what has been said about Marti and how he and his team, the players and the club rose as a man to get out of the self-made mire of 12 years of incompetence that preceded it. I don't think I was more proud of them in the previous 50 years of following.

We lost Stan. We lost Terry. But I lost my mother and sadly, with her funeral approaching and the last visit to see her on the day of the Leeds game, I declined to go to that match. I followed from home, and as I relayed to Mrs. PH the goals and thus the outcome, I felt that spirit that no matter what you do, where you are, you are there.

Could not have been more delighted for the club but most of all, and as has been said on here, the support this year has been exceptional.

I do not think we can underestimate the role each has played when they've attended. I came back from the Rotherham and Preston games hoarse from cheering, not something I've done since I was a pup. I think as a fanbase, it's been the best I have known it and for that, each one of us deserves a pat on the back whether we attended a few or all the games.

Really looking forward to the summer now. Not the Euros, bollix to that, but I am looking forward to the Olympics which Mrs. PH and I will be at for the first week if any Rfosi are in town for un verre, and resumption of a new season hopefully under Marti, and Inshallah, after Pep realises life will be so much Eze with Eberichi.

Well done again boys and girls. Thank you!...this club eh?

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Ending thoughts... on 15:08 - May 6 with 600 viewsBoston

"Pursuit of a top 18 finish"😀

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Ending thoughts... on 15:11 - May 6 with 587 viewshantssi

Couldn’t have said it better myself.
The emotion of the Preston game, I was shaking with nerves, trying to convince myself it was because it was cold!
Like you, hoarse after the game, thought we were safe (we all did), great atmosphere in the C&S that evening.
I’m looking forward to next season more than for many a year (even though I think we’ll finish mid table).
Enjoy your summer boys and girls.
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