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What is your second sport. 22:21 - Jun 3 with 6750 viewsqpr_1968

or even first over football.....

including chess, darts, ludo and get what i mean.

mine is tennis, not grass......even though i love watching it.
but playing, its got to be a hard surface....

Poll: how many games this season....home/away.

What is your second sport. on 22:23 - Jun 3 with 3346 viewsdaveB

enjoy watching cricket and Boxing but nothing beats football
What is your second sport. on 22:24 - Jun 3 with 3331 viewsSK_hoops

Playing pool.
What is your second sport. on 22:27 - Jun 3 with 3320 viewsjeffranger

Watch & play Darts, also snooker & Cricket
What is your second sport. on 22:31 - Jun 3 with 3293 viewsthame_hoops

Playing- Tennis (Astro and artificial clay, can’t get with the bounce on hard courts) and Gym

Watching- Cricket-NFL-Football-Baseball (in that order)
What is your second sport. on 22:39 - Jun 3 with 3248 viewsjohann28

1. Cricket. Because the great Bob Willis got me into it at a tender age. Watching him and thinking cricket is slow and boring? I think not.
2. Pool. Because i'm really good. Oh yes. Who would have thought?
3. Tennis. Because of Roger Federer and Rafa Nadal. Great competitors and classy gentlemen to boot.
4. Baseball. Because my American-bred son's really into it. Blue Jays are soooo Qpr though.

Ps. I hate football. If there was a drug out there that would cure me of this distinctly irrational feeling for Qpr i 'd take it now.
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What is your second sport. on 22:47 - Jun 3 with 3222 viewsHAYESBOY

1. Football
2. Golf
3. Cricket
4. Rugby Union
5. Boxing

Smells like a trout farm in here

What is your second sport. on 22:54 - Jun 3 with 3211 viewsChrisNW6

Get massively into the Olympics every two years, especially Athletics and Curling.

Never miss a stage of the Tour de France either.
What is your second sport. on 23:38 - Jun 3 with 3168 viewsCateLeBonR

Trying to play Cricket.
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What is your second sport. on 23:51 - Jun 3 with 3146 viewsconnell10


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What is your second sport. on 00:18 - Jun 4 with 3126 viewsBucksRanger

What is your second sport. on 00:30 - Jun 4 with 3104 viewsSydneyRs

Aussie rules football or NRL rugby league.

Never had much time for cricket, tennis I can do about half a set usually before getting bored.
What is your second sport. on 00:41 - Jun 4 with 3095 viewsBoston

Bit of a niche interest, and I've had to compete against the likes of Steve Irwin and Crocodile Dundee in the searing heat of the Australian Outback, but I'm at intermediate level for tying me kangaroo down, sport.

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What is your second sport. on 02:09 - Jun 4 with 3059 viewsKiwi76

Cricket - tests
NRL - rugby league
Rugby - tests only & have to add that to retain NZ citizenship.

Been lucky to go to Aussie Open tennis & loved that but don’t watch otherwise.
What is your second sport. on 05:28 - Jun 4 with 3016 viewscpgerber

I would quite literally watch anything on TV if its sports. Rugby union, cycling, golf, field hockey, athletics, cricket, darts, tennis, you name it.

Since moving to NL I had to learn to appreciate sports like ice skating and field hockey which, in my native South Africa, was not popular or not even present (skating), but huge in NL.

There was a time I watch quite a bit of US baseball because it was on the telly right about the time I was cooking dinner.
What is your second sport. on 05:43 - Jun 4 with 3005 viewsUPPERLOFTNZ

Disc (frisbee) golf, Started playing to rehab a shoulder, now addicted. One of the fastest growing sports on the planet and soooo much fun! here in NZ a lot of courses are free to play, so an amazing way to get out walk a few KMS and meet some new people. Even met another R's fan!

Football is Faith
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What is your second sport. on 06:55 - Jun 4 with 2955 viewsloftboy

I’ve never seen another professional sport live! But if I was too then it would be cricket.

favourite cheese mature Cheddar. FFS there is no such thing as the EPL
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What is your second sport. on 07:01 - Jun 4 with 2943 viewsGloucs_R

Love Kick Boxing and trained when I was younger, now my boys do it.

Watch Ice Hockey and have for into rugby, mainly down to my lads playing every week.

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What is your second sport. on 07:13 - Jun 4 with 2926 viewsdaveinmelbourne

After being here in Melbs for a few years, after football it’d be AFL (Collingwood), NRL (Melb Storm), still watch test cricket, not so keen on the shorter formats however. As a kid growing up in Chelmsford you could usually find me at the County Ground watching Gooch, Fletcher, Lever and co powering their way to another honour.
What is your second sport. on 07:30 - Jun 4 with 2908 viewsJuzzie

For a long time it was MotoGP and Superbikes but not watched them in years. They move around often to subscription channels but mainly just don’t get the time to keep up with it regularly.
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What is your second sport. on 08:46 - Jun 4 with 2822 viewsslmrstid

As a participant, I'm a runner, which I'm relatively competitive in (obviously absolutely miles and miles and miles off elite standard, but reasonably decent at a local level).

We go to watch Leicester Riders basketball when we can during the winter season, will enjoy watching track athletics although watching road running is less interesting - I prefer being the participant. Also hoping to go to a few Leicestershire Foxes T20 games this summer, managed to make the first one last Friday.

Also watch the BTCC in motorsport although I've only physically been to one race meeting in the last 6/7 years, just dates always clash with other commitments but with ITV screening the whole day live I can always catch up on ITVX (and get driven crazy by Under Armour ads, as posted the other day!)
What is your second sport. on 09:18 - Jun 4 with 2746 viewsBluce_Ree

MMA has been my favourite sport for the last 14 years but my fandom is waning a bit now.

Mainly because the UFC put on too many cards which means they've recruited a lot of very average fighters. So now there are a lot of events that I skip entirely because there's just zero star power to them. Also, they started doing events during Covid at a tiny venue called the UFC Apex and they still put on fights there and it's just so dead.

And when you do get a big PPV event, they keep wheeling out Donald Trump for some reason. Seeing his gormless face is really spoiling things for me.

Stefan Moore, Stefan Moore running down the wing. Stefan Moore, Stefan Moore running down the wing. He runs like a cheetah, his crosses couldn't be sweeter. Stefan Moore. Stefan Moore. Stefan Moore.

What is your second sport. on 09:22 - Jun 4 with 2745 viewsPastCaringNW2

Ice Hockey and Rugby League are the only other sports outside of football that I have the time or inclination to follow in any detail. Like a lot of people of a certain age I got into both in the early 70s thanks to Grandstand and the one season stand of the London Lions, a Detroit Red Wings farm team, playing at Empire Pool in 73 (?).

As a non driver, with Romford and Streatham the nearest hockey teams worth travelling to pay to watch and the Broncos long since based back down in south London, these are both strictly armchair sports for me these days.
What is your second sport. on 10:22 - Jun 4 with 2674 viewsderbyhoop

Played cricket from 9-52 and still enjoy watching. Played Rugby Union at school up to 15, when I realised I was far too small and not quick enough. Still enjoy 6 nations and went to RWC.
Love to follow the Tor de France, highlights mainly.

Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry and narrow-mindedness, and many of our people need it sorely on these accounts. Broad, wholesome, charitable views of men and things cannot be acquired by vegetating in one little corner of the Earth all one’s lifetime. (Mark Twain) Find me on twitter @derbyhoop

What is your second sport. on 10:25 - Jun 4 with 2670 viewsKonk

Cricket. The only other sport I watch or take an interest in. Absolutely love a day at the cricket, ideally a Test, but happy with anything. Very fortunate to have a nice cricket club with a stunning setting, 15 mins walk from home.

Been up to Glos a fair few times since moving to Bristol - they're talking about moving out of the city to South Glos, which I would imagine would kill it for a lot of fans who currently either walk or get the bus up from the city centre.

Took my Dad and son down to Taunton the other week, covers on and off all day, and most of the crowd gave up by about 3:30pm. Probably 800 people in the ground and I was one of the youngest. Fair to say my son wasn't convinced by County cricket!

Fulham FC: It's the taking part that counts

What is your second sport. on 10:42 - Jun 4 with 2628 viewssouthbound_tram

1. AFL. There's a glorious window March & April where footbal codes overlap.
2. Snooker. Add the wold championship to the window above. Best time of year. For those looking for local (Hammersmith) tables check out the Chiswick Memorial Club. I have the occasional knock there.
3. Pool. Hammersmith Club (Rutland grove) has probs the best tables in West London.
Sadly soured on cricket due to pjamaisation and the horrible commercialisation that comes with it. Bullshit walkout music etc. Ruined even the beauty of test cricket for me (and Smith/Waner). Should get back into it.
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