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They came to play - Report
at 23:01:02

Brilliant report and still pissing myself laughing. That report and performance has seriously lifted the gloom from Saturday.
Beginning to get excited by the performances of MaCallum, Dozzel and Dunne. I can absolutely see them progressing in much the same way Chair and Willock have. This, ultimately, is down to the culture that has been established by Warburton and his team and it is utterly priceless.
The future is in very good hands, and long may it continue.
Pivotal week eight - Preview
at 10:50:29

Must admit I am becoming a little concerned with our starting line up. Dykes looks isolated up front with only minimal service coming from Chair, Willock and our supposed attacking wing backs.
The early press from opposing teams is also overloading our midfield with the limited Ball and non defensive pair of Chair and Willock unable to cope.
Our strategy appears to require the opposition to burn themselves out with the press and them hit them with our subs. Unfortunately, we keep finding ourselves behind and having to recover from losing positions. This can’t continue. Bristol are another team that applies the high press, so we must adapt our strategy and line up to keep it tight and avoid conceding early.
Love this team and it’s determination, but we have been rumbled and are starting to slide. Will be interesting to see if Warbs takes a slightly different approach for this game.
QPR continue to state intent, adding Gray to attack - Signing
at 00:24:52

Great piece Clive. There is clearly some dubious and contradictory messages emanating from this signing around the clubs moral stance on behaviour and attitude. It’s a complex issue and divides opinion. Warburton and Les will no doubt have pondered on the implications of this signing and the potential flak that might ensue. They have put their necks on the line somewhat in favour of what is needed on the footballing side. This is probably the biggest gamble of all our signings.
Still, Gray has come out and said he would rather play on Tuesday nights and find his form again than take the easy option of a nice life in the sun abroad some where. That is just what I needed to hear. In this game you get out what you put in. The proof will be in the pudding.
Bring your boots get a game? Preview
at 10:27:30

Forgot to mention Bonne Clive. Might have been a useful addition right now instead of watching him bang them in for Ipswich. I sincerely hope our decision making this season doesn’t undo all the good work from last season.
Maybe it’s just Lady Luck deserting us just when we need it to be on our side? Fingers crossed for tonight and especially Saturday. Hopefully we can come out of the international break with everybody (barring Field and probably Wallace) fit and healthy.
Adomah and Ball reach into the fire to grasp unlikely point - Report
at 09:23:10

If we don’t achieve promotion this year, it is likely we will lose 2, possibly 3 of our best players at the end of the season.
Surely the club must make every decision this year based on gaining promotion. To send Masterson and Bettache out on loan and yet retain Dozzell and Thomas looks to be a mistake. The loss of Field may also prove to be pivotal. Lose either Ball or Johansen whilst Field is out and we are struggling in that DCM area that is key to the way we play.
Love the resilience and never say never say die attitude of this team, but our lack of depth is likely to be our undoing this season. May need the hierarchy to make some more brave calls come January.
Adomah and Ball reach into the fire to grasp unlikely point - Report
at 22:44:59

Bang on the money again Clive.
The question now is, what have we learned?
As you so rightly point out, certain teams, those with youth, pace and aggression look to dominate us physically from the get go. As it stands there really is only Ball in midfield that can live with it. Dozzell looked like a rabbit in the headlights. Johansen was overwhelmed.
Coventry will provide a very similar test and we are already clocking up the walking wounded.

If ever there was a season to drop out of the cup early in favour of “concentrating on the league”, this is it. We need to rest players this week and have a clear game plan for Coventry.
I just hope we have done our homework on them. Warbs got it badly wrong against Barnsley, he can’t afford to do the same again.
Shifting expectations - Preview
at 22:00:20

No stats to back it up, but I have a perception that we often start the league season with a win, a loss and a draw. That would suggest we will come unstuck tomorrow.
If we break my totally unsubstantiated perception and win, I’m taking that as a break with the norm and a successful campaign beckons.
No pressure then.
Hull suffer effects of Dickie at both ends - Report
at 19:12:05

Sorry Mike, those scores for Dickie and Dykes were bang on the money. Dykes, for all his great attitude and work ethic, really didn’t impact the game in any meaningful way other than the score a rather fortuitous goal, which did in truth, kill the game off.
Dickie’s overall contribution, in every game this season, has moved up another level. Unfortunately, so far, Dykes’ performance levels have gone the other way. I suspect he will be dropped on Wednesday in favour of Austin, with Willock and Chair in behind. That for me, is our best forward set up.
Perfect penalties rescue QPR's cup hopes - Report
at 18:28:26

Accurate and entertaining report. I think our flattering first 25 minutes were more to do with Orient showing “too much respect” than our superior quality. Once they decided to start playing and getting in our faces, we crumbled. There is clearly plenty of work to do with our second string and Warbs knows it. His after match interview was pleasingly honest and we all appreciate that our league standing this season will again depend on managing the health and fitness of our first string.

Dunne, Bettache, Kakay and perhaps Dozzell are useful backups, but have yet to see much from Thomas or Kelman to inspire me. For me, they all need to be playing regularly to find fitness and form.

Dickie looked a class apart (apart from that bizarre attempt at a headed clearance at ground level). What a start to the season he is having.
Odubajo completes QPR’s summer – Signing
at 19:01:24

Ultimately, we now have excellent cover in the wing back positions. It was the area that, without exception, everyone agreed needed sorting.
Shame about Field, but let’s be honest, who is not licking their lips and raring to go. I have not been this excited and expectant since……..ever.
Defensive duo continue QPR's brisk summer - Signing
at 11:09:07

I’m concerned it’s going beyond hope……it’s verging on expectation. That is dangerous.
QPR take a chance on Ipswich’s Dozzell – Signing
at 23:48:21

Odd that we seem to be heavily loading the midfield areas when we desperately need to sort the RB/RWB position.
Also Worrying that things have gone quiet on Johansen and have so far failed to find a suitor for Kane.
However, in Warbs we trust……

Austin comes home - Signing
at 09:04:23

Absolutely delighted and great piece Clive.

Hoo’s and Ferdinand have done a superb job rebuilding the club over recent years and have quite rightly kept their cocks in their trousers waiting for the right time to come out swinging.

The end of last season showed the time was nigh. Austin in isolation would have been pointless, but he represents a small cog in the bigger collective. We have quality and great potential across the entire team and the belief and desire is there for all to see.

One more piece of the jigsaw to go and we are in business. Nail that and we are good to go.

Simply cannot wait.
End of Term Report 20/21 – Midfielders
at 19:28:01

Amos and then LTC were brought in to imbue the team with exactly the type of playing style that Johansen brings. Whilst having their own strengths, neither can match his combination of tenacity and technique. If we fail to land Johansen, I suspect those two boys will be vying to take his place alongside Field. Big boots to fill. If we do land Johansen, they become fairly peripheral and certainly not first choice. Seems odd to have offered LTC another contract whilst still chasing Johansen.

De Wijs first through the door - Signing
at 20:12:35

His game and our game also benefits greatly by having two very capable players either side of him and a great keeper behind him.

The medical staff have performed superbly this season ( or been very very lucky) and absolutely deserve to be trusted with this decision.

As you say Clive, one down.........we now wait with bated breath for the other 3 🤞
A matter of routine - Report
at 20:01:04

The new normal....playing with intent.

Having watched so many half arsed, lame, can’t be bothered performances over the years, this new modus operandi is a revelation.

It is a cultural phenomenon and comes from strong, capable, respected leadership.

If this is the real deal, next season could be a special.
Errors from unusual suspects cost QPR serious shot at champions-elect - Report
at 18:01:03

No disgrace losing to a very good side.

A good game to benchmark the level required to get in to those top six places next season.
Valuable lessons learned.
The S*n is shining – Preview
at 09:05:00

Enjoyed that read Clive, particularly enthused about the comments re Warbs. Rarely do you come across people in the game with his level of integrity, honesty and backbone. The few that remain usually go on to reach the higher echelons of their professions. He and his team have carried us through some seriously difficult years and that light at the end of the tunnel has significantly grown in size over recent months. Even if we fail to land Austin and Johannson during the summer, I now feel confident that the right club structure and strategy is in place to make the right decisions, in the best interests of the club, to move us forward.

We are in a good place with Warbs at the wheel, but more patience will be required.
Dykes gathers rich Rangers rewards from dominant Swansea show – Report
at 18:15:01

I honestly couldn’t believe what I was seeing. We were knocking the ball around for fun and Swansea were literally chasing shadows. Incredible.
Ok, Kakay had a bit of a mare, but I feel confident he will come good with more game time and a bit more belief.
Dom is an oddity though, why does he insist on clattering into the back of everybody and giving away needless free kicks?
Cameron suffers with a similar affliction for stamping on opponents ankles. Bizarre.

Still, it has been a fab and totally unexpected back end to the season. Rarely, if ever, have all the pieces of a jigsaw come together so effectively and so quickly.

The expectations for next season will now be significantly raised.....let’s hope we can continue where we left off this season.
QPR’s calamitous cave-in gives Millers hope - Report
at 18:59:00

Bang on the money again. The level of complacency after we scored was astonishing, although it was definitely a game that Ball and Cameron should have played a part in.
Kudos to Dykes...cracking goal and a really energetic, committed performance.

Important summer ahead, but I’m sure Warbs will work on the areas of concern. No guarantee he will have the options or finance to sort unfortunately. As always, we live in hope.
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