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McClaren's willingness to correct the wrong
at 17:01 22 Oct 2018

One thing I have found very refreshing so far this season, is having a manager in charge who although makes some mistakes - is quick to put them right.

It has felt in the past, that many managers we've had have been extremely stubborn with their tactics and team selections etc and just stick at it to try and prove others wrong, or maybe they simply don't know any other way. Examples such as picking favorites every week despite poor performances etc

- Passing at the back, from the keeper. This clearly killed the confidence of our defence at the time (incl Ingram) and was not suited to the side. Finally abandoned this, after pretty much admitting this wasnt suited to us yet

- Change of keeper. Was clear to most of us that Lumley should be given a go, but not sure all managers would have had the bottle to do so. A great move

- Going from leaking goals for fun, to making it more "boring" but solid against Birmingham for example.

- Taking those "boring" wins, and now slowly getting us to protect the lead but play better football in the process.

- Going back to 4-5-1 - realising that one of the front 2 need to be sacrificed to get the best out the side.

- Bringing Pav/width into the side. Ok, its only the Ipswich game this has really happened so far but lets hope this is also the start of a more adventurous attacking lineup.

- Overall, so glad the wrongs have been put right. Ok its disappointing that Smyth, Manning, Samuel etc have not had as many chances as we would like, but lets hope they might be the next ones on the list of improvements that McClaren is slowly bringing to the side

Feeling positive!
Ademola Bankole
at 16:24 13 Sep 2018

Stands out for me, as the worst and dodgiest goalkeeper I remember I've seen at Loftus Road. Just read he is working for the club? :O When did that happen?

QPR vs AFC Wimbledon
at 19:56 14 Jul 2018

Just back from what was a shocking game!
All about fitness so not reading anything into it but considering we had a full strength line-up, I did think we would play better than we did. Was difficult to see who was the league 1 side.

Most concerning thing for me is that we may be relying on the same players who are already known to most of us as the weaker players. Washington again the usual, trying hard but missing a 1 on 1. Lynch, the usual clumsiness and long goods to nobody. Lack of quality at the back really looks apparent to me.

Thought the new signing looked decent, not the fastest but solid. Bidwell probably our best player. Ingram made some excellent saves but unsure on his distribution and claiming crosses.

Thought we looked better once smyth and pav came on, finally started to look more positive going forward.

Understand it's all about fitness but without smithies and bed, possibly Luongo if he leaves, I do feel we are quite a lot weaker than last year and can see us struggling, mainly because of the defence. Hoping one or 2 signings will come in to ease the concerns
Groundhog day
at 16:57 27 Jan 2018

Too narrow, create barely anything, no wingers, hope Smith brings us back into the game when things are too late. Bidwell unable to attack, Pav left out, team cant score.

I wanted Ollie to succeed here but he seems to do the same thing every week and think we will get a different result. What makes him think this way of playing will suddenly bring results? Letting in 2 goals after they have a man sent off, and barely coming close to scoring is not acceptable

On way home - my take
at 17:18 6 Jan 2018

Really frustrating

Cousins at wing back again?! What exactly does a central player offer in that position ? Waste of time expecting him to perform any differently there

Bidwell - solid but again he is not a wing back. Slows down our attacks. Really wish we would scrap this system.

First half we were slow, backwards sideways passing then hoof to Smith. It's awful to watch.

Upped our game second half when pav came on to give us some width (surprise surprise) but conceded a goal due to a scowen error which put their bloke through and took one of their only chances well.

We put on pressure but it felt like as soon as the ball got in the box we would never score. Smyth was one of the only players who looked lively but unfortunately typical rangers style we starved him of the ball and he had to feed on scraps.

The ref was shocking too, I lost count of the times Matt Smith was fouled. MK Dons were poor and it's worrying we couldn't at least equalise.

Time to get some pace and width into the side imo
[Post edited 6 Jan 2018 17:24]
Too narrow!
at 12:56 11 Dec 2017

As some others are saying, its driving me crazy that week after week we are playing so narrow. Our strikers are average at best, so need as much service as possible. Why are we therefore playing without wingers?

Pavel was one of our best signings last years, yet hes been pushed back to wing back or right back. When will we see him back on the wing? Wheeler was signed as a a goalscoring winger, yet plays wingback or not at all. Samuel - once again same story.

I understand that we are trying to accommodate the trio in the middle, but the whole team is suffering as a result of it, and its not working anymore. Surely you can play 2 wingers, Scowen and Luongo in the middle, and freeman just behind the striker?

We are so predictable at the moment, and it feel more of a shock to score a goal, let alone expecting a win.
Players we have signed, improving their former teams..
at 15:54 7 Dec 2017

I have noticed a few times in recent years, where we have signed certain clubs "better players", or captains etc only for those teams to actually improve instead of weakening.

- Charlie Austin - signed from Burnley, yet they still went up automatically.
- Freeman - Bristol City now 3rd in the league
- Lynch - Think was captain for Huddersfield if not wrong, then we sign him and they get promoted.
- Smithies (see above)
- Bidwell - Brentford not setting the league alight but finished above us last time round, and ahead of us again this year

Think it shows how important a team work together, rather than just individual talent alone.

Any coincidence and any other examples?
That Blackburn "goal" that never stood
at 11:43 21 Apr 2017

Most seems relatively confident here of survival this season, but how crucial now could that "goal" be that was not given away to Blackburn. Shows how important these decisions can be. Not that we should be in this position to start with. Could potentially keep Blackburn up, but send us the other way (although unlikely)
Wasting a decent team
at 11:12 1 Nov 2016

What has really frustrated me all season, is that I genuinely think we have a decent team out there. We are wasting what could be a good season for us, by tinkering about with the side unnecessarily

- We have Sylla up front who thrives on crosses, yet we don't play wingers to supply him anything.
- If and when wingers do play, they tend to be on the wrong side so they cut in and cannot cross the ball
- Cousins - excellent player for Charlton, and one we were all excited by - plays most games on the wing where anyone and everyone can see he is not comfortable at all
- Chery - working our whole team around a player, who is not in the same mould as Adel and is on very poor form. Clearly isn't working, why are we continuing bulding around him?
- Washington - a regular goalscorer for Peterborough. Plays on the wing where he cuts in, or up front alone. When are we going to try him alongside Polter or Sylla?
- Long ball - heard many times from JFH that we want to play quick exciting football. When has long ball been exciting? Not seen any evidence of what he says
- Setting up our side, to deal with the opponents. Why cant we set up ours in a positive way, so opponents have to adjust to ours? Especially at home
- No settled team. The lineup is different every week. Injuries aside, it is barely ever recognisable
- Giving players a run/time to settle. - Pavel, Shodipo are both players who have been excellent in most games. Why drop them, and see performances and results get worse? yet players e.g Henry who have held us back week in week out, have not been dropped until recently

If these madness decisions above were getting results, I could understand it and live with it to an extent, but clearly we have been awful. 2 wins at home, and even away games we have won you could count as extremely fortunate. Lets not forget that many games we won early in the season were down to winning penalties.

Can anyone explain to me how any of the above points can make any sense to JFH? I want to give managers time, but clearly he is not learning at all.

I think we have some very good players, and some players who could make the game exciting. Pace and crosses from Shodipo and Pavel, crunching tackles from Ariel, quality on the ball from Luongo, passion from Polter, class and confidence from Chery, top saves from a top keeper. Why not use the tools we have to their potential?
Destroyed, but not unexpected
at 09:58 14 Sep 2016

Terrible result and performance last night, and outclassed by a team far superior to us - there is no doubt. But when the lineup was announced, for me this was always going to happen. OK, Newcastle have a much better squad than us, but we are the home side and we turned up with a lineup that looked scared and hoping for a draw. Hasselbaink said before the game he wanted to try and win the game, play quick passing etc - yet we start with 5 defenders, 2 defensive midfielders, one winger AGAIN on the wrong wing and without Shodipo who was clearly man of the match in the last game. None of it makes any sense whatsoever to me.

If we had injuries, fair enough - but we had plenty of options available. Why do we continue to play Yeni on the left hand side who clearly looks uncomfortable in that position and offers nothing. Give him a go on the right wing, isn't that where he is suppose to play? Henry has played well this season to be fair, but clearly him and Cousins does not work as a pairing, far too slow. Perch on the right wing, when we have several other options? I cant explain that one at all.

In this division, anyone can beat anyone especially when at home. At least go into the game a bit more positively and give ourselves some options if we do manage to get the ball in attacking areas. We have some good players on paper imo who could cause teams problems yet we either don't use them, or we play them in the wrong position.

Why set out defensively and invite a team full of quality onto us unnecessarily? We have decent enough options available to ask some questions of them. Have a bit more faith in our side jfh.

I was a fan of Jimmy, but these over cautious tactics are not bringing anywhere near the best out of our team, and it's holding us back. At least if we put the best team out possible, we could come away and say we were simply outclassed. But we never gave ourselves a chance from the beginning, that it what frustrates me most
at 07:27 22 Aug 2016

Isn't he suppose to be a right sided midfielder/winger? Why are we playing him on the left? First time I'd seen him play but he looked very uncomfortable on that side. Can we go back to playing people in their correct positions?
These high press tactics
at 11:42 27 Jul 2016

From watching some of the friendlies including Burton last night, its good to see we are chasing players down much quicker etc. Bit to me it feels all to much like we are focussing everything on working hard and chasing down when we don't have the ball, yet very little quality with the ball.

As everyone says, it is only a friendly which I agree with, but surely a bit of quality on the ball and stringing a few passes together is something we should be capable with whether it is a friendly or not?

At the moment, it all feels a bit flat. Similar to how we ended last season, but fitter and less pace
Strike force next season?
at 12:53 4 May 2016

How do people think our strike force will look next season? Washington could be very dangerous if played alongside a big striker e.g Polter - but the system we are playing doesn't look like he will start games. Polter is a big presence and makes life hard for defenders, but has a lot of parts to his game to improve.

Will be interesting to see if we get a new first choice striker in, or if we are going to go with the Polter option. If its the latter, I hope the attacking midfielders can chip in a few more next year.

Looking forward to the season ahead, lots to feel positive about. Not sure we will be pushing for playoffs yet, but most likely will be a much more positive and exciting season
Hill - injured or fit?
at 14:46 11 Mar 2016

I think the fitness of Hill will make a huge difference to tomorrows game. If we keep to the same side that beat Derby, I am pretty sure we can take 3 points.

If Hill is injured, it could potentially mean the defence gets disrupted again by bringing Ned back at CB, Perch back to RB and Konch at LB.

Personally rather keep Perch at LB if Hill is out, and bring in Mackie/Henry at RB if no other choice. Not a fan of playing players out of position, but the thought of having Konch near the side again (especially in a derby) is a very worrying one!
Angella - sign him up?
at 12:41 9 Mar 2016

What are peoples thoughts on Angella? I personally think he looks like a great player, and was unlucky to be dropped out of a side that were underforming throughout the whole side earlier in the season.

It is refreshing to have a big presence at the back who is composed with the ball, allowing us to play better football from the back. Dont think we have seen the best of him yet, and would like to see him alongside Hall next year if he keeps up this form.
Watching the promotion DVD
at 12:13 19 Feb 2016

Was just watching the promotion DVD, with the famous Zamora goal. Looking back at it, I still cant believe we got rid of Simpson. He was a solid right back with experience, and also helped us out attacking wise on occasions. The difference between him and Perch is clear for all to see.

Its easy also to forget how much impact Ravel had on the team. His class and positive way of playing is sorely missed. The presence of Dunne as well was huge for us, and its clear how much leadership is now missing in the side.

Very happy with the signs of a good young side developing, but hope we can also add a bit more presence and leadership in the team next year to help out those players. We should then have the basis of a good team, for a better season ahead
Pure garbage - but expected
at 11:11 29 Dec 2015

I havent had a chance to look through the other posts on here yet, but Im sure many people much share a similar view to me.

The huddersfield performance was pure garbage, drab beyond belief. But did I expect any different? No

As soon as the team sheets were known, it was obvious what was going to happen - we have seen it time and time before.

1) Hill - Solid, and we love him - but hes only going to hoof the ball long

2) Sandro, Henry AND Tozser all in the same team. Why?? I can understand maybe 2 of them, but all 3 at home to Huddersfield?

3) Henry - ok he didnt play too badly, but what did he actually add to the team? Why is he anywhere near the attacking half of the team? Its not his fault, but why was he picked again??

4) Fer - I am a big fan but his performance recently have been shocking. What has he done to keep his place?

5) Resting players e.g. Faurlin, yet leaving Luongo, Chery and JET benched? I have no explanation whatsoever for this.

6) No striker AGAIN - yet two available on the bench! Ok Polter isnt great, but still had the striker instinct to get us a goal

Why we continue to play such a flat, boring, negative lineup when there are plenty of good players available to our disposal is just ridiculous. It was obvious from that team line up that we wouldnt create any chances, there was no flair, pace, creativity, players out of position - some of our best players on the bench. It wasnt until 60/70 mins when a sub is made that we start to play any kind of football. We didnt have a shot until 38th minute yesterday! Didnt surprise me one bit with that line up

Why are we making life so difficult for ourselves? I have no doubt that if we played our strongest 11 we would have picked up far more points. Games as going by so quickly, and we are wasting points game after game by picking shocking lineups with no creativity or goals in them. I can understand if we have injuries, but we have plenty of players available. Its infuriating - especially at home to the struggling side.
If we continue to pick these line ups with no creativity, flare pace, or quality - then I cant see where our next win will come from.
Where does Fer fit in?
at 12:24 4 Sep 2015

With Luongo impressing so far, especially further forward in the side - how does Fer slot in when hes back? Of course he needs to fight his way into the side, but i think its clear that if hes played in an advanced role, in a central position - he is class. Surely he cant be benched, but then again how can you drop Luongo either?

Never seen this Angella guy play before, but sounds like a certain starter a well. Hall however has really boosted our defence and would be difficult to drop him either.

Some big decisions for Ramsay to make!
Defenders composure on the ball
at 16:25 18 Aug 2015

On paper, I personally think we have a very promising team. When last season ended, I feared for the worst this year, but after seeing the lineup vs Cardiff, we have a team that looks very promising, exciting and potential to score goals all over the park and entertain fans.

For me, the let down to the style of football are the defenders. I would say that near enough all of the midfield players and strikers are confirdent and good on the ball, but pretty much none of our defenders are composed/comfortable with it. Although the defenders main aim is obviously to defend, I see a lack of composure on the ball and too many aimless and needless long balls/hoofs.

Although there are times when the ball needs to be cleared, there are also many times where a simple ball to the midfield is on, yet they choose the long ball option. Its frustrating to watch, as we need to get our talented ball players on the ball, such as Cherry, Phillips, Luongo etc wo can clearly make things happen. How are they suppose to play nice football and create if they are chasing long balls? Cherry looked excellent when he had the ball on Saturday, but we barely used him and he ended up getting subbed ridiculously early as a result of it.
[Post edited 18 Aug 2015 16:26]
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