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Smart Stoke set up slays R’s scoring sequence – Report
at 10:13:10

Oh what a game to make your first since lockdown!!

Very disappointing and Stoke were well able to break R's down. That final pass was always the decider. Sadly, the harder Johansson tried, the less his ideas were read (or at least by us).

If a player is able to walk and choses to sit down, could he not be asked to get up and leave the pitch? That seems to be the only option for a referee in this, apart from adding on time, which 5 minutes at the end seemed light.

That said, I agree, it would not have affected the result and indeed Stoke did deserve the points.

Only positive was I thought that Thomas did well when he did come on and Amos looks a stronger player.
QPR are third in the league – Fans forum
at 10:06:46

Excellent coverage and certainly gave a feel for the occasion. Also love the "can’t shag you or deport you" reference, which is less funny when realising is is probably true.

It does seem we are in a hole here. No new ground for the foreseeable future. Improvements like "safe standing" would be a big investment, which the club would be reluctant to implement. Other areas just won't happen, e.g. cellars for beer or road mains digging to improve water flow. It is a real shame, as I feel this board does have an eye on giving us a future.

The big problem being options for a new ground, assuming H&F have no interest? Nothing on the cards (a delay in itself and somewhere like say Harrow, which would hardly please Wealdstone. Bit bleak really.

Stop me if you've heard this one before - Report
at 09:47:03

Great report as always, Clive, thanks.

Rangers really exploited Derby by those forward passes in the second half, something they had not done in the first. And this is what I really like about the team, the ability to change things a little, players who have good feet (Willock's blocked cross on his right foot, the immediate follow up on his left, making it so difficult for a defender) and the fact that there is such a variety of scorers in a team that seems to score every week. All this makes our team good to watch and difficult to play against. Well done R's, let's enjoy the moment.

Not convinced about the match officials here. The penalty call referenced above and I feel that Chair's headed miss over the bar was actually a penalty as he got a massive shove in the back as he connected with the ball. There was also a very curious offside in the first half against Adomah, with a Derby defender standing on the goal line behind the keeper, hardly a VAR tight offside.

Hugely enjoyable at the moment.
A puzzle to be solved - Preview
at 17:31:17

Always a good read and I can't tell you how many games I got the result on Ceefax. I always knew we were losing/lost if it took ages to scroll round, I am sure that is how it worked.

Tonight's game, Derby away and then Stoke will be interesting barometers as to how the season really will pan out. I still think a play off place is on the cards.

Tonight with the chance of going 4th means I am going for your 1-1!
Austin back to form, Sluga stays true to his - Report
at 10:05:26

Great report as always.
I thought this was a very enjoyable match to watch and can see why Luton are doing well. Luton had ample chances to get something from this and were let down by wayward finishing. Also, that early save from Dieng was quite outstanding. Then, our opening goal was against the run of play and gifted (though the finish had to be good). I thought it was close but, as said, we were not at our best, which always bodes well when you win.
Take your time lads - Preview
at 14:07:25

Totally agree regarding the 'game management' dirge. Strangely, it is quite easy to manage from a refereeing viewpoint, unlike a split second trip / elbow / push etc....

It could so improve the game for all if it was clamped down consistently. The change to the pass back rule made a huge difference to the 'active' playing minutes of the game back in the day and a change here could be equally significant.

Keep rallying on this ... maybe someone will pick up on this.

Also, cannot figure out why Preston are so hated by Sky. They maybe be a lesser supported team compared to 'every other game' Leeds but there are plently of those in this league (even us, for that matter).

Hope it is better than a draw today.
Chair's redemption double dose gets QPR back on the horse - Report
at 08:49:44

Player Points Amnesty

Like everyone else here, I love these reports for their thoroughness, accuracy, incisiveness, getting the mood and humour. Plus bonus comments too.

For me, the player points arguments are detracting from this, frequently being subjective. Sorry to offend and I get a 4 being a 7 but a single point out, seriously?

Can we have a points amnesty .... if it is out by 1, let it run!

I award myself a 9 for this suggestion ... or is it a 4?

Thanks Clive (and others), another great read in what is proving to be an exciting season.

QPR continue to state intent, adding Gray to attack - Signing
at 11:15:27

Twitter might well be damming of your past but in some cases, people should think before they speak or better still think.
QPR continue to state intent, adding Gray to attack - Signing
at 11:12:25

Clive, just another fantastic and poignant read! We are privileged with your tomes. It does worry me, given the history of Barton's signing by a very experienced Warnock and the consequences of that to team spirit etc... Once a c*t, always a c*t, in this instance.

Good people do change, they live and learn but I am not convinced there is any evidence here of homophobia being addressed.

The club right now is ticking so many boxes for me (and all of us) to really enjoy (regardless of the results), it is a shame that this choice was made. I hope it gets addressed. I guess at least he is on loan, rather than permanent.

Again, thanks for such a stimulating and well reasoned piece.
Not a film about a shark – Column
at 22:59:13

Thanks Clive, as always. Love the boron rod analogy.

Obviously cannot read too much into Friendlies but with last season's form and the close season signings, can't help but be optimistic this year. What a far cry from those miserable days not recently past. We have an exciting crowd of committed professionals now at the R's, whilst Barton beats up his wife.
Am I dreaming or is this a top 6 team?
End of Term Report 20/21 – Attackers
at 23:19:50

Clive, indebted to you and team for another great season of incisive and witty write ups, especially this last year of all years. As well as the players, a lot of credit must go the coaching team bringing players on so well and to the physio team and their careful mileage count of players. Of all seasons, having so few injuries is no coincidence. Seems to me, the club is returning to a sound set up and next season looks really quite exciting. Have a great summer, see you in the C&S some time next year, hopefully.
Paul Parker's QPR goal - History
at 17:23:58

A fantastic effort by Falco in that 6-1. Did he ever score scrappy goals?
A matter of routine - Report
at 08:49:29

Also appreciate the research on pitch size. It always amuses me the way commentators start with references to our compact ground and by the end can't help themselves into talking about the small pitch! I have never heard that said of Stock, even in the Delap era.
A matter of routine - Report
at 22:43:47

Thanks for the report, as always.

Good to see our manager missing a game for a real knee operation, compared to one missing the game for a 'knee operation'.

I find this run in very reminiscent of the teams in 1971/72 and 1981/82, where a proper understanding developed and the results at the end of the season showed real promise for the great follow on seasons.

A lot will happen this summer (both for us and others .. surely Derby will get rid of Rooooney and Forest will realise they need a squad of under 60, Stoke will be able to close the hospital) but it certainly looks promising for an enjoyable campaign next season. A credit to manager, players and physios to get us here. As you have said, with all the losses in the summer, it did not seem likely.

Makes a pleasant change!
There’s a platinum door - Preview
at 19:44:04

Absolutely superb, thanks.

The Premier League is so polarised, it is just not worth watching half the time. In theory, if they all pissed off to another age (JCC), we might be left with a competitive Top Flight. I would love that.

Sadly, money talks on this. So if we thought the last few seasons were tough to compete ...
Daring to look ahead - Preview
at 18:26:54

Good as always Clive, thanks.

Yes I would add a lot to your dithering and fudging, not least clinging to irrelevant dates ... e.g. 5 days at Xmas, really. This type of managment has seriously prolonged the agony. Agree with TacticalR about looking for something that has thankfully rightly passed .. post-colonialism etc.. but what also note that it is not age dependent. I speak as someone who is older and embrace change (or status quo in the case of EU!). A total return to normal and presenteeism will allow those who thrive in it to regain their lost power.

But talking of football, I would agree that the live event (plus C&S) is what I love most but getting back into it is a long way off. Packed pubs and cramped seating in grounds are the perfect storm. I can see it is going to be exceptionally difficult for lower league clubs and small clubs like us. I can only hope the smoothly run (NHS organised, not someone's cronies) vaccine programme will dilute Covid's grip. As our future especially relies on the small number of dedicated fans turning up.

There are a good few games coming up that give the club a chance to remind the possible dropping off fans of what they are missing. Who knows?
Be social out there – Preview
at 17:27:05

And the same point is ditto'd from HastingsR, HRanger, Hastings1882, HRanger1882, 1882Hastings....etc
Be social out there – Preview
at 15:02:44

Clive, just another comment of support to you. I have said it before that I read the Previews and Reports religeosely, a they are my eyes and ears for games I cannot go to and reflect what I see, when I do go. It is an invaluable service that I have not got anywhere else.

The faceless trolls unfortunately have such pathetic lives that all they can do is dedicate their lives to ruining others. Or are they Bots?

I am not a massive fan of Dykes or Bonne, or indeed previousy Washington, but one thing is that they clearly are playing their best for the club. The SWPs and Boswankers I detest, with no care about the club and the supporters, not the players who are trying.

As a supporter, surely you should get behind your team. To try and destroy players (not just supporters at our club but clearly everywhere) is plain crazy.

Just feel I have to offer my support as my life would be much poorer without my family's team (lineage back to 1882) getting such interesting, incisive, funny, informative and realistic reporting to keep me in touch with my team. I know I am not alone in this.


PS Totally agree Birmingham was the poor result, not Barnsley!
Seny delight for QPR, déjà vu for deposed Harris – Report
at 09:23:04

Spanish, I loved Phil Parkes, what a keeper. I have been impressed by the reports on Senny and in Wiki, it appears he even scores goals!!

It is interesting how a couple of results can turn things round. Good performances away to Bournemouth forgotten and cries of Warburton must go and now a couple of decent results away to mid-table Championship teams and it looks a lot safer.

With the sale and loss of the extreme talent and work rate of Eze, we were always going to drop down the table a bit. Coupled with the disinterest of BOS. And here we are.

The positives are without a doubt Dieng and Dickie. Clearly, Austin is going to help in both his role and support of the less experienced Dykes and Bonne.

It will be a long season but not a reason for sacking Warburton. I enjoy the football he gives us from what is only an average team after all.
Baby steps - Preview
at 23:33:17

As always, excellent read. Fine reflection on what seems important and what is. Totally with you!!
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