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Mark Cavendish
at 16:40 3 Jul 2024

History maker!
[Post edited 3 Jul 16:54]
at 10:43 30 Oct 2023

Its a big year for 3 of my pals next year (50th and 60th birthdays) so we were thinking of going continental for our boys weekender away. It will be in July so southern Europe might be a bit too toasty for us (typical Brits). We've bounced a few ideas off eachother and the current favourite is Cologne.
Has anyone been? Is it suitably good for a bunch of 50 somethings??? Does it have a good selection of bars? maybe some live music? Good restaurants etc?
My only fear looking at it on the tinternet, is it might be a bit too civilised/posh for us lot? :)
Match thread
at 20:32 26 Aug 2023

What happened??? I’m getting old … did I miss it?
Rayan Kolli
at 08:32 18 Aug 2023

Looks like Rayan Kolli may be starting on Saturday?... I see he got around 25 mins on Wednesday? ... How did he get on?
England v China
at 12:12 1 Aug 2023

England already 1-0 up... unfortunately our Chloe has been dropped :(
Gary O'neil ...
at 12:37 19 Jun 2023

sacked at Bournemouth... bit harsh
[Post edited 19 Jun 2023 12:38]
chelshi*e are disintegrating
at 21:44 25 May 2023

Shame ….
Replica Shirts ... end of the season
at 10:49 17 May 2023

I really like the kits Errea have come up with for the team. But one thing I have noticed is the club never sell the shirts cheaply at the end the season any more?
The Le Coq Sportif or Lotto shirts always got flogged for around £8 at the end of the season but now as soon as soon as the season finishes the shirts immediately are no longer able to be purchased?
Does anyone know where the left over shirts go? Charity, recycling, landfill?
BBQ's....Gas or Charcoal?
at 07:18 11 May 2023

I'm in the market for a new BBQ and my friends and family are totally divided on the best way forward.
I've got some peeps going on about the convenience of gas and the another sizable lot saying that charcoal gives a better taste to the food. I've also been shown a hybrid BBQ which does gas and/or charcoal (but those ones are VERY expensive).
Just wondering what the Loft For Words faithful thought on the matter and if you have any preferences for make and model? ... Cheers RH
Holiday in Éire
at 10:18 3 Apr 2023

Mrs Holy has suggested a holiday this summer in Southern Ireland... We are thinking of flying to Shannon or Knock and staying somewhere in that vicinity? We will probably get a car too, (so we will be fairly mobile).
Any suggestions as to nice places in that area? We will be joined by the mother in law, (so nothing too hilly). Many thanks in advance....
[Post edited 3 Apr 2023 10:35]
Saturday 22nd October 2022 ... approx 16:55 hours
at 07:59 3 Apr 2023

If this was in a film no one would believe it!!!


Saturday 1st April 2023 ... approx 16:55 hours

RIP Ryuichi Sakamoto
at 15:44 2 Apr 2023

Very underrated electronic pioneer… wrote some beautiful stuff

Conte v Ainsworth
at 07:31 19 Mar 2023

Wonder how 'the Godfather' would get on at QPR???
That feeling that we are going down…
at 09:53 13 Feb 2023

I’m usually reasonably optimistic when it comes to all things QPR. I usually believe that if things are not going to plan we will get out of trouble… something will click and the team will get the wins it needs… the players will pull up their socks, puff their chests out and guts out some performances.
But there have been points in seasons past when I knew we were going down… A horrible, horrible feeling when you just know it is inevitable.
1996 was a season when I believed we would get out of trouble, right up until Eoin Jess scored his one and only goal for Coventry. A game we should have won, but the footballing Gods were not on our side that day. At full time I knew the game was up and we were slipping out of the top flight.
2001 was a lot earlier in the season. At home to Fulham in March… a 2-0 defeat and our 2 best players (Carlisle and Langley) leaving the pitch with ACL’s. Carlisle’s looked really bad at the time, Langley’s looked a lot less serious but in my mind I was thinking he’s probably done for the season… and so are we.
2013 was home to Wigan and Shaun Maloney’s last, last kick of the game after Loic Remy’s fabulous goal a few minutes earlier.
The 2014-2015 season was way, way earlier… In fact, it was away to Spurs in August. Yes it was the 2nd game of the season. A 4-0 thrashing and the realisation that we didn’t have anywhere near enough to make a fist of staying in the top flight.
And so, to Saturday and the home defeat to Millwall… Its now 1 win in 16, we can’t keep a clean sheet (jeez there have been some comedy goals this season), and we are completely toothless up front. Add into the mix that our best player limped off the field having only been on for 7 minutes and I have come to the conclusion we are sinking slowly and painfully into League 1. The alarm bells were ringing at the start of the season when the clubs ‘quality’ striker/loan signing was Tyler Roberts (cue sarcastic text message from leeds supporting friend). But I hoped maybe Armstrong would start scoring a few, Chair would go up another notch and we would have a gem or 2 more in midfield. But nothing appears to have come off! The signings for a number of reasons just have not worked out. That horrible, horrible feeling is back, and made worse this season because it will be a long, slow death as we ever so gradually get dragged into trouble. Sorry I can’t be more optimistic, roll on next season.
[Post edited 13 Feb 2023 9:56]
Offside rule... probably a question for Pinner?
at 08:02 21 Nov 2022

Okay so having watched our League Cup exit to Sunderland last season and the first game of the World Cup yesterday I am totally confused about the latest Offside rule. Back in the day when any defender of team A was behind the most advanced striker of team B then team B were all on-side. But it appears to be a lot more complicated now. Is it a case of if team B striker is advanced of the nearest defender to him/her then team B striker is offside regardless of if team A have 3-4 players behind the most advanced striker???
Look at the highlights of yesterdays game and when they show the replay at 31 seconds there is a Qatar defender behind everyone (including the goalkeeper). But the VAR only concentrates on the defender (No3) nearest to striker when it goes to the computer animation... If this is the case then I have a little more sympathy for assistant referees.
BEALE STAYS!!! (n/t)
at 11:56 20 Oct 2022

according to sky sports!!!
[Post edited 20 Oct 2022 11:57]
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