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Weird Can't say O llie any more?
at 09:55 5 Feb 2018

I had a post rejected because it contained several reference to O llie (without the space) and was rejected due to unacceptable language.
Has something happened that I don't know about and O llie (without the space) has become a really bad swear word. When I replaced all instances of it with Holloway it went through fine. Fûck me have those who want to remove our manager started working through all the versions of his name so they become swear words?
OK I know we have the Frankie thread, but its Friday and here's some music
at 12:03 13 Oct 2017

Sorry I've been working hard lately and just got bored with it today so not the usual blues stuff more pop or indie pop if they work some might find the videos interesting.

After a Bank holiday With QPR safe and only guesswork on next season's team
at 12:47 2 May 2017

How about a bit of Joe Cocker to belt out something while we dream of better things next season.

Are QPR up to date? Do we do proper data analysis
at 09:31 11 Jan 2016

This is a quote from an info. blog by a guy called David Standing

"There has been a revolution in football. Clubs are becoming smarter, more efficient. We've probably all seen the graphics and statistics that pop up in newspapers and on shows such as Match of the Day: it began with counting corners and shots on goal, but recently the analysis has become more whizz-bang; not least speed profiling and heat maps, which plot a player's movement around the pitch. But this is just a fraction of the data that can be collected during a match. Opta, a sports statistics company, records around 1,500 "events" from every fixture.

All 20 clubs in the Premier League – and many in the lower divisions – now employ data analysts to make sense of this information. Manchester City has 11 of them. The analysts are involved in pre-match preparation and post-game debriefs; they help to identify transfer targets and devise strategies for nurturing young players through the ranks. "

Does at least some of this happen at QPR? By the number of duds we've bought and the times we appear to select poor performers, you wouldn't think so, or are the stats showing something that doesn't seem obvious from what we see on the pitch?
New Amazon Clarkeson/May/Hammond Theme tune.
at 23:02 18 Aug 2015

Just to give something to take our minds off a difficult game and I expect possibly bad result at Wolves. Lets hope its better than that and we at least get a good performance and signs that its coming together.

Jessica by Dickie Betts of the Allmans has served Top Gear well, although the new Amazon show needs something special as well. I propose La Grange by ZZ Top I'm sure the muso's out there might have their own ideas, so what do you reckon?

Some people are falling out of love with football it seems
at 13:50 9 Aug 2015

This article give good reasons why we are on the right track now with our moderate approach and even gives an example of an ex QPR player as the height of what is bad about football (guess who).
Ramsey satisfied after Newport game
at 21:41 26 Jul 2015

Better environment gives hope
at 10:50 18 Jul 2015

We have a number of players in demand by other clubs, but unlike previous summer transfer windows they all say they are happy to stay at QPR. Some of this may be diplomacy on their part, but there does appear to be a training environment that players think they can benefit from. This probably won't stop the expected departures, but word will get round that QPR ain't a bad place to be now. We have suffered in the past from poor coaching and bad vibes around the team, so I hope this has changed and can translate into better attitudes and performances in the coming season. So much will depend on how the players Les, Chris and the scouts are bringing in and some of their new signings seem to be based on current ability and potential as they see it which is what many of us including myself have been asking for. I really hope it works out and the fans have the patience to allow the necessary time for the players who need it time to develop. Instant success may not be possible, but chasing that has got us in the mess we are, in.
Clint's first official goal in the prem.
at 10:04 8 Apr 2015

One really good thing about last night was that at last Clint Hill gets a goal in the Prem. We all know he was unfairly deprived of one goal, but as a great servant for QPR I am very happy for him. I really hope its a goal that keeps us up, although it will take much more than that. Whatever happens we can't blame Chris Ramsey if we don't quite make it - our team are fighting for survival we can't really ask more from where we were when he took over.

I suspect if we don't keep him if we fail to stay in the Prem. There will be plenty of Championship clubs that would want CR as their manager.
Should we vote to eject Scotland from the UK?
at 12:13 24 Mar 2015

If as seems likely The Scots vote for a majority of Scottish Nationalists to be their Westminster MPS, should the English and Welsh vote to decide whether we want them making decisions for us, when they have their own parliament? My view is that they already, unfairly get a significantly higher proportion of UK GDP than England does and if they vote to be nationalist we should let them have their way. I am concerned by the posturing of Scottish Nationalist politicians saying they will use their power to influence decisions at Westminster to try to get an even bigger financial benefit and seem to propose massive expenditure in Scotland at our expense.

If Scotland decide that they want Scottish nationalists, Its time we had a bit more nationalism in England. At the very least Scottish politicians should be barred from voting on English issues where the equivalent Scottish issues are decided in the Scottish Parliament.
What's a pound worth?
at 09:01 18 Mar 2015

Thrupence. They're reintroducing the thruppeny bit and calling it a pound.

Does that mean its lost 80 times its value since the 1950's?
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