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Under-valued, self-sabotaging and/or prematurely released Rs
at 16:30 9 Oct 2021

Leon Jeanne
Abdenesser El Khayati
Paul Smyth
Chair first goal for Morocco
at 16:10 9 Oct 2021

Lovely first Chair goal for his country (or Chai-ear as the commentator called him) at 1.07, albeit it all looked very easy against an apparently food-poisoned Guinea Bissau.


(Adel nowhere to be seen - was he injured?)
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Dykes' disallowed goal
at 18:31 2 Oct 2021

Didn't look offside to me, but haven't seen it back, as the club video didn't seem to deal with it properly. Can anyone corroborate or critique the official decision?
Today's crowd
at 18:29 2 Oct 2021

Looked a few more than for Brum (which seemed over-inflated). Can't have been more than 12.5/13k tops?
QPR stream purchase (link broken)
at 18:59 28 Sep 2021

Again! I guess they don't want us Johnny Foreigners/overseas aficionados to actually follow the team. Any one else having an issue?
at 17:35 25 Sep 2021

Really unfair, imo, the pelters he's been getting since Friday night. For me, he was one of our better players against the Baggies, could have had a goal (or made one for Dykes), and showed one or two classy twinkletoed moments, despite the fact so little was going through feet in our midfield. Far more deserving of criticism were the inadequate Ball and anonymous Jojo, which latter did anything but give us leadership. Willock also was disspiritingly quiet, after dazzling against Everton. It's not right he should be singled out, as so many were below-par.

For their winner, they did what they'd done most of the game, doubled up on him, and aggressively dispossessed him near the halfway line - he wasn't dallying - and he had no time to lay the ball off, if you actually watch the goal back. They attacked with pace and skill from there, the whole defence got pulled over, and Grant capitalised by dint of Kakay's poor positioning.

If we had a proper right back/right wing back working in tandem with a well-drilled defence, we'd probably have stopped at least half a dozen oppo goals this season - that's where the major issue right now, as it also was for their first, notwithstanding Seny's brainfart. I hope Warburton can sort it, as I fear neither Kakay nor Moses are up to it, and for me it's another reason to potentially start Uncle, which worked so well against Everton, so we're defending higher up.

I also thought Warbs got the subs wrong and wrongly timed - Jojo should have been hooked earlier, Willock should have stayed on, and I'd have introduced Uncle for Moses and Austin for Gray. I know hindsight is 20-20, but his 'fine margins' apply to him too.
Warburton post-match interview
at 00:29 25 Sep 2021

Just listened to it on the Offish and, I don't know about you, for me it really caps off a depressing evening's work.

'We had to play a different style of football tonight .' No, we didn't! We needed to mix up flair and fortitude, not turn into Wimbledon AFC with an inferiority complex. We chose to play a game we clearly can't play well, got deeper as the game got longer, made the wrong subs, gifted them a goal (again), and handed them the three points by snatching defeat from the unlikely jaws of victory.

Then Nick London, right on script - in a voice whose tone always sounds to me perfectly tuned to that of a man longing for excuses to fail even when he's saying he's not - makes sure he gets said excuses away 65 seconds in, by talking up the 'how significant is it?' angle on the Everton cup win. A more perfect specimen of the 'leading question' you couldn't hope to find, which Warbs bites on gratefully, mentioning de Wijs down with cramp and JoJo hitting the deck, even though (as he himself half-acknowledged) neither actually played on Tuesday! You seriously couldn't make it up! Get a grip, man, and stop treating us all like imbeciles!

If the players really are at 'an exhaustion stage' after two games in a week, then, after fewer than 10 games of the season, I can only say (and will continue to say) something is really wrong with the fitness programme at QPR. It just won't wash!

Essentially, by telling the fans that there are 'consequences' (the manager's word) for progressing to the heady heights of the last 16 of the Carabao Cup, it's not hard to see that he's aggressively managing down our expectations to provide mitigation for both the team's and coaching staff's continuing deficiencies as some kind of irreversible form of footballing fate. Personally, I feel even worse about that than tonight's game, on the principle that a fish rots from its head.

Some people may feel I'm over-reacting, and perhaps I am, but my underlying beef stands regardless. People either look up or down in life, and I think tonight the barely coded message to the fans from the manager is not to expect too much, and, worse, to definitely expect to suffer for actually trying in a cup competition.

As a final observation, I wonder how the surviving members of our 1966-67 squad would feel listening to our manager speak this evening, who managed to actually win the League Cup and, blow me down, the Div III championship to boot (46 games then as now, funnily enough), with a squad of 18, on shit pitches, and, supposedly, a much lower knowledge-base of physical training - though, it would appear, much more aspiration. If, anyone is able to wind back the clock, I'd love to know if Alex Stock was whining to the media in a similar vein about dampening down our hopes before the leaves were off the trees - he'd have killed, I'm sure, to be working under modern management conditions. Either way, the likes of Dave Clement and Mick Leach would, I'll wager, be shaking their ghostly heads!
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Dieng peno save
at 10:01 22 Sep 2021

I fulminated at the time, but was the ref right? I've looked at it a few times since, and it seems Seny did marginally encroach off his line, but I'd be surprised if that hasn't happened many times before with no action. I'm also thinking of that outrageous incident when we had a pen at HQ a sesason or so back (it might have been one of Wells's) when one of the oppo defenders encroached so far into the box he was virtually alongside the ball. Was this a case of 'proper' Prem technical reffing that we never would have seen in a bog-standard Champ game? At the time, it looked harsh to me. Perhaps the ref. just wanted to see if the kicker would score, but there's another question in my mind as to why, if he saw an infringement, he didn't stop play and delay the pen rather than allow Seny to make a great save and then punish him for it.

Can anyone remember an incident where this has happened before? It also seems bizarre that the laws apparently allow all kinds of pre-kick high jinks by the keeper (whether on his line or off it) - think of Grobbelaar and his wobbly knees back in the 80s - in ways that I'm never sure help the keepers themselvesl But I was just thrilled that Seny saved two to take us through, as his record has been poor here up to now.
Willock (and Chair)
at 01:33 22 Sep 2021

On this season's/tonight's showings, my worry is how long before some serious suitors come calling. I could see the likes of Arsenal offering 20m in Jan, but it increasingly looks like our holding onto him and Chair beyond this season may depend on our going up. I'd say, if they keep progressing, 50m for the pair will not be unrealistic money, though I hope we won't (have to) sell either for a fair old time to come. Thinking of the damage they could do in the hoops at the top of the tree has me creaming.
video/stream coverage tonight
at 11:45 21 Sep 2021

Is there any? Nothing on the Offish.
Wells post-match
at 06:12 19 Sep 2021

DId anyone see him on the turf at the final whistle? Classy not to celebrate his goal too much, but he looked devastated. Is he still in love with us?
Hugill or Wells?
at 23:20 22 Aug 2021

Hugill or Wells?

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Hugill or Wells?
at 23:17 22 Aug 2021

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Extended Highlights on Mboro Offish
at 08:42 20 Aug 2021


11 and a half minutes, while we're waiting for our own Offish. Scottish guy on comms. I snickered at his take on the Austin/Hall 'clash of heads' - 'two hardened pros going at hammer and tongs . . . that's what we like to see', or words to that effect.

That Dykes fumbled shot would have been some team goal if it had gone in.

If anything, Willock looks even better on the highlights than he did in the game. This kid is surely going to the top (hopefully with us).

Still think their pen was soft, and if Dieng had stood up he'd have saved it, but it didn't matter except to old steamy-eared Neil, ha ha.

Ball badly caught for their 2nd, and I remain ambivalent about him, though he's bloody industrious.

Nice to see De Wijs giving his shirt to a young R at full-time.

What a game!

Warnock post-match
at 02:52 19 Aug 2021

Just checked out his comments on their Offish with a quick shufty through the sign-up screens. What a graceless, self-deluding Mr 'If I'm honest' Warnockballs he can be! Thinks they should have been two or three up by half-time, our goals were all down to their defensive errors, and they deserved to win the game. With blind vision like that, I 'd say his team will be tumbling down the table at some velocity going forwards. Then there was the ranting at Dickie for no clear reason the ref. didn't have the bottle or fairness to shut down, and his futile fury at the officials leaving the field. It's just like some kind of mania with him.

In fact, they benefited considerably from the ref's generosity while shooting themselves in the foot from start to finish. First, the penalty that seemed to be given on the basis of Dykes just standing around to give them a massive helping hand. Then the softness of Moses' sending-off that made Derry's dismissal at Man U back in the day look like a case of GBH on that cheating tosspot Ashley Young. After that, another penalty appeal that was as 'theatrical' as Sinton said it was (and should have earned a booking and not just some argy bargy from a couple of ours). And, to top it off, despite 10 minutes of added time, they still couldn't conjure a meaningful chance with a one man advantage. Get real, Neil! You were well-beaten on the night by ten players who were and are more talented, capable and committed than your mediocre eleven. Eat that!

Interesting also to see their boards slating Warnock's subs and game managment, as well as Lumley's abilities between the sticks -one or two of whom even acknowledged we were a decent side. That performance had something of everything/for everyone. Now let's see if we can keep proving it!

You lovely Rsssssss!
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at 19:28 6 Aug 2021

Apologies if this has already been raised on a previous thread, but I'm wondering if any dotorgers (overseas or otherwise) have had experience using one of these little babies to circumnavigate the georestrictions on the club's matchday stream owing to EFL rights issues. They're perfectly legal here in Ireland, where NordVPM, appears to be the best recommended. Thanks in advance.
Fishy Rs
at 23:57 14 Mar 2021

Gary Haddock
Ray Wilkins
Robbie Herringera
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