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Pulis 'we lost because of the ref'
at 07:07 16 Dec 2018

You're a pr!ck for saying that, Tony. The ref let your boys off about 500 deliberate fouls you lying git.

It's all too common nowadays to hear managers act with very little class after the game, sadly.
Just in case it was missed...
at 02:23 11 Dec 2018

... i shall reiterate that the much-maligned Tyson Fury, who the marvellous British public once actually formed a petition to have him removed from the Sportsman of the year list, donated his entire 8 million pound purse to charity...

Well done. Mental health charities i think. Probably more than that squiggle on the shirt generated. Personally, i'd be helping animals. Preferably Tigers.

[Post edited 11 Dec 2018 2:49]
Ian Holloway
at 04:55 8 Dec 2018

He's right in what he says, he did well and was very unlucky. However, we all know there were a few things he was doing almost deliberately to put the owners in that difficult position. I cringed every time he was interviewed. And some of that tinkering that Clive has touched upon before was flat out wrong. It seemed at times like he perhaps was struggling with the pressure of it all. That's not intended to be a criticism, i can only begin to imagine the pressure of actually being in such a position, plus dealing with everyday life.

Also, he's entitled to his opinions, but personally i don't think any QPR person should be defending Mark Hughes.

Anyway, his prerogative. Just surprised and a little disappointed to be reading it. Shows he's very unhappy about it, which is a shame. It would have been nice if things had finished better. I'd have preferred to see him keep scthum.
[Post edited 8 Dec 2018 5:05]
Inability to retain possession
at 02:18 2 Dec 2018

Irrespective of what the alleged possession stats might be, we're so bloody awful at keeping the ball.

Now, i'm only watching on the feed, so you can't see much, but every game i see multiple occasions where Luongo in particular gets the ball and i swear there will be a good, incisive, dangerous pass to feet somewhere up the middle which is the best option. His first reaction is always to hesitate, he's to slow to see it or too scared to try it, by which point the chance has gone and yet again, it just gets pushed out wide. Driving me up the fcuking wall. I'm beginning to wonder if him and Cameron are lacking a little in creativity.

I wonder if he's trying to protect his effing pass completion stats and being too negative?

If i was MOTD analyst here, i'm telling you i could pull up several glaring occasions so far in every game.
Another big fight
at 01:17 30 Nov 2018

Doesn't get much better. I fear Wilder might be the man to knock out Tyson, but let's hope not.
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