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This season and next season
at 08:35 23 Mar 2022

We have had a disproportionate amount of injuries throughout this season. Field, McCallum, Wallace, Johansen, Dykes, Amos, Willock and five keepers! Added to Dieng and Chair away at AFCON, this is fair bit of disruption in one season.

Some signings in Hendrick and Sanderson that on paper looked solid but just haven’t worked out. It happens some time and what did we really know about those players, especially Sanderson? Some signing mistakes at the start of the year were made by bringing in Austin and Gray, the former stinking of an owners PR purchase.

You can’t really account for the injuries but you can account for the recruitment and loaning out of players who could have done the same job or maybe better, which is also in line with the business plan. Now we have work to do, getting the model back in order as Austin and Stef will be hard to shift.

End of the day, we are going to stay up this season and we need at least an average end to it to stop the doomsday scenarios being predicted. Personally, I don’t like Warburton and I think it his slightly arrogant approach in the media that makes him fair game when things don’t goto plan, he leaves himself no room to move.

If the board do decide to change the manager, then it would probably be Eustace who should be given a shot. Some continuity and freedom for Eustace to stamp his own mark would be less risky than bringing in a completely new person and the guy is clearly rated as a coach.

Expectations were obviously raised by the end of last season, the signings we made and the results we managed to get for 2/3s of the season but Reading at home aside, I don’t really remember us dominating a team, it’s all been by hook or by crook, one goal here or a dodgy decision there. There has probably been others but the mundane approach of trying not to lose and win by possession are cancelling out a lot of the year.

Next season, it would be good to see us developing our own players, especially those currently out on loan, playing exciting football and finding mid table. To expect anything more is just a wish because our real budget doesn’t even have us in this division.
Yoann Barbet - why no new contract?
at 17:47 8 Feb 2022

‘Yoann is a top lad. I can’t speak highly enough about him and his character, so it was an easy conversation and we look forward to welcoming him back to the squad’
- Warbs quote with West London Sport about Barbet being rested and coming back into the squad.

Barbet’s performances have been positive, injury record impeccable and character good. So why no talk of a new contact? Yoann not interested or something else?
Systems, players, bread and butter
at 09:03 7 Feb 2021

After a rather rare, workman like perfomanace, I was prompeted to have a think about the where we are at and where we could be heading.

Someone deserves some credit for going three at the back. It has changed us from weak and vunreable to strong and organised. Dickie & Barbet are effectively secondary full backs on their respective sides which provides great cover for the set of defensively weak full backs we have. With Dieng in behind & if we find a replacement for Cameron, that is a pretty effective defensive unit.

Not sure where De Wijs fits in, is it for Wallace or Cameron??

To be fair, Wallace has been a lot stronger in that formation as well and seems pretty mobile for his previous lack of mobility. One poor header aside, a decent 7/10 from him yesterday.

Niko needs a loan to League One to put some hair on his chest. At the moment he is a failing experiment but not a dead duck.

A problem with the new formation is that we now have quite a few 10s/Wingers with only one place which is Chairs. Thomas is the back up and Willock, Adomah & Shodipo don’t really fit the system unless you shoe horn them in to fullback or change up the system mid game

Ball will have to be replaced if we are to push on to the top half and we could have Amos, Bettache (play the bugger as soon as we are safe), Owens (will surely need a loan) and maybe Field, Carroll and Johansen competing for two positions.

Ball would be a decent utility option to keep as an old school number 12. Whack him on for half hour at right back, CB or CM, with the instruction of keep it solid and pass 10 yards to a player who is better on the ball. Stop those ballerina pivots son, it's just not you.

Dieng is some form of superhuman deity and should have a statue on Shepherds Bush Green, now, maybe yesterday, but definitley at some point soon.

Jury remains out on Dykes, Bonne & Kelman but we have kinda played our hand with those three and have to give them another 12 months to start making a consistent and positive impact. The three of them are not like Washington, where they are missing loads of chances but that says enough in itself. Are they not taking up effective positions? Are they getting caught offside? Are they giving away fouls? Are they not getting service? Are they coachable?

If we are safe by the end of March, which is probable if we continue this form, then Warburton should get a 12- 18 month extension. Shows how quickly it can change as I would have welcomed Paul Cook as a replacement at many points this season and whilst Warburton is never going to win charmer of the year, I think he is quite awkard and uncomfortable in the spotlight and this anxiety comes out as being bullish and antsy, he is starting to produce results, both with winning points and managing effectivley i.e. Yesterdays double sub was spot and quite well timed.
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Out of contract QPR players
at 07:26 16 Jan 2021

With BOS off I was curious to see who else is out of contract at the end of the season.

The list is;


Guesstimate that that is around £40k p/w: £2m off the playing budget. I wonder if that creates space in the budget to spend those savings or is it more off the debt?

Out of that list, no tears over Cameron and Wallace leaving. Cameron has had his good games and has had his plus points but is clearly done whilst Wallace has been poor to awful (great goal in the Swansea game though!)

Carroll has surely done enough for at least another year or maybe two but could be let go as he is expensive compared to what he brings to the team and might be blocking Bettache/Owens.

Who knows what will happen with the keepers. Maybe they will sell Dieng and if both Barnes and Lumley sign contracts, then I fear Seny will be off.

Holding out hope that Charlie Owens works out as he looks like he can pass the ball and play forward, he has had terrible luck with injury.

Following season, Kane, Barbet, Ball and Albert’s contracts are up so again more space.

Everyone else, thankfully, is on a long term contracts and have to give credit to Les on that one.

Let’s hope the next round of recruitment is a successful one as ultimately, that is the key to our success and trajectory over the next period.
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Nedum on Soccer AM
at 10:36 9 Jan 2021

If you can put up with Bullard then maybe worth a watch
Talent Show
at 19:31 6 Jan 2021

A friend of mine is a bit of a multi talented fella. He is a Dr. of his profession, has written more books than I’ve read, is a keen archer, has kept bees and recently sent me a video of him playing the bag pipes!!

I feel like a bit of a talentless fella compared to him but got me wondering, what talents you lot or people you know may have, hidden or not?
Palace v Sheff Utd
at 13:25 2 Jan 2021

Feel a bit lost with the match v Luton postponed so going to watch this and hope Palace don’t lose to Sheffield United so our record of most games without a win in the Premier League goes!

Going to go 2-1 to Palace. Eze with the winner in the 89th minute!
Fantasy R's Club
at 15:10 18 Nov 2020

This isn't a thread for a rear of the year wish list but one where a time machine has been invited, money is no object and West London is your oyster.

If you had to cobble together a 'Best of' QPR who and what would it be? Not just players but off the pitch as well, not just your era but all time:

Favourite Owner/Chairman.CEO:
Favourite Manager:
Favourite other non-playing QPR person:
Mr. or Mrs QPR:
Number 10:
Penalty Taker:
Attacking Free kicks:
If Carlsberg did Home games...:
If Carlsberg did Away games....:
Favourite transfer rumour:
Every goal should be a carbon copy of:
Best seat in the house:
Best Pub:
Best place to get food:
Best of the rest:
On the plus side
at 21:45 11 Jul 2020

Baring a 20 goal swing between us and Luton, and with Wigan’s points deduction, aren’t we now safe?
Titles for QPR books
at 08:08 14 May 2020

GoodDry Cruel World: How to bankrupt a brand

Bullets over Broadroom

Bullets over Broadroom II: The case of the phantom revolver

Warren’s Animal Farm

Tommy Nintendo rides again

[Post edited 14 May 2020 9:05]
Celebrity Juice *Warning - Graphic images*
at 06:03 13 May 2020

One of our old managers caught dressed up

No pigs were given back handers or accountancy jobs in the making of this sketch

[Post edited 13 May 2020 6:06]
Broncos v Bunnies - Match Thread
at 08:47 20 Mar 2020

Following on from a cracker between St. George & Penrith, a bit of live sport for us on SKY. NRL is fantastic anyways so hunger down for a feast of brutality & bravery, skill and speed (said in he scent of Eddie Izzard speaking French)

Broncos is the only game I’ve been to out there and they lost that day to Gold Coast which was a bit like QPR winning at Brentford. Still ended up supporting Manly as that place is a bit of heaven.

Even though the Bunnies are now Burgess-less, I still see them winning this by 8-12.

Sky Sports Arena at 9
[Post edited 20 Mar 2020 8:48]
Bilbao v Osasuna
at 18:00 14 Feb 2020

After the Stoke game, me, my mum and son are hot footing it to Gatwick to catch a flight to Bilbao. Their birthdays are close together so this is my (self indulgent) present!!

Any advice for Bilbao?

Going to do stadium tour, match, dinner and then on Monday, a city tour and trip to Guggenheim.
3 F'ing things left this season - FA Cup, Fulham and Final place
at 14:38 13 Jan 2020

After blowing the chance of some local bragging rights, aside from watching some the younger players bloon, this sesaon feels a bit m'eh already.

On the pitch, I think there is three things left for us be interested in; FA Cup run, Fulham at Home and where we finish.

So what are your predictions?

FA Cup - Quarter Finals
Fulham - Score draw
Final Place - 14th
Ranger Things Podcast - Richard Langley
at 08:34 24 Apr 2019

Becoming a struggle to talk about the R's as it's the same old things being discussed but if you were the sort of kid who looked at ants through a magnifying glass then this could be for you.
Ranger Things Podcast - Now with added downloadability
at 08:54 17 Apr 2019

Show is now hosted on here so you can download on Apple Podcasts and Spotify:
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