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Offside rule... probably a question for Pinner? 08:02 - Nov 21 with 1714 viewsRs_Holy

Okay so having watched our League Cup exit to Sunderland last season and the first game of the World Cup yesterday I am totally confused about the latest Offside rule. Back in the day when any defender of team A was behind the most advanced striker of team B then team B were all on-side. But it appears to be a lot more complicated now. Is it a case of if team B striker is advanced of the nearest defender to him/her then team B striker is offside regardless of if team A have 3-4 players behind the most advanced striker???
Look at the highlights of yesterdays game and when they show the replay at 31 seconds there is a Qatar defender behind everyone (including the goalkeeper). But the VAR only concentrates on the defender (No3) nearest to striker when it goes to the computer animation... If this is the case then I have a little more sympathy for assistant referees.
Offside rule... probably a question for Pinner? on 17:21 - Nov 23 with 1441 viewsPinnerPaul

Not seen the incident, but the basic law hasn't changed, attacker has to have 2 'defenders' - one is usually, but not always, the GK or the ball between him and the goal line.

Obviously, there is the whole interfering, who played the ball etc etc etc, but that's the basic principle and has been for ages.
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