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Anyone see the BBC doc on Russian Hooligans?
at 22:13 16 Feb 2017

Well worth a watch but a bit f*cking intense, interesting insight into the mentality, disturbing.

Wouldn't recommend going to the World Cup.
Friday Music Thread...they're six of our own
at 10:41 13 Jan 2017

Furlong, Manning, Doughty, Comley, Shodipo and Eze.

This is for you.

It's that time of year again.
at 10:35 3 Dec 2016

In the encouraging spirit of the Paul Nuttall thread that ended with barely an insult in sight it's time for us to take things a step further in our coming together and mutual understanding.

What better way to cure humanity's ills than for the likes of Disco, Hunter, Clive Anderson, Bazza, SteveC, DannytheR, Konk, Essextaxiboy, FDC, me and any others who fancy it to gather in a field, consume an 'heroic' dose of God's own 'come and find me' and release ourselves from the grip of our falsely created, illusionary, temporary ego's that have merely stood in the way of our experiencing the same single consciousness of pure love and oneness that is all of our past, present and future, leading us to laugh uncontrollably at the false sense of separation, fear, distrust and anger that has led us to create the narrative of disharmony amongst oursleves and indeed in our own individual souls, dissolving all the unnecessary barriers that we have built between us, paving the way for the obvious only choice of existing in the moment of utter connection to everything at all times bathed in the sweet balm of eternal permanent, omnipotent, unconditional love where the simplistic but often devastating machinations of struggling man (collective and individual) simply dissolve away into the quantum reality pile marked 'no longer needed'.

Love is the key
Donald looking after the 'little man'. WARNING POLITICAL THREAD
at 10:58 24 Nov 2016

Shocking news to hear that Donald 'vote against the establishment' Trump and his Goldman Sachs pals' tax plans will help the rich more than the poor.

Don't people play football anymore?
at 20:11 12 Oct 2016

I thought I'd take a trip down memory lane and look up the last club I played for in the early noughties, Kew AFC.

It was a lovely club, 100 years old, very proud of having beaten Ipswich in the 30's, matches on Saturday afternoon anywhere inside the M25, manager always shoehorning in the fact that our results were on teletext (page 48 of 48, had to wait 27 minutes to see it flash up for a few seconds) in his half time bollocking.

Most importantly it had 9 XI's, so it catered for a decent range of ability, all the captains would meet each week to do selection, players moving up and down between teams, all very proper and must have had a good 150 players on the books. It was big on social stuff and they had a new clubhouse built with Rangers being part of it.

So when I went on the website I saw they now have just TWO teams, two. I'm really shocked.

Is this just an anomaly at this particular club or has the number of people playing the game diminished that much?

What are other people's experience of this?

Save our NHS
at 17:06 5 Jul 2016

I can't imagine there is a single one of us who doesn't have a heart warming story about what the NHS has done for them or a loved one.

The idea that private healthcare companies can be making a profit from our looking after the sick and vulnerable can't be right.

"Contracting leeches money and scarce resources from the system. It fragments and disrupts continuity of care and undermines training and staffing. And it is expensive. Although the Westminster government does not collect data on the contracts or the cost of market contracting, we know from the US that it accounts for around 30% of healthcare expenditure, compared to 5% in the non-marketised NHS prior to 1990."

That means the cost of contracting alone would see us losing over £25 billion a year that would otherwise have been spent on actual care.

I would suggest taking advantage of the political atmosphere that is creating MP's that need to be listening to their constituents (or at least being seen to) and get in touch with yours to ask they attend the reading of the bill and support it.
[Post edited 5 Jul 2016 17:19]
Oh my God...
at 23:01 27 Jun 2016

Palace have £31m bid accepted.

Never mind the 23rd vote, the real decisions are taken here..
at 09:38 12 Jun 2016

Our masters are meeting.
England V Russia (non violence) Match Thread
at 20:07 11 Jun 2016

Cracking start. Great tempo. 3 good chances already.
[Post edited 11 Jun 2016 20:09]
And so it begins...
at 20:08 10 Jun 2016

Urghhh! The Big Club Takeover picks up pace. Coming to a league near you soon.
Handing over the country
at 08:59 24 May 2016

Can this really be what's best for us?
Brexit Fear Mongering Of The Week
at 09:09 21 Apr 2016

Well it looked like Obama flying all the way over to tell us to stay in (so his corporate chums can inflict TTIP on us ending our democracy) would be this week's winner. But Alistair Campbell's 'Putin and ISIS' (cracking combo) has smashed him out of the park. Putin and ISIS...brilliant.

Honourable mentions go to the 8 former US Treasury secretaries who wrote to The Times warning that Brexit was a threat to our 'special relationship'.

If they're at this level now they must have some serious sh1t planned for the next few weeks.

Stay calm and do some proper research about TTIP.
Brexit fear mongering
at 12:48 13 Apr 2016

Wiki definition - 'Fear mongering or scaremongering is the deliberate use of fear based tactics including exaggeration and usually repetition to influence the public in order to achieve a desired outcome.'

I see David Miliband, a man, we shouldn't forget, who carries the almost unthinkable label of being deemed less effective than his brother, has been shoved out by the Secret Handshakers to terrify us all.

In a breathtaking display, even by politicians standards, of Bullshitchutzpah he has claimed that an out vote would not only contribute to the 'destruction of International order' but is 'THE NUMBER ONE THREAT TO THE GLOBAL (yes GLOBAL) ECONOMY.' !!!!!

F-ing hell!! They don't do the scaremongering by half these fellas, you know The Powers That Be are afraid of the public actually choosing something not in their plan when they start throwing around such blatantly over the top threats.

This is on the ITV News website -

"The historic failure of the IMF is that it has normally been too optimistic. When it gets gloomy, perhaps we should be afraid, very afraid. "

That's an editorial piece of writing by the way not a quote from a Stay In campaigner. All that's missing is a ghost going 'woooooo' at the end of the sentence.

Pathetic, but sadly, as they well know which is why they do it, very effective.

As for the IMF's hilarious warning, have a listen to the Icelandic President at the time of their 'exit' and the warnings he received from them. This is comfortably the best interview with a politician I have ever listened to. Very relevant to our current times. Well worth a listen.

Stay strong brothers and sisters.
The End of Democracy part 794...
at 14:05 1 Mar 2016

The Stasi would be chuffed.

Snooper's charter to extend police access to phone and internet data

Drip, drip, drip...
Spine of a team
at 14:37 27 Jan 2016

Just watched the full 90 without knowing the score.

Very excited with the young spine of the team

Poults Washington

All of them did well yesterday.

All young, all in the first year of their contracts, all keen as f*ck, probably earning less between them than Cesar was the last time we were in this league whilst sitting in the stands trying to remember which hand he'd 'injured'. And some people still say they can't see what Les has started to do...there's none so blind as...

Jimmy's interview indicated that Faurlin and Luongo are now the first choice and that they need time to develop as a unit. Bonus.

Having two cm's who are comfortable on the ball and don't just automatically play it backwards to a defender (even one under pressure) makes such a difference, I don't know how you can hope to control a match without it in fact.

You could see Mass was knackered after 60 odd mins but that's no surprise, how many 90 minutes has he had in the last 5 months? Can only get better as he gets fitter.

Fer!!? Unfortunately can't see anyone taking him off our hands on the wages I presume he's on.

Terror...when it suits us
at 22:25 19 Jan 2016

How do we justify this?
Surprise surprise...
at 10:58 15 Jan 2016

Greville Janner child sex abuse case dropped

Shame, but expected.
And you think we should be doing better...
at 00:11 2 Jan 2016

How bad must it be for these lot?

Excellent piece on Mourinho...
at 21:34 16 Dec 2015

Marina Hyde may not be everyone's cup of tea, but anyone who writes an article with the phrases "The really remarkable thing about Mourinho’s demise is the smallness of the man it has revealed", and "...or is he really just an irredeemable prick?", deserves some f**king respect.

Chelsea’s José Mourinho fast becoming much ado about nothing | Marina Hyde
What now?
at 11:36 11 Nov 2015

I mean seriously, what now? Anything could happen on and off the pitch in the next few months.

Surely the close proximity of the Old Oak Common approval that doesn't include us-
combined with the debt to share transfer means the end is near for Tony. It seems reasonable to assume they were only prepared to commit such enormous amounts to the little old R's in the hope/expectation that they could get in on the OOC gold rush.

I mean you are never going to recoup 200 mill plus with a club our size (with any club?). Look at Swansea, 4 great years in the premiership, trophy winners, European football, they made a profit of 1.7 mill last year!! And that's an expertly run club, how could an ownership team that has somehow managed to lose around 60/70 mill a season ever turn around their results and transform their abilities dramatically enough to recoup 200 million quid and then make a profit? They couldn't.

The reappointment of Warnock just confirms that they are completely lacking in any ideas, any innovation, or even (after seemingly giving up on the Les Project) just the balls to really try and see something different through.

It must have been the OOC, now that's gone, it's clearly a case of cut your losses and get out, why hang around just to lose more money each year?

Tone's sudden Aim for Promotion proclamations and desperate resigning of the man who managed it before were clearly his just praying for a miracle to up the sale value. Good luck with that Tone.

I don't have the same vitriol for him that some do. My angle is more a lament, in what I can only assume is a once in my lifetime opportunity, for us to have nearly a quarter of a billion pounds (plus all the prem money) spent on us and yet still utterly fail to create any long term infrastructure that could have been put in place to elevate our natural position and ability to compete as a regular top flight club. I suppose Harlington's had a lick of paint, so every cloud...

Ah well.

But what or rather who is next? Surely we've had all the billionaires we could hope for. Every article I read about new owners at clubs our size seems to be peppered with phrases like 'fit and proper persons test', 'opposed to the fans wishes', 'early promises failed to manifest' etc etc. Could go anywhere.

Similarly on the pitch. Will there be a January fire sale? Will Warnock get the full time nod? Will he oust Les? What can a 70 year old semi retired manager of a past era really bring to a club in need of total rebuilding and modernising? Will we get someone we've barely heard of who performs alchemy around the club?

Huge crossroads right now. What's the best we can hope for?
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