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The 2024 relegation thread-oh: Match 46.
at 21:53 26 Apr 2024

I don't fking think so!

The 2024 relegation thread-oh: Match 45.
at 09:28 22 Apr 2024

Could we lose the next game and go into the final Saturday literally cacking our arse? Yes, possibly. But we're in that lovely 96/97 form where we're inconsistent but okay and there are some sketchy teams below us. So I'm hopeful. Hopeful but SHATTING!

18 - QPR - 50 (-16) - WWLDLW
19 - Blackburn - 49 (-16) - LWDLWL
20 - Plymouth - 48 (-11) - LLWDWL
21 - Sheff Weds - 47 (-29) - DLWDDW
22 - Birmingham - 46 (-16) - LWLLWD
23 - Huddersfield - 44 (-27) - LDWLDL
24 - Rotherham


QPR v Leeds


BLACKBURN v Coventry
Millwall v PLYMOUTH
SHEFF WEDS v West Brom

If we lose and everything goes badly in the other games (inc. Brum beating Hudds), it'll look like this.

20 - QPR - 50 (Final match away to Coventry, 8th)
21 - Sheff Weds - 50 (Final match away to useless fking Sunderland, 13th)
22 - Birmingham - 49 (Final match home to Norwich, 6th but pretty much sorted for a playoff place now)
23 - Huddersfield - 44
24 - Rotherham

The 2024 relegation thread-oh: Match 44
at 09:33 15 Apr 2024

Cacking it now.

17 - Blackburn - 49 - LWDLW
18 - Plymouth - 48 - LLWDW
19 - QPR - 47 - WWLDL
20 - Stoke - 47 - WDDLD
21 - Birmingham - 45 - LWLLW
22 - Huddersfield - 44 - LDWLD
23 - Sheff Weds - 44 - DLWDD
24 - Rotherham - relegated


Rotherham v BIRMINGHAM
QPR v Preston



Remaining fixtures:

QPR v Preston
QPR v Leeds
Coventry v QPR

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The 2024 relegation thread-oh: Week 43
at 08:12 11 Apr 2024

16 - QPR - 47 - DWWLD
17 - Millwall - 47 - DWWLD
18 - Blackburn - 46 - DLWDL
19 - Stoke - 46 - LWDDL
20 - Plymouth - 45 - LLLWD
21 - Huddersfield - 43 - DLDWL
22 - Sheff Weds - 43 - LDLWD
23 - Birmingham - 42 - LLWLL
24 - Rotherham - relegated


PLYMOUTH v Leicester (1)


Leeds (3) v BLACKBURN
BIRMINGHAM v Coventry (7)
Bristol City (12) v HUDDERSFIELD
Hull (10) v QPR
MILLWALL v Cardiff (11)

Tough games all round for the relegation threatened teams. The key games are:

Sheff Weds v Stoke. Both teams in similar form. Could go either way.

Birmingham vs Coventry. Cov doing well but it's a derby so who knows.

Hull game looking tough for us. I don't think we improve our position this week.
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The 2024 relegation thread-oh: Match 42
at 18:56 7 Apr 2024

Was kind of hoping we wouldn't be worrying about such things but whatever.

15 - Swansea - 47 - LWDLL
16 - Blackburn - 46 - DDLWD
17 - QPR - 46 - LDWWL
18 - Stoke - 46 - WLWDD
19 - Plymouth - 44 - DLLLW
20 - Millwall - 44 - WLDLL
21 - Huddersfield - 43 - LDLDW
22 - Birmingham - 42 - LLLWL
23 - Sheff Weds - 42 - LLDLW
24 - Rotherham - Relegated


MILLWALL v Leicester
SHEFF WEDS v Norwich


Bristol City v BLACKBURN
Swansea v STOKE

Man, I've got no f**king idea how this goes. We're away at Hull on Saturday (DDLLW) so probably don't want to f**k this one up.

The 2024 relegation thread-oh: Match 41
at 12:25 2 Apr 2024

It's not over yet. Six more games.

16 - QPR - 46 - DLDWW
17 - Blackburn - 45 - DDDLW
18 - Stoke - 45 - LWLWD
19 - Millwall - 44 - DWLDL
20 - Birmingham - 42 - LLLLW
21 - Plymouth - 41 - LDLLL
22 - Huddersfield - 40 - LLDLD
23 - Sheff Weds - 39 - WLLDL
24 - Rotherham - 23 - LLDLW


Rotherham v PLYMOUTH


BLACKBURN v Southampton
Leicester v BIRMINGHAM
STOKE vs West Brom

The 2024 relegation thread-oh: Match 40
at 11:54 30 Mar 2024

Updated for her pleasure.

16 - Millwall - 44 - WDWLD
17 - Stoke - 44 - WLWLW
18 - QPR - 43 - WDLDW
19 - Blackburn - 42 - LDDDL
20 - Plymouth - 41 - LLDLL
21 - Birmingham - 40 - LOL LOL LOL
22 - Huddersfield (remember them?) - 39 - DLLDL
23 - Sheff Weds - 39 - WWLLD
24 - Rotherham - 20 - RIP

Rotherham v MILLWALL
Swansea (15th) v QPR
Sunderland (12th) v BLACKBURN
PLYMOUTH v Bristol City (13th)
Middlesborough (10th) v SHEFF WEDS

On paper this is a way less good set of fixtures than Good Friday was. Teams playing each other, no opposition above 10th. But Friday was going shit until it wasn't.

What's good though is that all the teams below us are having pretty dismal form. But if Birmingham and Hudds win and we lose we are right back in the mix, even more than we currently are.

The 2024 relegation thread-oh: Week 39/40
at 18:18 18 Mar 2024

A week later and we're no worse off than before, really. The bottom five remains the same with us a point above Hudds and now also a point clear of Brum.

No match this week. So it's all on for next week.

16 - Millwall - 43
17 - Blackburn - 42
18 - Plymouth - 41
19 - Stoke - 41
20 - QPR - 40
21 - Birmingham - 39
22 - Hudds - 39
23 - Sheff Weds - 38
24 - Rotherham - 20

Good Friday or as QPR call it 'Probably Shit Friday'

Millwall vs West Brom (5th)
Blackburn vs Ipswich (3rd)
Norwich (6th) vs Plymouth
Hull (7th) vs Stoke
QPR vs Birmingham
Huddersfield vs Coventry (8th)
Sheff Weds vs Swansea (15th)

Everyone who matters is playing a top 8 side and Birmingham's form is dogshit.

Feels like this should be a good day for us if we can just figure out how to convert more of these chances we've been making.

Easter Monday

Rotherham vs Millwall :(
Sunderland vs Blackburn
Plymouth vs Bristol City
Stoke vs Huddersfield (hmm!)
Swansea vs QPR
Birmingham vs Preston
Middlesborough vs Sheffield Weds

Not quite as good as Millwall and one of Stoke/Hudds will probably win.

The 2024 relegation thread-oh: Week 38
at 10:27 12 Mar 2024

It's crunch time.... in my PANTS!

In terms of the teams we can catch this week, the table looks like this.

Plymouth - 41 LWLLD
Blackburn - 41 DDLDD
Stoke - 41 LLWLW
Birmingham - 39 WLLDL
Huddersfield - 38 LWDLL
Sheff Weds - 38 WWWWL
Rotherham - Dead LLLLL

Birmingham vs Boro - Boro on the back of two wins, Brum no win in 4. Hopeful.

Birmingham vs Watford - Watford in shit form, hoping Brum are knackered by the weekend. Worried.
Ipswich vs Sheff Weds - Ipswich in third and looking to rectify a loss last game. Hopeful.
Boro vs Blackburn - not arsed. I feel like Blackburn will escape but they are in shit form. Hopeful.
Plymouth vs Preston - Plymouth in bad form. Hopeful.
Rotherham vs Huddersfield - most worried about this one . Hudds to win. That said, at least they've stopped that freaky voodoo bullshit where they win when we win. Worried.
Stoke vs Norwich - pretty hopeful but Stoke have two wins in three. Hopeful.
Sunderland vs QPR - five losses in a row but the Boil c*nt has gone. Charity Park Rangers to the rescue? Long trip to the shitty North East? Smells like defeat. But equally we are the finest football team etc etc. Worried.

Topical music thread: JAIL/PRISON
at 16:28 23 Feb 2024

In honour of the latest victim of THE CURSE, Ilias Chair, let's have some pokey-related tunes.

The long-forgotten but brilliant Million Dead with Holloway Prison Blues.
Whisper it quietly but...
at 12:25 1 Feb 2024

Brentford are just four points ahead of Everton who are bottom three (albeit with a game in hand). In fact, without the Everton points deduction it just be three ahead of Luton who are arguably in better form than Brentford.

I don't think they'll go down but it's definitely a possibility. Toney might be the difference there if he can keep out of trouble.

I think I'd be happy enough with Everton taking that last relegation place (Burnley and Sheff Utd are toast) but Brentford would be pretty good too. Apart from the fact that they'll bum us in the gob twice if they come down and we somehow stay up.
Friday Music: lesser known music
at 10:10 26 Jan 2024

I just found this lot. Havana 3am. Had a minor hit with the song below which is a great mix of surf, rockabilly and that sort of Clash reggae sound.

Also, that's Paul Simenon on bass.

And... XC-NN. This band had a little bit of notoriety in the early 90s. That's Tim Bricheno on guitar, he was in All About Eve. This is a GREAT song though and the singer absolute kills on it. What a great performance. They should have been bigger.

[Post edited 26 Jan 10:58]
Match Thread: Watford can't play to save their lives, amigo.
at 11:18 13 Jan 2024

Funnily enough I only went to one match last year and it was that win over Watford. I think that qualifies me, mojo-wise, to start this thread.

Watford. Currently 11th. Won their last two. Thing is, THEY'RE STILL F**KING WATFORD and, when it comes to QPR, I'M TIRED OF OUR SHIT.

1-0 to the Rs. Not sure I believe it but I'm manifesting it. Noel Edmonds style. Ask the universe. Just like last time. Hey Universe, give me three points and make it scrappy.

Thinking ahead to League One next year.
at 18:33 28 Oct 2023

How do you think we will do? I don't watch L1 at all and couldn't tell you fk all about that bullshit but that's where we are headed. I've gone through denial and anger. I'm at acceptance now.

What's the standard there these days?

If we kept this sorry bunch of hooped c**ts would we do alright down there?

Genuine question. I've got no idea.

Friday Music - your dream band.
at 09:26 13 Oct 2023

Here's the rules.

1. You get a singer, guitarist, bassist and drummer.
2. Don't be a bellend and pick a whole band that already exists. They have to be from separate bands.
3. Singer is based on their voice and not their ability to play bass/guitar etc. If you pick Geddy Lee for bass, he doesn't get to be singer.
4. They can be dead.

For me it's;

SINGER: Layne Staley (Alice in Chains)
GUITAR: Geordie (Killing Joke)
BASS: Jamie Stewart (The Cult)
DRUMS: Budgie (Siouxsie and the Banshees)

Ugh... Celtic
at 14:03 9 Oct 2023

It's been odd having to sort of root for Celtic while Beale was at Rangers. I've never liked either club but it was an enemy of my enemy kind of situation.

But then they reminded me why Celtic are the fking worst.

Not looking to start a debate about Israel/Palestine. That whole part of the world is fked and I'm sure Clive could do without it. And fk, we're just a QPR forum in a corner of the internet. We know fk all. But just so fking tasteless that Celtic would go out of their way to celebrate the slaughter of a load of people at a music festival.

My Scottish team was always Aberdeen but fk them too.

[Post edited 9 Oct 2023 15:15]
This stat
at 20:00 7 Oct 2023

Teams to win more games at Loftus Road in 2023 than #QPR (1):

Blackburn (2)
Coventry (2)
Sunderland (2)

Courtesy of

Like, that's REALLY bad.
If you're thinking of posting the inevitable 'stop moaning' thread tomorrow...
at 19:07 7 Oct 2023

Save it, mate. Read the room because right now the room is slowly filling up with piss and we've all got an inch of air left before we start gurgling.

I'm not going to "get behind" this fking shit. Fk it. This is the Ian Brown of football. As shit as it gets. You've all heard The Stone Roses live, right? Sure you like those two songs off that album but when you hear them live, it's like Ian can't sing at all.

I sing like a right fking tw@t and I'm better than that c*nt. Well we're that. Hooped that. Hooped Ian Brown.

Ainsworth out, Warnock in or else fk it.

Also: BrentfLOLd. C*nts.
A different music thread: The Jukebox Killer
at 10:29 5 Sep 2023

You've been kidnapped by the Jukebox Killer. You find yourself chained up in a room. A screen turns on and a masked character with a voice filter says this;

"I am the Jukebox Killer. You now have to pick a song. If I like it, you will be released unharmed. If I don't you will have your face slowly carved off and fed to you until you bleed to death."

You can't tell the killer's gender, age, race or anything. You've just got to pick a song that's got the best chance of not getting you killed. So not necessarily your favourite song but just one that you reckon most people will like upon hearing it.

What do you pick, LFW?
John Terry on that penalty miss.
at 14:15 3 Jun 2023

Saw a bit of this interview with John Terry talking to Stephen Hendry. At about 17m30s he starts talking about the effect that miss had on him.

Apparently, it still haunts him to this day and he wakes up in the middle of the night because of it. It's clear to see what a profound effect that one moment had on him and how it genuinely affected him. It's etched in his face.

You know, it's easy to hate someone like John Terry but we all have to remember that moments like that in football can have a massive impact on a person's wellbeing and sense of self and we should strive to be a bit more mindful of that.

But then I think, haha f**k you, c*nt! You ate absolute shit and it remains one of the greatest moments of all time. Hilarious falling over tw@t!
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