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at 22:12 25 May 2020

..posting. Seen the goals before but not the Big Match episode.
Three Penalties Thread!
at 16:15 24 May 2020

Favourite Take Away
at 22:22 23 May 2020

....take out, to go meal?
At the moment I’m head over heels for a London Broil, garlic mashed red bliss potatoes and mixed veg from an eatery about three miles from me. God the au jus is unbelievable!
I was just doing the
at 13:13 20 May 2020 much it was when I were a lad bit with one of the boys. How much was it when you first paid in at Loftus Rd? I honestly can’t remember, I do know that for 50p (or the equivalent in real money), I’d be on the School End with a match programme, travel on an 83 and the Central Line with a bag of chips from the SAR Fish Bar.....and have change.
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Never had an overdose of interest
at 22:59 17 May 2020 NASCAR, but right now I’m glued to the tv, just because it’s back. Wish I could translate the sound of those motors , eeeeeowww.
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Planetary Health Warning
at 05:44 17 May 2020

Pabst Blue Ribbon is a definite source of gas harmful to the ozone layer.

Mother Earth will no doubt prefer us all to switch back to mothers ruin.
[Post edited 17 May 5:46]
Apart From Karl
at 00:57 16 May 2020

...anyone else like fish(ing)? Don’t have the patience to haul ‘em in myself but enthusiastic consumer of the finished product.I’m here in Milton watching a Jeremy Wade marathon and the call of pwoppa fish n chips has me drooling
at 18:57 9 May 2020

...what is the accent of the authentic IOM man? Heard some bloke interviewed on the radio this morning explaining your islands rather Orwellian sounding virus policies and he sounded like a mickey mouser.
May 9th, 9am here
at 14:01 9 May 2020 Milton and it is snowing.
Your Manor 11
at 12:50 9 May 2020

London Borough of Brent, some born others raised. Wembley connections preferred.

Garry Waddock
Marc Bircham
Richard Langley
Richard Pacquette
Paul Merson
Dave Beasant
Alan Devonshire
Stuart Pearce
Raheem Sterling
Josh Murphy
Jacob Murphy

Gary Locke
Marvin Johnson
Matt Sparrow
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RIP, an another legend
at 01:38 8 May 2020

...who sadly I'd never 'eard off. Some bloke called Brian Howe, Bad Company apparently, bet there's a million fans about to come outa the woodwork. Anyway cheerio mate, sure I'd have liked ya if I'd have been able to nick one of yer albums from Kensalriser.
[Post edited 8 May 1:39]
Who Are Ya?
at 13:09 5 May 2020

...young Master Boston has just sent me a pic of a black Mazda, New Jersey number plate, QPRFC.
[Post edited 5 May 13:10]
Seems Like Half
at 16:31 4 May 2020

...of us have moved out of town. Who has blended in with the natives and lost their accent? I have not, though guilty of pulling the Prince Charles bit for business purposes. The American ‘left’ is unbelievably elitist, fine by me, I just stick another nought or two on the invoice.
Not Our Finest Moment
at 02:05 30 Apr 2020

Your Favourite
at 01:19 30 Apr 2020

...Queens Park Rangers supporter?
I'm a big fan of Tommy Sombrero as it happens.
Short Thread(at last)
at 12:45 26 Apr 2020

...there’s always been plenty of negative comments re the concession stands offerings at Loftus Rd, but did / does anyone actually enjoy, look forward to something they sell?
Personally, not much of note for decades, though there are memories of enjoying the wares at the tea bar that used to be up in the corner of the Loft, but this is just as likely to be a rose tinted spectacle thing.
Oi Hunter
at 01:34 23 Apr 2020

...surely the running of race meetings, particularly the smaller meets could still go ahead? Sad for the racegoer to be barred, but at a lot of the smaller courses there's a barely a couple of hundred in attendance anyway, the only close encounter otherwise being the jockey's changing room.
[Post edited 23 Apr 1:34]
It’s Got To Anagrams
at 04:15 21 Apr 2020

...don’t think I’ve done one since poor old Mick Tully passed away.
Little controversial I suppose but - Ranger Spanks Queer.
BTW I was speaking to Kev Tully a few years ago and he mentioned how surprised and touched he was when the Rangers fans turned up at Mick’s funeral.
Oi Mel
at 00:12 21 Apr 2020

...I'm in trouble. The book arrived today while I was not working from home. Mrs Boston took in the mail. Unfortunately the rather flimsy wrapping had a tear and the words 'Grounds For Divorce were clearly visible.
She's not speaking to me until after tomorrow mornings meeting with her Attorney.

This better be the best book I've ever read.
Those Where The Days...
at 20:02 18 Apr 2020 friends.
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