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ST credit and refund info
at 15:38 10 May 2021

The club have put out the info regarding refunds on this seasons ST's :


I urge you all to check and not just assume it's correct, I've looked at mine and for my 3 ST's my refund is ~ £570 short - I think they charged all 3 ST's for the streams even though I only asked for it to be activated for 1
Holiday Photo
at 13:42 19 Sep 2017

Just back from a week away and thought I'd share a holiday snap featuring three R Block ST holders

Pub for Saturday
at 17:33 5 Sep 2017

Can anyone recommend a pub where both home and away fans are welcome?

A mate from work has tickets in the away end and it'd be nice to meet up for a pint.

Thanks in advance.
Safe Standing
at 13:03 22 Jul 2016


So what are peoples views on this type of standing area?

I've been coming to Loftus Road since I was a kid, and obviously stood. Back then however as a kid you could work your way down to the front so your view wasn't obscured by the adults. I don't see how this safe standing arrangement will be of any use for kids.
made me laugh
at 13:04 27 Oct 2015

FAO Fernandes
at 16:42 29 Jul 2014


A very interesting read. I particularly liked the bits where they pointed out that since the 1989-90 season, adjusted for retail-price inflation in the past 24 years since one would expect just under a 100% increase in ticket prices. Man United’s lowest-priced ticket for this season, of which there are very many fewer than in the days of standing, will be £31 nevertheless represents a 785% increase since 1990. This season, Liverpool’s cheapest matchday ticket will be £46, an increase of 1,150%.

They also point out that Arsenal charge £129.50 for the most expensive single matchday ticket, whereas this season at Bayern Munich who are Bundesliga champions, 2013 Champions League winners and suppliers of the bulk of Joachim Löw’s World Cup-winning team, thousands of fan-members can buy a season ticket to stand for €144 (£114).
Bloody Germans....
at 17:20 26 Jun 2014

.... they're playing in a dennis the menace kit
Remy's price has just gone up
at 16:16 14 Feb 2014

Things are looking bright and sunny!
at 10:30 13 Jul 2013

From the times on line:

Gary Jacob
Published at 12:01AM, July 13 2013
Joey Barton has reached agreement on a return to Marseilles as Queens Park Rangers continue with their plans to restructure their squad.
Élie Baup, the Marseilles coach, said that the French club were working on a deal with the West Londoners to sign the midfielder, who was on loan in France last season. “There is an agreement between the club and himself but he belongs to Queens Park Rangers,” Baup said last night.
QPR are close to an agreement to cancel the contract of José Bosingwa, who has two years left on his deal worth a total of £6.6 million.

You have to pay to read more but just that bit has cheered me up - Barton and Bosingwa listed as leaving in one article!!
Good grief will they never learn
at 21:43 6 Jul 2013


Must win game tomorrow
at 23:13 19 Apr 2013

Not because it'll make any difference to which league we'll be in next season, I just couldn't stand it if we can't even beat this lot at home on their current form
I hope it's moderated
at 14:37 18 Apr 2013

... and not just flashed straight up on the screen!

Some quotes from the BBC Sportsday live
at 10:35 31 Jan 2013


0802: Yep, Harry Redknapp's alarm clock has just gone off (probably) and Sandra is making him a bumper breakfast today - three Weetabix (other rectangular wholegrain biscuits are available). Harry is already contemplating a swap deal involving two bits of toast, a boiled egg and Jamie Mackie. It's going to be that kind of day for him.

08.05:From what I have read in today's papers, we might as well call this page 'Harry Redknapp - live'. The QPR manager is meant to be signing anything between five and 15 players over the next few hours.

Philpete on Twitter: "I love QPR boss Harry Redknapp so much and if he takes Bentley and Jenas off Spurs's hands today I'll love him even more"

I've just seen the league table.......
at 13:48 21 Nov 2012

I had been avoiding it, but I noticed something interesting.

At present the bottom seven are:

Stoke, Sunderland, Wigan, Reading, Aston Villa, Southampton and us.

Our last three games were:

Southampton (h)
Stoke (a)
Reading (h)

Our next four matches are:

Man U (a)
Sunderland (a)
Aston Villa (h) and
Wigan (a)

Notice any similarities between the two lists?

Care to speculate when the final straw may be reached?
Looking on the bright side ................
at 12:24 12 Feb 2012

.............. at least I might be able to afford a ST again next year
I like him already!
at 16:22 26 Jan 2012

chelsea tickets
at 16:20 24 Jan 2012

Just been on the box office website and saw that there are over 2,000 tickets still up for grabs in the home areas.

I assume that most ST holders and members have bought theirs if they are going to, which means that number will go on general sale tomorrow. I wonder how many people who aren't ST holders or members there are that are interested?
Boothroyd on the fans
at 14:35 22 Sep 2011


At the bottom he says:

"Even when we lost 4-0 against Bolton, the fans were there until the end, no-one left the stadium early."

Not bloody likely either at £45 for a 90 minute game that represents 50p a minute

Buggering off 10 minutes early is throwing a fiver away
Away Ticket Prices
at 18:18 15 Sep 2011

Apparently you can charge away fans upto 10% more than home fans if the "accommodation is better".

25 Man squad rules
at 18:06 15 Sep 2011

A couple of threads are asking about the 25 man squad rules, here is the Mirror's 10 point guide for last year although I haven't heard of any changes for this year. A couple of key points are that you can make any number of changes to the squad in the transfer windows - all 25 if you want (points 6), and although you don't have to name a full 25, which would allow you to add free agents outside of the transfer window if you have 25 platers you MUST name them (point 9).

1) All Premier League clubs must submit a squad of up to 25 players.

2) Each 25-man squad must include at least eight 'home-grown' players.

3) The 'home-grown' players do not have to be English. According to the Premier League: "A home grown player is defined as one who, irrespective of his nationality or age, has been registered with any club affiliated to the Football Association or the Welsh Football Association for a period, continuous or not, of three entire seasons or 36 months prior to his 21st birthday (or the end of the season during which he turns 21)." In practice this means that Cesc Fabregas, who joined Arsenal when he was 16, counts as one of the Gunners' home-grown quota.

4) In addition to the 25-man named squad, clubs can use an unlimited number of players aged 21 or under. This means that Manchester City's £22.5m striker Mario Balotelli, who is just 20, does not need to be named in their 25-man squad. According to the Premier League: "An Under 21 player is defined as one who is under the age of 21 on 1st January in the year in which the season commences. For the 2010/11 campaign Under 21 players will have been born on or after 1st January 1989."

5) Clubs can make changes to their squad but only during transfer windows, so once submitted the clubs will be stuck with that squad until January. Only in exceptional circumstances, such as a goalkeeper crisis, can changes be made outside the window, and then only if the Premier League board approves the changes.

6) Once the transfer window opens again, there are no restrictions on how many changes clubs can make to their squads, so they can replace the entire 25 if they want to.

7) Even if a player is not named in the 25-man squad, they can still play in the FA Cup, League Cup, Champions League or Europa League.

8) Players from the 25-man squad cannot be replaced if they are loaned to Football League clubs, but can regain their spot in the group if they return to the parent club.

9) Clubs do not have to name a full squad of 25 if they do not have that many contracted players and in this case they can add free agents outside the transfer window. However if they have 25 eligible contracted players, they must be named.

10) Similarly, clubs do not have to name eight 'home-grown' players if they do not have enough, but this would mean submitting a reduced squad.
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