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Paddy McNair
at 20:54 26 Sep 2020

That guy who took the Middlesboro corner for their goal today - that the same guy who bizarrely scored a brace to end our plans to win the league cup on our 50th anniversary, when Sandro (equally bizarrely) appeared to be on a one man mission to go all the way?

On a different but related matter; was looking at BOS's goal in slow-mo - an og possibly?
Lucky escape
at 22:20 24 Sep 2020

Thank goodness we made an early exit from that pesky Carabao cup. What with the games coming so thick and fast, our threadbare squad of young, fit athletes couldn't cope with games more frequently than Saturday, Friday night and the following Saturday week.
Meanwhile, most of us (not so young and fit) mere mortals manage, to put in an eight hour shift in often difficult/hazardous conditions, on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday...
Manning and BOS
at 20:36 12 Sep 2020

BOS played today and Manning was omitted altogether. According to WLS, the reason Warburton gave for this is that their contract negotiations are at 'different stages'. We know that Manning has a new agent, who, up until very recently at least, hadn't met with the QPR officials yet. We also understand that BOS's agent is a bit of a.. difficult person to deal with and may be trying to tout BOS to any available suitor.
So what do we read from today?
(A) Manning is close to leaving, while BOS is still up in the air?
(B) BOS is close to signing a new deal, while Manning is still up in the air?
Any thoughts?
International Goals
at 22:26 3 Sep 2020

Moore scored for Wales. Let's hope Dykes can get off the mark for Scotland. In the meantime, we usher in our brave new era of 'no more long ball/depending on set pieces for goals' with an added time equaliser by Duffy - from a corner.
Carabao Cup - white flag raised already
at 13:40 21 Aug 2020

Reading Warburton's comments about the upcoming season on the official site, it's not hard to see that the league cup is waaay down his list of priorities. On three different occasions he mentions how difficult it will be to manage the squad through the fixture congestion 'if' we get past the first round. Looks like the gap since '67 is going to be extended by another year at least!.
Our ex Minister for Agriculture
at 09:50 21 Aug 2020

Ireland's minister for Ag Dara Calleary has being forced to resign for attending a golf function of more than 80 people despite new Govt restrictions of 15 people meeting indoors. This govt has only being in place a couple of months and he is the second minister for ag to resign after Barry Cowen lasted a few days following Dink driving revelations. You couldn't make it up. To (mis)quote Wilde ' to lose one minister for agriculture Mr Martin, may be regarded as a misfortune; to lose two looks like carelessness'
How are players valued
at 11:00 20 Aug 2020

The debate over whether Dykes is overpriced at 2m got me thinking. Just taking our own two most salable assets and the clubs valuation of them. Keeping it simple because I'm useless at maths but if Eze is worth 15m and BOS 5m, how does the club consider Eze to be three times more valuable than BOS? Both are young, both are highly talented, albeit in different ways. Both have scored stunning individual goals for us, both have the ability to change games, both have provided plenty of assists/missed chances and both have cost us a similar amount in terms of development Eze has more games under his belt granted and is therefore more of 'the finished article' I guess, but both are completely untested in the Prem or any league higher than the Championship and while several clubs have been 'linked' with both players, we have not exactly been inundated with concrete offers.
If this was to follow and lets say they both join Palace or a Palace type club for a combined fee of 20m and both kick on to become major players over the next three years. Then the Man City's et al come calling, will the chasm in their valuation become even wider or will it level out? If Eze joined City at that point for 45m would BOS be only worth 15m ? We have seen players valuation jump dramatically over a very short period of time and not just strikers - Van Dyke and Maguire for example- but also examples of players being ridiculously over-priced like Hugill and Wells. So what is the criteria? Is it simply down to demand and the selling club picks a figure from the air and hopes somebody will bite?
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