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Championship Final Matchday Thread
at 10:23 8 May 2021

Not one for our game today but the rest - all my hope is resting on Cardiff to play their kids and let Rotherham stay up sending Derby and Sheff Wed down.

Would be a great day
Bizarre Club Statements
at 17:23 27 Aug 2020

I don't think this one by Bury will be topped. Have a read, it is quite unbelievable

Jamie Mackie announces retirement
at 16:26 21 Jul 2020

Surely one for the Forever Rs (if not in it already)
Final Day Predictions
at 18:04 19 Jul 2020

Right, we do have an entertaining final day, despite the no fans. Let's hear your bets.

2nd - West Brom

Play offs (5th/6th) - Nottm Forest, Cardiff

Relegation - Hull, Barnsley, Charlton
Lost interest since the restart
at 21:07 30 Jun 2020

The 3 losses in a row may be talking here, but i felt the exact same before Barnsley, ive lost interest in football and QPR since the re-start.

Really struggle to get excited about watching a friendly feel match with no fans on my couch, and it doesn't help that we are having kick offs like 6:30pm on a Tuesday. I was having dinner before realised we were playing.

Couldnt imagine what its like being a promotion contender. If we had to watch that Zamora goal at Wembley in my living room with an empty stadium i think id give it all up to be honest
[Post edited 30 Jun 2020 21:09]
QPR posting all of Hugills goals....
at 14:49 4 Jun 2020

....made me once again realise how f*cking good weve played sometimes this season. That first vs Sheff Wed is a thing of beauty.

Whats everyone's favourite goal been so far?

God i miss football. Happy Birthday Hugill either way
SPFL Finish the Season as it stands
at 19:29 15 Apr 2020

This could get interesting, and a good way for England to see the reaction to one of the possible choices. Have already seen an insane amount of criticism from multiple fans, especially Partick Thistle who have been relegated due to it, despite only being 2 points off safety with a game in hand....
[Post edited 15 Apr 2020 19:29]
Main game on Sky tomorrow
at 20:18 10 Feb 2020

The FA Cup/Liverpool issue
at 22:17 4 Feb 2020

Now I doubt anyone cares about this, or my opinion, but I'm going to have a little rant.

Shrewsbury, league one team, on minimal budget, drew with league Leaders Liverpool, who had a half decent team out. The second the whistle blew, this is what I've heard:

1)Klopp moan about the replay
2)All the pundits call for replays to be scrapped
3)Klopp to announce nor he or the first team will bother showing up
4)The FA banning TV rights for the game
5)The Liverpool U'23 play and win the replay
6)All the press now saying what an amazing achievement it is for the Liverpool kids.

What haven't I heard? Shrewsbury. The League One team who drew with the best in the world. The team who can enjoy a fantastic away day in Liverpool. The team who probably put all their effort into getting the replay.

At the end of the day, Shrewsbury lost out on TV money, their chance to watch them play Liverpool away, and have got no praise for it whatsoever.

Meanwhile these Liverpool 'kids' (who will be on more money than these Shrewsbury players probably) get all the praise, whilst Liverpool get praise for completely disrespecting the cup.

They will say they didn't disrespect it, but yes, they did. They disrespected it by not showing up, and by basically embarrassing Shrewsbury in the process.

This whole farce has been embarrassing for the Cup.

Rant over.

If you want real FA Cup glory, put on Oxford give Newcastle (1st team) a right good game.
at 15:57 18 Jan 2020

Does Phillips have an agenda against Cameron or something?

Sickening challenge last year, sickening challenge this year, both times Phillips gets up with a proud smirk on his face.

Complete sc*m of a player. On par with El Hadj Diouf
FA Cup 3rd round draw
at 13:36 2 Dec 2019

What riveting mid table Championship side will we be playing at home this season.

I've gone for Birmingham
Clean sheets
at 17:19 2 Nov 2019

We can be very positive of this season so far and losing 2-0 away to Leeds isn't a shock. But we have to criticise the clean sheets.

It's embarrassing being in November without one. Games have been very enjoyable, but when we come up against a better team (Brentford, Leeds, West Brom) the defensive problems will mean we will always lose. Can we please just spend the next week coaching them. Give the attack the week off I don't care, just keep a bloody clean sheet, for once
at 14:30 23 Oct 2019

Bloody hell he was good. Strode through our midfield multiple times, controls the ball well. Made their team click. They've found a gem there. Him and Eze playing for England would be one exciting midfield.

Personally did think his insanely high foot could have been a red card though. Everyone seemed to brush that off, but if he connected with our player that is one of the most dangerous tackle in a long time. Was I the only one that thought that?
An off day
at 14:26 28 Sep 2019

Really poor. Never looked like scoring, never passed well, didn't defend well. Was just an off day for everyone. I'll take it on the chin as West Brom look seriously good and will probably go up. Austin looked awful though, what happened to him?
Bolton to be liquidated this week
at 11:13 26 Aug 2019

Unless they find a buyer by 5pm tomorrow. Got to feel sorry for the fans. It's going to be an awful 30 hours for them. Let's hope Ken Anderson stops being an absolute w*nker.
Tomer Hemed signs for Charlton
at 19:36 19 Aug 2019

That's a 94th minute Loftus Road winner waiting to happen
Luke Amos
at 18:53 3 Aug 2019

The kid looks good. Real good. Obviously first game of the season but he seems quite a complete player. Felt like he deserved a thread of his own
Villa spending £150m+
at 23:44 1 Aug 2019

Now I'm not one to normally rant about something other clubs are doing as I normally couldn't care less, but this is simply ridiculous. A newly promoted club, who were probably half a season away from being hit with FFP and being on their arse, have now spent more than £150m+ this window. And the worst bit is, it's being praised by the media! Everyone is loving it. When did this become normalised? That is an insane amount of spending. We will forever be tarnished for our reputation for spending £12m on one player and now £150m is apparently the way forward.

I hate Villa
I hate Terry
I hate Dean Smith
And I hate the Premier League for what it's become and I cannot wait until the day it all goes tits up.

Rant over
The Fear
at 16:13 1 Jul 2019

Just as a warning- this is not meant to be a pessimistic or depressing post. But does anyone else have this new found fear of making any signing? Every signing that we've announced has just given me more fear. I think the past few seasons have scarred me so badly that I cannot get excited over any new signing over fear it will just end up a complete f*ck up, especially with Twitter and these fans who get so over excited that there are now fans who want Austin back- and not in a jokey way.

I have no doubt Amos and Smith will be great players, and I'm excited to see them play, but the first thing that popped into my head was "well that reminds me of Tom Carroll and i thought he was rubbish".

Anyone else have this?

I blame Redknapp and Hughes
Sunderland Vs Charlton
at 13:16 26 May 2019

We all want Charlton don't we?
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