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Mad non QPR stat.
at 14:44 5 Aug 2022"> src="
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Blackburn Rovers v Queens Park Rangers prediction logged
Championship predictions.
at 13:01 26 Jul 2022

Let’s have your predictions for the Championship this coming season.

1. Top 2.

2. Play off places.

3. Play off winners.

4. Relegated.

5. Surprise package.

6. Where QPR will finish.

FWIW, here’s mine.

1. Sheffield Utd & Middlesbrough.

2. Norwich, Luton, Watford & Burnley.

3. Norwich

4. Reading, Birmingham & Rotherham.

5. Sunderland.

6. Between 8th-10th.

Train strike first day of season.
at 13:13 14 Jul 2022

That’ll hit away fans.

ASLEF drivers to strike at 8 rail companies.
[Post edited 14 Jul 13:14]
Bloody typical.
at 15:15 11 Jul 2022

I take part in the Paddy Power game, ‘Beat the Drop.’
One of todays questions was, will Hoi An Beach finish in the top 3 in the 3.00 at Ayr?

Anyway, I looked at the field, and noticed there was a horse called ‘Ben Asker’ running.
I thought I’d put a fiver on it to pay homage to our former player. It was 40/1, but I changed my mind at the last minute to save myself said fiver.

It romped home. Led from start to finish.
Advice needed please.
at 20:58 20 Jun 2022

I bought a brand new car from Ford in April 2019 on PCP. The three year deal ran out on May 6th this year.

I was receiving letters from Ford Credit about 3 months before the finish date offering me options for paying the balloon payment, giving the car back or get a new car.
I decided to get a new car, but I was told that it wouldn’t be ready at the end of the 3 years, and it would probably be October this year.

In March this year, I went to Ford in Cowley (where I got the car from) to sort everything out. I agreed what car I’d be getting when it was ready.
They said I’d need to refinance the car I’ve got for another 6 months though.
I signed the paperwork on it, and all was good.

Anyway, I started getting letters from Ford Credit when May 6th came telling me the balance payment was due.
I phoned them and said I’d refinanced the car for another 6 months while waiting for a new car.
Over the last 6 weeks, I’ve received another few letters saying that the outstanding payment is due. I’ve also received phone calls.
I spoke to a lovely girl from Ford Credit last Thursday, and I explained what was going on.
She was very apologetic, and assured me that she’d put a note on my file to not be contacted again regarding the payment.

On Saturday, I received a threatening letter from Ford Credit saying that the payment is due, and I’ve now been put on a credit list, and that bailiffs could visit my house.

I then received another phone call this morning being reminded of the outstanding payment.

I totally lost it with them. I told them that they can fúck their new car, and that I’d pay up in full.
I contacted Ford in Cowley and vented my anger on them as well. I told them to stuff their new car, and said I wanted the £1k I’d put down as a deposit.

I’ve been put on a credit black list through no fault of my own.
All the calls I’ve had from them, or to them have been recorded from their end.

I’m asking you good people what recourse I have to get this credit black list thing sorted.

They’ve both caused me massive anxiety and probably high blood pressure with their shenanigans.

Would I be entitled to go for compensation for all the shīt they’ve caused?
Thoughts on this.
at 12:34 6 Jun 2022

Rory Jennings hits the nail firmly on the head here.

Who’ll be Sky’s darlings next year?
at 18:04 22 May 2022

So, no Sky Sports Everton, or Sky Sports Leeds.
Sheffield Utd v Nottingham Forest
at 15:22 14 May 2022

Only 20 minutes in, but end to end.

Forest 1up.
Oh well, that’s that then.
at 16:57 23 Apr 2022

Championship football next season.

What a disappointing outcome to an otherwise great season.
Middlesbrough & QPR.
at 14:06 18 Apr 2022

I remember some of the comments after the game on the match thread from our 2-2 draw at home to Middlesbrough.

Things like we definitely want to avoid them in the playoffs. Looks like neither team will even be in them.
Plucky Bournemouth
at 16:51 15 Apr 2022

They’re second in the league, and look very likely to finish second, thus go up automatically.

But for me, they’d be the most undeserving team to ever go up automatically if they succeed. They have points on the board, but a tough run-in on paper.

How many times have they had Bournemouth’s own, Keith Stroud, refereeing them?
Twice vs us, and two very fortunate wins for starters.

I hope they fail.
Sean Dyche sacked.
at 10:42 15 Apr 2022

That’s what I’ve just been told.

Weird if true.
at 12:18 8 Apr 2022

Do we need VAR in the Championship?

I’ve been against having it in the Championship, but the bad decisions we keep having against us is turning me in favour.

The incompetence of the officiating in this league is scandalous.
Question regarding loanees.
at 14:41 7 Apr 2022

I was having a discussion with another QPR fan last night at work about our loanees.

He said they were purely down to the DOF, Les Ferdinand, while I said it was down to Mark Warburton. My argument was if they wasn’t MWs choice, why would he play them regularly?

Is anybody in the know?
Ex Prem referee, Jeff Winter on a podcast.
at 14:36 26 Mar 2022

This is a Middlesbrough fans podcast featuring Jeff Winter. It’s a great listen.
He says an interesting thing about geographical appointments for officials from 33.15.
How we ended up with Lee Mason at Old Trafford in the 2011/12 is a mystery.

Alternative commentary vs Luton. 😂😂
at 00:05 14 Mar 2022

No subject
at 17:06 5 Mar 2022

[Post edited 5 Mar 17:06]
Frankly, we got what we deserved today.
at 17:02 5 Mar 2022

Pussyfooting about when 1-0 up.
Reality check.
at 21:52 28 Feb 2022

As bad as things have gone in February, we’re still in the play offs.

We could be West Brom. They’ve fallen off a cliff big time. We’re 10 points clear of them, and they’ve lost at home tonight vs Swansea, and are currently 13th with a Premier League budget.

QPR have given us a great season so far. Yes, we’ve punched well above our weight with one of the lowest budgets in the division, but we have to expect blips along the way.
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