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at 13:52 13 Mar 2022

Good manager.
We are xxxking jumping around the room here.
Please ,please please higher-ups keep him and give him bit of cash
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Warburton took one for the lads today
at 13:38 27 Feb 2022

This team was always a 2-3 year project based on getting a team ready for the premiership.Manager ,Les and Hoos know that.Wiser fans know that .We have effectively had no forwards now and that is our weakness .Everyone knows this.Austin was a gamble worth taking - and I for one cannot criticise Charlie.No news on Dykes.Gray has been hit and miss.
We need to buy young with potential and that takes careful judgement and time.
Unfortunately it is wiser to have another two/three years in this division.
We need to keep this in mind when the knee-jerks keep posting.
Warburton and team can take criticism but it needs to be realistic
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Here goes...
at 18:53 20 Feb 2022

Yesterday was an OK performance.

If they had not scored we would have won.

Ok first half was average, gut i was impressed with our second half performance and we could have easily won the game.Trouble is we are all used to winning these types of games recently.Some of the work around the box was technically brilliant.

Tactically the main issue is that Hull risked a high line which compressed all the space as Charlie isn't the quickest any more.Game became compressed into the middle third where if they worked hard they could limit our players time and space on the ball.Ilias tried running beyond but got caught off-side either due to an ill-timed run or generally Barbet taking too long.

Know for most fans it was a game where the ball at crucial moments did not fall for us and we are ok with the performance.

So please can the angry minority not get at the players you know it does not help.
at 17:07 16 Feb 2022

You heard the man.Lets all calm down,

Concentrate on the basics required from each player.Work hard, concentrate,win your first contact, win second balls, decent final pass or cross,

Fans: help the lads with encouragement.That is the best you can do.the alternative is to undermine.

This manager so impresses me.
at 12:38 30 Jan 2022

That was Taarabt standard play.

I watched the 75-76 side ,Stan and Gerry,Curry ,early 90's side with Les but in terms if individual skill Taarabt the best I have seen step foot on that special pitch.

Yesterday ,kept thinking that is like Taarabt,that is like Taarabt.

And it was
Any way to watch via dodgy streams
at 19:51 25 Jan 2022

Or is that illegal?
at 18:23 16 Jan 2022

Convinced myself rangers were over-achieving and expected to lose yesterday.But with an almost full-team ,without injuries we have a good chance of the play-offs.Apart from Fulham it is clear the Championship lacks potential 'competitive premier league standard clubs.So even with our faults we are ,in my opinion competitive.Bournemouth ,Fulham,West Brom,and now Forest all can spend millions but somehow Warburton has found a way.The fans are proud of this team and it costs nothing.
Looking dispassionately we lack a top top striker.Dykes is still learning really and his style of forward is a dieing breed.Opposition teams do not fear our team for pace.Ourleft and right backs (both superb yesterday) will not be playing in three years time in the premiership.So clearly we are one/two years away from having a potential top league side.Stefan cannot play many more seasons.
Is this defence good enough?

They could go up.Its scary but not beyond the bounds of possibility.Remember that other 89th minute goal

Instinct says keep this side ,use the year as an education, buy young with potential ,keep the money

Older wiser heads in the fan base need to argue the case......

I am interested in what people think

at 16:11 2 Jan 2022

Absolutely fantastic.
Can someone confirm to me who he looks like?
Or have I missed something?
Phew bit of luck at last
at 21:53 30 Dec 2021

Doubtful penalty and stupidity from BC midfielder.I felt the old heads won it tonight.OK Dunne was great again ,but Dickie ,Willock,Field,Dykes all look like a mistake waiting to happen or being off the pace.Amos was good
Johansen won that game +plus nod to Barbet and Albert and Wallace.

3 points all we could ask for

Referreeing in the country is shite,but still given the home game earlier this season v Bristol I have no sympathy for the home fans
at 14:02 28 Dec 2021

Harsh second yellow.He should know there was no criticism of him from any fans in the pub, and we all think he is getting better.He has the ideal mentor in Johansen,do what he does and Stefan is in trouble.Big improvement in affecting game in last 3 months.Big thumbs up.

Also impressed with the defence-that was top notch yesterday.All good performances ,we know about dickie,but Dunne was something else yesterday.

Barbet passing out of defence is premiership standard

Generally I hope the team are enjoying it because the fans are
Massive Result
at 21:43 24 Nov 2021

So impressive-Huddersfield are good
at 22:00 3 Nov 2021

Well done.I hope you enjoyed that because I did.
Willock plus a few questions
at 21:51 3 Nov 2021

Good win, nice to see us becoming difficult to beat again although Cardiff are not great.Dickie impresses (again)

Willock Not even in squad.Anybody know anything?

Also The tall WestBrom lad Field? Any news.

Dozzell has improved hasn't he?
at 20:02 31 Oct 2021

A short paragraph of encouragement to Warburton and the boys.
The team is developing and the issues the team has are obvious in attack and midfield and even defence.The team can be pressed as we have no startling pace up-front.Our midfield apart from Stefan is of limited experience and needs time.With a high line we can be caught out in transition on the break.Then there is luck and there is referees.

We haven't had any luck at key moments in the last few weeks.

As fans we must all expect occassional weeks like this.Rangers have to take bets on potential with limited money.All we can do is have patience and support the team as it is important they do not lose heart.Showing our support can help them.

They are all showing signs of development audit is a long season and you never know what can be achieved.I am still hopeful as this team has goals in it and that in the end will count andd that comes from the manager who deserves our respect
Goals against.
at 19:48 18 Oct 2021

Either this defence is not very good or the formation is wrong.Simply too many goals conceded now.
I am beginning to question Dieng which I think is unfair,Is he being asked to make too many saves?
Warburton and coaches have to come up with an answer.
Tip: we would take a couple of clean sheets now please and the fans would be happy
Austin was worth a try and did not work, same with Johansen .My instinct on balance we should go with youthful potential.
Then at least they can learn from it.Start looking for a loan midfielder if you want play-offs as well as Field

Still great progress has been made and we should expect ups and downs.But But This defence is not working.

Any team seeking promotion should prioritise their defence .All evidence points to the defence being the key for teams who cannot spend big-the reverse of what we are doing.
Well done Lydon Dykes
at 16:58 2 Oct 2021

This team is so stressful to watch.But well done boys Well done
I love this team
at 22:02 21 Sep 2021

Unfu*****g believable
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