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Incident Outside the Ground today
at 21:11 30 Jul 2022

Not sure what happened but in the main road outside Ewood Park after full time there appeared to be a coming together of fans outside a chippy and someone ended up unconscious in the road between two cars. Road was then closed off while an ambulance attended the scene.
Anyone see that?
Hottest Football Match you've been to?
at 15:46 11 Jul 2022

Plenty of stories about the coldest and the wettest over the years but what's one you've been to either in the UK or abroad where you felt genuinely like you were going to pass out and wondered how the players found in possible to run around?

Mine - Birmingham City at home, opening game of the season 2000/01. So hot, some poor kid rejected his lunch the row in-front of us on the lower loft. The stench, oh God the stench. There was no escaping it. The match was terrible too.

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Beale on Talkshite @11:15 approx
at 10:17 23 Jun 2022

Talking to Simon Jordan and Jim White.
Warbs guest on TalkSport
at 11:44 19 May 2022

Getting a bit of a grilling from Simon Jordan this morning. Very good.

I don't know if it can be dowloaded via their website later but this is very a insightful mornings discussion.
The Tarq's
at 18:47 2 May 2022

Systematically dismantling Luton's goal difference for the final playoff spot; midly amusing. They are getting a taster of what life in the Prem may well look like for them next season if they managed to do it. Mitrović just broken the record for most goals scored in the Championship with 42 and counting. That is ridiculous.
A New Scam
at 10:26 1 Apr 2022

Thought I'd bring this up in it's own thread as its happening right now.

This £150 energy rebate payments the council will be paying out to Council Tax payers in bands A to D

There is a scam going on right now where people are cold calling pretending to be from respective councils asking for bank details so they can pay the rebate.

Council's are not cold calling residents.

Tell your friends/family if you think they're vulnerable to scammers
Gareth Bale
at 21:00 24 Mar 2022

Turned up tonight hasn't he?
My word
Errea 51
at 20:51 11 Mar 2022

My wife just purchased me two items for the club shop for my b'day which I gratefully received today. Got the away black and gold walkout jacket and the black and gold Polo shirt which had a discount offer last week. Quite surprised at the terrible quality tbh. On the jacket the seams are noticeably miss stiched in places where the inner lining is poking through to the outside, and the lettering on the back hasn't been pressed on properly so its peeling off. £50 notes that! Looks like a poor mans counterfeit.

As for the Polo shirt, whatever size you are, buy 2 up from there -Mouses waistecoat. What a load of disappointing plop.
Around the Grounds
at 21:37 8 Mar 2022

Bye bye playoffs. 👋
We royally screwed that up didn't we?
At least Wall are holding Blackburn, Posh trying to beat Bournemouth and Barnsley winning again. We really sparked them back to life.

Sunday is now a bloody huge game. Yikes.
Kurt Zouma
at 08:57 8 Feb 2022

Just watched a video which is allegedly him torturing his cat. I have a cat and I love animals and I have to say watching that made me feel sick. What the actual f*ck possess someone to do that to a defenceless animal?

I think he could be in big trub and rightly so.
at 10:22 8 Jan 2022

Apparently their stadium falls over the English/Welsh border as in the pitch is in Wales whilst a vast swath of the stadium including car park adjacent is in England. The Welsh government have called the police to stop the match being played in front of no more then 50 spectators and have advised Chester they could setup a large screen in the car park on the English side of the border, where the match can be shown to a few thousand spectators who can watch a match that's being played out literally yards away from them.

This is not a comedy sketch, its actually happening.
[Post edited 8 Jan 10:24]
World Cup Playoffs Draw
at 16:45 26 Nov 2021

Final draw

Wales or Austria v Scotland or Ukraine

Russia v Poland v Sweden or Czech Republic

Portugal or Turkey v Italy or North Macedonia

Tasty - this means either Italy or Portugal will not qualify for the World Cup. Italy will be the away team too. Unthinkiable that they they could miss out on two consecutive World Cups.

Potentially Wales v Scotland will face off in Cardiff for a place which will be huge. I bet they both flunk out in their semis though.
The Rugger Eng v RSA
at 18:58 20 Nov 2021

Watched that this afternoon. England were class at times but also a bit fortunate. South Africa are the best in the world at discipline and playing the penalties but on this occasion just as they were turning the screw, lost their discipline in the dying embers and it cost them the match. Eddie Jones has really freshened up this England team and it looks all the better for it. Interesting 6 Nations next year.

On to NZ v France now for the No1 spot. Amazon's coverage has been brilliant I reckon.
Football Shirt Friday Tomorrow
at 09:50 18 Nov 2021

You can wear your favourite QPR shirt all day tomorrow before heading to watch the match if you like.

Lost a good friend and colleague last year to this absolute pig of a disease. He was only 39 and I think about him everyday.

Wear your shirt, post on Social media and make a donation or just make a donation.
Gavin Peacock on Radio This Morning
at 09:21 6 Nov 2021

Nice to hear from him after all these years. Quite some interesting stories although I only caught the last 20 minutes.

He was discussing his time at QPR with Trevor Sinclair. Interesting how many different perspectives you get of that post Premier League relegation period. He reckoned when he and Spencer arrived they were pretty sure they'd go up but the loss of Sinclair to West Ham was a big part of the reason why that didn't happen. I'm not so sure, wasn't that the following season and QPR were totally under performing by then anyway?

He was saying that he couldn't believe Trev didn't bring that ball down against Barnsley and tee him up for his second goal and how his first goal in that match was actually one of his best but no one remembers it...

A lot of religious stuff and he's peddling his new book.

[Post edited 6 Nov 2021 9:49]
West Brom Tickets
at 23:29 21 Sep 2021

Anyone received their's yet? Booked mine Thursday morning over the phone with the box office and nothing as yet. Assuming they're being posted as I've had no email or even an email receipt?
The Box Office & Online Ticketing
at 10:41 23 Aug 2021

I'm having major problems with it this season.

I just cannot buy tickets online, their online website will not authenticate any of my payment cards for no reason.

I note the website says this...

"Due to the new PSD2 security regulations and to avoid payment failure, please ensure your account information is correct and your address and contact details match those registered to your card"

I have made sure all my QPR Ticketing account details are up to date (Nothing has changed for 9 years) and yet the problem still persist. This happened when I tried to buy my membership, when I bought Man Utd tickets and today when I'm trying to buy Oxford Utd tickets. I end up calling the box office who take my payment card details over the phone and the transaction goes through no problem.

Today however there is a queue on the box-office line, 11 in the queue, get down to 8 and then its starts ringing before telling me they're busy and to call back later before the line hangs up on me. Really p*ssing me off as I'm trying to do this at work. Thats three of us that won't be going tomorrow not for the want of trying.

Rugby League World Cup
at 10:37 22 Jul 2021

That's f*cked then?
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