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Which is worth more ££££s?
at 18:55 22 Sep 2021

Thinking about the draw for the Carabu Cup... which would make us more money? Getting through to the next round (i.e. a favourable draw) or getting a "big club" and having the gate money? (Noting that unless its one of the ondon clubs the stadium is unlikely to be full full
Bonne to Ipswich on season long loan
at 19:13 26 Jun 2021


How we spent the Eze money
at 10:51 21 Apr 2021

If you look at the players we bought in with the Eze money - we did pretty well didnt we.

I have seen various independent threads regarding individual players, so this is an attempt to bring those together I suppose.

Willock: as he gets more experience he is getting better and better after some decent cameos early on

Dykes: started with a bang, became the boo boy (still dont get that) and is now on fire.

Dickie: potential POTS. nuff said.

Bonne: not set the place alight, but has mostly played form the bench and still scored a few goals which have won us points. needs games IMO

Thomas: been unlucky with injuries, but has produced a few decent cameos. Hopefully he is on the same path as Willock and we will see a player next season.

Kelman: needs games - possible loan out, but we knew that hen we got him

Amos: was lookign good before his injury. Fingers crossed.

so 1 player turned into 7 (unless Ive missed someone): 3 staters (4 if you count Amos before his injury), 2 youngsters with potetnial and one where the jury is still out, but hasnt been total crap.

thats a pretty good return. credit to the scouts and management for that. we are a stronger club with some depth and the ship has been turned IMO.
Harris Sacked
at 16:22 21 Jan 2021


its been a while since we were responsible isnt it. I can recall Bobby Gould, has there been one since?
Is it essential that QPR stay in the Borough of H&F?
at 15:36 11 Nov 2020

Is it essential that QPR stay in the Borough of H&F?

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Lumley to Brum?
at 07:47 29 Aug 2020

Interest shown according to WLS:


Would probably be happy to let him go if the fee were decent. Given the abuse he gets on here probably good for him too!
if you could choose one game to watch on QPR TV
at 08:40 16 Apr 2020

which game would you have them play?

Think I would go for the Oldham semi-final. Great atmosphere and late drama.
Sala transfer - this doesnt eem right
at 14:24 4 Nov 2019


Cardiff's position really sticks in my throat. It seems like a very mucky way to deal with a very sad situation. one assumes they hadn't taken out the insurance policy in time.

But surely this is part of the claim against the plane operators who would have insurance? Afterall the liability lies with them.

take responsibility and stop taking nsnowflakery to the limit (or am I being biased because its Cardiff?)
Trouble heading our way?
at 16:21 5 Aug 2019


One of those abused was McLean. It's not clear and I wasnt there but was that our fans making the sectarian abuse?
M6 closed
at 11:49 3 Aug 2019

Junctions 2 to 3

Maybe too late but just in case anyone was driving to Dtoke you may want to take a different route.
Crouch to Burnley
at 13:30 31 Jan 2019

Thank God he's out of Sjoke... that never sat comfortably with me...
at 08:43 29 Dec 2018

Congrats to Leroy Rosenior on his MBE. A former R doing good stuff in giving racism the red card.

Plus he was the only be who seemed to give a stuff at Wembey in 86
Perm 3 from 6 at the bottom?
at 09:12 24 Oct 2018

There is a 3 point gap between Milwall in 19th and Bolton in 18th.

I appreciate that this is still spectacularly early in the season, but its not looking good for those 6 at the bottom... I am sure at least one of them will dig themsleves out, but tat little gap is in serious danger of becoming a chasm.

From my POV I till look at the ottom of the tbale before the top, so I only just realised we could be in the playoff places if we beat Villa on friday (even if it is only for 18 hours or so)
at 07:48 24 Oct 2018

I think ive come to.the wrong place. There are several positive threads on this message board. Some are even praising the manager. Did I just stumble upon a parallel universe or something?
Ealing Cheese festival
at 08:39 5 Apr 2018

Sunday 22nd April, 11am to 4pm, Dickins Yard

I'm expecting this to be made a sticky given the importance of cheese around here...
You should have stayed!
at 13:30 30 Nov 2017

Ollie's post whistle rant gets turned into a thought piece on the BBC website...

We really are a bunch of whiners
at 07:42 13 Sep 2017

Just came back from 2-0 down yet there are threads slagging off;

The entire midfield

Many many people who post on here need to get a grip...

PPI deadline - question (non QPR)
at 13:40 29 Aug 2017

No I don't work for one of "those" companies... this is an honest question:

I have never knowingly taken out PPI. If I was ever offered it I always turned it down - I have worked for Local authorities most of my life so until recently I was always fairly secure, so never felt like I needed it.

However, that doesn't necessarily mean I didn't accidentally take it or unknowingly have it enforced on me. I sure as hell don't have any paper work on loans or credit cards going back beyond the last few years - as I paid them off I shredded the paperwork as it was not needed anymore (so I thought).

So the question is - is there a definitive way of finding out if I have got a claim going? Or do I have to go through on of "those" companies and subject myself to all that?

thanks in advance

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