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Alternative Angle - V Bristol City
at 00:14 9 Mar 2021


Good stuff!
Extended highlights on the offish
at 09:00 7 Mar 2021


Good. Very good. Looked a bit like we did last season on the ball.

How unlucky is Barbet this season. He's almost scored about half a dozen times!

Let's hope we don't let Wycombe off the hook Tuesday!
Extended highlights on the offish
at 13:18 4 Mar 2021


We weren't great but we weren't dreadful either. Beaten by a better team with an exceptional captain. If either of the early chances goes in it may have been a different game but we are guilty of not being clinical enough.

One big note on the free kick lead up to their second goal. Johansen puts his body across the ball and man to take the ball, which he gets cleanly. That's not a foul. Poor decision that one. Perfectly good tackle.
Should clubs help control player's social media
at 11:57 4 Mar 2021

Yes I know they are all grown ups allegedly but this article is just one of a number about how players being criticised on social media and trolled cripples their confidence.


It's fairly obvious that the Lydon we brought to the club is not the Lyndon who's playing at the moment. He isn't attacking the ball as we know he can and his confidence looks shot. But... it is all about wellbeing and confidence and players in their teens and twenties can be slaughtered by social media to the complete detriment of themselves and their clubs, with keyboard warriors simply destroying an asset.

Should clubs in general be monitoring or actually running social media channels for the players so that they aren't exposed to this kind of thing. It is obviously affected Lyndon but it is very much a thing that they can be protected from. I know people will say well they are grown up and just don't look at it but these are human beings at the end of the day who are paid as athletes to do a job and they should be protected from keyboard warriors and in many instances themselves on social media.

Old man drops mic and wanders off...
Valérien Ismaël
at 08:52 4 Mar 2021

30 games in charge of Barnsley and they've won 19 of them I think? By far the best side that's come to us and they are fantastically fit and well drilled. Yes we had chances before they scored but every part of their game was better than ours. Not having a go at Warbs or the team, just shown how a team that knows just about every facet of their game can play.

I would say they are our bogey team but I think they are perhaps at the moment the best side in this league?

Full credit to Ismaël - he knows how to get a team working to its strengths and getting the most out of the players he has.
Extended highlights on the offish
at 14:13 28 Feb 2021


We were so comfortable. Really were the masters of our own downfall apart from the equaliser. Kane is absolutely pushed to the floor which leads to a throw in to them that leads to that goal. Poor decision that.

The winner, well, Freeman used to score goals like that for us to be honest.

Of course the Johansen miss would have probably sealed the game but it happens.

Amazing save by Dieng of course in the first half.

Great goal from Kane's cross to Austin's awareness.

Shame we couldn't finish this game off and they are going to have to be 'on it' against Barnsley, who are properly on fire.

at 15:47 25 Feb 2021

I am sure people will say who cares but noticed he has only had 5 starts this season for Swansea. I know he left under strange contractual or non contractual circumstances but it seems to be that his agent has got him more money for not having much of a career anymore. I wonder why so many players and agents want to leave only to find they don't really play elsewhere.

I liked Manning and thought he was excellent for us.
Extended highlights on the offish
at 08:38 25 Feb 2021


The pass from Dickie to Dykes first half is a worldy.
Tonight's highlights
at 22:32 24 Feb 2021


Solid performance.
Alternative Angle - V Bournemouth
at 18:52 23 Feb 2021

I do like these...

Working now...
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Gavin Peacock's son rising through the martial arts ranks with one hand
at 16:20 22 Feb 2021

Interesting short article


Born without his right forearm and rising through the ranks of martial arts fighting, which is pretty impressive given that handicap.

You can certainly see his dad in his eyes. Praise the Lord as he would say.
Extended highlights on the offish
at 09:21 21 Feb 2021


Well ground out lads. Defence looks much more solid. Dieng's positioning is superb. Midfield looks much more robust and tough. Seem to take most of their chances and the subs are also very strong and stretch tiring defences as well.

Little shout out for Bonne. He'll be annoyed he didn't take one of the 3 chances that came to him but he's invariably in the right place and those will start going in. If he can get more sharpness into his finishing he'll be fine for us over the years and will score goals.

The lad Mepham who gave away the ball for Johansen to score is a lifelong QPR fan. That must be a weird feeling.

Otherwise, we just look much more like a team that's together and fighting for these matches at a level that finally looks comfortable.

Shame the commentator forgot to switch his mic on! Good impression of Robert Brydon's man in a box!
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Todd Kane
at 17:26 20 Feb 2021

He knows where the goal is! He looks so much better in the opposing half. Pleased for him.
Extended highlights on the offish
at 09:21 18 Feb 2021


Yes, confirmed on the extended highlights... We did win it!
Kane and Wallace
at 22:08 17 Feb 2021

Credit to them both. That cross field pass from Kane was just wondeful and Wallace's control and pull back was just as good. Charlie's movement to make the pull back his was expert. It may have been deflected but it was a hell of a goal.
Extended highlights on the offish
at 11:46 7 Feb 2021


You can tell it isn't the greatest game when the the Sir Tom clapping is almost a minute of it. And the 275 replays of the world's scruffiest goal.

We defended very well. Armstrong is a very good player for them. Would love to see him here. Causes so much trouble.

Dieng and the defence are starting to really work for each other.

Dieng is like a cat. He seems to be able to make saves at a horizontal height with the cross bar at times. He has the leap of Paul Parker in goalkeeper form. Never looks flustered. Got to hang on to him. You almost build a team around how excellent this keeper is.

On a more comical note wishing the Blackburn player who Austin pushed in the chest early on in the game all the best with the horrific facial injury he received in the process. Obviously referred pain from being pushed in the chest. A yellow for Austin but at least the ref was sensible. Bafta for the Blackburn player.
[Post edited 7 Feb 11:46]
Chris Kiwomya's bicycle kick
at 13:23 3 Feb 2021

Not quite on the same level as Sinclair's but had forgotten what a great goal this was in 1999.

What... A... Goal...

25 in 86 wasn't a shabby return from him.
Alternative view highlights
at 20:35 2 Feb 2021

Nice package this. Really lovely to see Albert's actual celebration into the camera at the end.

Last night's highlights with an absolute genius comedy voice over
at 14:16 2 Feb 2021

On facebook earlier. An absolute laugh out loud treat.

Working now!
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