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at 23:18 9 Aug 2022

Four days strike action in Aug and Sept. We should really get behind them on this issue.
They are an integral part of all our lives and, I feel, somewhat taken for granted.
Give them a good pay rise to show how much we appreciate them.
Best EVER thing on TV
at 21:26 3 Aug 2022

Moving on from the Uhuru thread - and I've had a few pints - what d'you think is the best thing ever on TV.
I'd go for Star Trek, Monocled Mutineer and Smiley's People. Edit, and Tinker, tailor, Soldier Spy.
[Post edited 3 Aug 21:39]
Hammersmith Residents……
at 18:44 25 Jul 2022

The much criticised and derided Hammersmith Broadway traffic scheme is finally finished.
As a motorist, cyclist and pedestrian, I think the outcome is positive. Obviously better and safer for cyclists and better lane discipline for motors.
The downside is queues on Hammersmith Bridge Rd and King St.
Just sort out the Linford Christie Stadium, and I'll vote for 'em !
at 21:41 23 Jul 2022

Never rated 'im meself, you can stick it up your Corialanus.
Elf an' Safety……
at 18:50 15 Jul 2022

With forecasts of high temps in the region of 40C+ on Monday, I wonder if temps are that high when we play our first home game - would the game go ahead ? I realise games go ahead in some countries, but we're in unknown territory here. Apart from the players, I have no cover where I sit, and I doubt if I'd be there, I'm a winter person.
It aint 'arf 'ot mum.
at 14:55 11 Jul 2022

People are being advised to drink plenty of fluids. I'm off to the pub then.
New Hammersmith & Fulham mayor
at 19:39 27 May 2022

Hope we stay in the borough
Another RIP
at 22:40 26 May 2022

Yes drummer Alan White. Not very many folks' cup of tea on this forum, but quite a few RIPs today.
New Music 1742
at 15:08 18 May 2022

They say Mozart has almost completed his Great Mass in C, and a mate said he'd heard Bach's Brandenburg Concertos and he said they were bangin'
Well, it's the close season.
It's barton
at 19:13 13 May 2022

Is an anagram of Tan Bistro.
Friday the 13th…..
at 22:41 8 May 2022

… week. Hope they announce the new manager before then.
Not that I'm superstitious of course.
A Whiff Of The Hustings
at 20:39 5 May 2022

Local Election day in the leafy borough of Hammersmith & F, home of leading football club QPR and two others.
Amazingly here at Chateau Despair we've not had a single thing from the encumbent Labour Party, no canvassers not even a single leaflet.
Are they hoping for a shoo-in because of the Boris effect ?
Anyone had any experiences ?
Season Tickets
at 19:01 23 Apr 2022

Surely details will be released this week. I think normally the loyalty window closes on the last day of April so not a lot of time left.
I imagine the club's running costs must be rising steeply so not a good time to announce an increase with supporters very disgruntled.
Full Page Report
at 09:28 19 Apr 2022

Full page report in the Times this morning on Derby's match yesterday.
Not quite sure who they were playing though, but a chap called Amos scored near the end.
Letter to EFL re Sky
at 19:00 11 Apr 2022

I wrote to the EFL complaining about Sky's monopoly over our fixture list.
Well, at least they replied expeditiously. Whilst they monitor the frequency of certain teams' scheduling, Sky have complete control and take into account form, attendances, the profile of games etc.
Just waffle really. They reminded me that games can also be postponed for reasons such as weather…..!
Wow, I didn't know that guv.
No sympathy offered re the way Sky's scheduling has caused us so many problems. I suppose I didn't really expect anything else.

Walter Wednesday Gregorian Chant Thread
at 18:10 30 Mar 2022

Well, all other sorts of music seem to have their own thread.

I'm not really up on modern music. I quite liked that Jamaican chap though, what was it, Jacob Marley.
Hatters Match Thread
at 23:18 12 Mar 2022

Says in John le Mesurier voice “would you chaps mind awfully if I start a matchthread for the first time ? “
2-0 to us.
[Post edited 12 Mar 23:26]
Dodgy rhyming couplets….
at 11:32 22 Feb 2022

… popular music. My favourite is Jonathon Richman:

“Some people walk down the street and get called an asshole,
this never happened to Pablo Picasso”
Hello Eunice
at 19:31 17 Feb 2022

Looks like it'll be a bit breezy tomorrow.
God, I hope it blows itself out by Saturday, the loss of another Saturday match would be hard to take.
Cressida Dick
at 22:09 10 Feb 2022

Standing down. My barber said he thought it was a medieval disease.
[Post edited 10 Feb 22:19]
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