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gleeful post-match listening
at 20:08 15 Jan 2022

...........with a beer and a smile

friday music thread no. 2
at 18:27 19 Mar 2021

Now you'll have to listen, Brian!

players with genitalia in their names
at 00:05 19 Apr 2020

Tamas foreskin
axel Proudholey
Mickey Flangeagan
Armet Tchakante
man utd fans at tranmere
at 18:32 26 Jan 2020

singing about the lack of investment in their playing staff.

while at tranmere.

giles phillips
at 18:31 22 Jul 2019

...........joins Wycombe on a season long loan.

Might be the place to go to watch players we actually own.
SNP and the climate emergency
at 06:24 29 Apr 2019

Now, i believe that there is a climate emergency, although one rather wishes that the people who would lead us could have come to that conclusion themselves.

However, my wife made a valid point. If the SNP pushes forward and manages to hold and win a second independence referendum, can we assume that they won't be backing their economy on the extraction and sale of north sea oil?

vardy and cahill
at 19:01 28 Aug 2018

have both given up international football to concentrate on club football. Meanwhile loftus-cheek appears to have given up club football in order to concentrate on international football
Andy Murray - Scottish or British
at 18:26 4 Jul 2018

The debate ends.

Major international tournament.

He's not in it.

Definite Jock...............
Conifa update..............
at 07:28 9 Jun 2018

Well, for those of you remotely interested, there is now a schism in the conifa family..............

Ellan Vannin were knocked out on the final day of the group stages by a 'surprising' 8 goal swing, which included them losing 2 - 0 to barawa.

Turns out barawa's star on the day, made 1 scored 1, is a full Libyan international and was a very late call-up, so late that he shouldn't be playing in the competition.

on finding this out, the IOM lodged an appeal, as you would, conifa turned it down on spurious grounds and our lot stormed off, taking their ball with them and refusing to play their best of the worst match.

conifa have now booted the IOM out of their confederation. Splitters!

I imagine the numbers can be made up by mother Russia annexing another area of someone else's country and entering them, alongside Donetsk and south ossetia
Kieran Tierney
at 16:22 5 Jun 2018

Hey Karl, interesting to think that if Tierney had chosen his native Isle of Man over Scotland, he would have got to represent his country in a world cup this summer................
every everything today
at 18:46 24 Feb 2018

cos i'm

but i'll

(just remembered i've got a tat of that 3rd image from when i thought it would make a difference, but.............

[Post edited 24 Feb 2018 18:52]
Save yourself tax £££££££££££££££
at 22:39 6 Nov 2017

Hi fellow R'sss fans!

Fed up with paying tax on your hard earned wages?

Send all your money to GusIOM and I'll lend it back to you, tax free!

Mr Sheen and Pomanjou - need a luxury jet for 'business'? Buy it through GusIOMaviationscam and avoid that pesky VAT!

GusIOM financial services - you know it makes sense.
RIP Grant Hart
at 23:00 14 Sep 2017

ahhhh, shit

still remember when I first heard Husker du, sitting in my bedroom listening to John Peel.

gave me some of the songs that have been a sound track, and emotional crutch, in my life.

Cheers Grant.

'kin love this song

[Post edited 14 Sep 2017 23:13]
Karl and Fred
at 23:34 30 Apr 2017

Please report to the headmaster's office after school
[Post edited 30 Apr 2017 23:57]
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