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at 13:57 17 May 2022

Does anybody know where Gazza has disappeared to?

I often disagreed with him, but I always welcomed his knowledge of football & was in awe of his stubbornness! I would love to know what he made of the end of the season & our involvement in the managerial merry-go-round.
Sam Field
at 09:55 19 Apr 2022

I might be wrong, but wasn't that Field's 14th caution yesterday? I think that one more from the remaining three games would give him a three match suspension.

As I can't see anyway that we will finish in the top six (even if we won all three games) & that Sam can avoid a caution, I would argue that we should replace him with Dom Ball for the rest of the season.

I want him to be available for the opening game of next season rather than sitting on the naughty step!
They came through the ranks
at 09:57 1 Apr 2022

After my posting on the Dave Clements thread, I started to think about what would have been our best side that graduated from our youth.

I'm sure that age would have a lot to do with any selection, but here are my picks.

Peter Hucker

Dave Clement
Alan Mcdonald
Frank Sibley
Ian Gillard

Martyn Busby
Gary Waddock
Gerry Francis
Wayne Fereday

Clive Allen
Paul Goddard

Sub Mick Leach

I'm sure the side would be unbalanced but it would more than hold it's place in the Premier League!

I didn't see Ron Springett in his first spell with us & so I didn't consider him, but I've had to leave out players of the calibre of Hunt, the Morgans, Neal, Dawes & Langley.
at 09:39 31 Mar 2022

It's snowing in Ipswich this morning. I hope that Grotty (Greater Anglia) are fully prepared for this & it doesn't delay my arrival time at the pub on Saturday!

They are bloody big flakes as well!

Two upfront
at 15:02 6 Feb 2022

Perhaps I should have put this on the Austin thread, but why does MW keep reverting to playing two upfront whenever he has a chance to? I can only assume that this has been his preference throughout his career & that he doesn't understand why it's not working for us.

We have repeatedly shown that we are more balanced & play better as a team when we have the one. I accept that this usually means that the striker is supported by Chair & Willock (not possible since the end of November) , but I can't recall us once looking ok with a pair this season. (apart from in the last few minutes of games). Last season it appeared that Austin & Dykes can compliment each other, so why is that no longer the case?

Please Mark, just the one on Wednesday please.
at 22:39 29 Jan 2022

Many things impressed me today, but our committment really stood out. Our players would not give up their clean sheet at a cheap price.

With only one minute left of the time added on, we lost the ball. The midfield & defence quickly got back into position & Austin positioned himself as another barrier to Reading. That left only Dykes AWOL. Wrong! He is sprinting back to make a challenge.

Every player once again gave their all. Superb!

It was pleasing to see Walsh joining in the lap of honour at the end of the match as well.
Jack Thompson
at 19:58 14 Jan 2022

Sky are stating that we have signed Jack Thompson from Rangers FC after he has had a sucessful trial with us.

They say that he is an 18 year old midfielder.
Returning loanees
at 22:03 31 Dec 2021

I assume that from tomorrow Kelman & Bettache will be available to play in league matches for us?

I appreciate that they wouldn't have been in the first team bubble, but surely they can now join that.
Rob Dickie today
at 21:18 2 Oct 2021

I've received a message stating that a Preston supporting newspaper is saying that Rob stamped on one of their players & that this will be looked at by the FA. I'm assuming this was on the half way line & a free kick was given against him.

Did anyone at the game, or those watching the club stream see anything?
Clive meeting with Lee Hoos
at 13:36 31 Aug 2021

"Tbf they always sit down with me when I ask and I have got a date pencilled in with LH next week so I’ll start a thread asking for your points to raise once we get this game out the way."

Clive, as well as all the problems that you highlighted in the Coventy match preview, could you please ask him why tickets for away matches are not on sale earlier?

It is rare that this affects myself, but it is less than two weeks to the Reading game & still not a dickie bird on the club site. Hopefully, this will have quickened up by the time we reach Octoberas I'm interested in both Fulham & Peterborough!
at 19:57 17 Aug 2021

Maybe I under estimated the ability of Fulham this season! Following on from their five goals at Huddersfield, they have scored twice in the opening ten minutes at Millwall.

We will do very well to overtake them tomorrow!
The referee yesterday
at 18:08 8 Aug 2021

Overall, I thought he was quite good, but IMO he made one massive mistake. I expect the refereeing community won't agree & would say that the accessors demoted his mark if he had done as the laws state. Or did do when I twice passed the exam!

After scoring, all of the Millwall team crossed the halfway line to celebrate & the referee then stopped us from kicking off. As there were none of their players in our half of the pitch, we were fully entitled to restart the game. Another pet hate of mine is delaying the game to allow a player to change or put his boot back on! Yes, players have to wear boots, but they can leave the pitch to carry this out.

A comparable poinbt is waiting for a side to get all of their players back on ther pitch for the second half. If they are late returning (this is normally Rangers) he should restart the match & allow the missing players back on when the ball is dead.

On the allowing the kick off when the other team are celebrating, I rememvber that we suffered from this at Ipswich in the Lague Cup in 1983. We equallised with about two minutes left, celebrated in our own half & they correctly kicked off with eleven against four. We lost 2-1!
Fulham & Parker
at 10:19 23 Jun 2021

Does anybody know what the current situation is? Surely Parker or the DOF must be making decisions regarding next season. Appointing a new manager may take a reasonable while to complete if SP leaves.

My questions are my interpretation of the stand off, but is any a possibility:-

1) Fulham won't dismiss Parker as they don't want to pay compensation?

2) Parker won't resign as he would like compensation?

3) Bournemouth won't approach Fulham as they don't want to pay compensation?

4) If Parker was to resign, would Bournemouth have to pay compensation if they appointed Parker during the time that his contract was active at Fulham (not joining a rival company)?

5) How long will Bournemouth allow the situation to drift before looking elsewhere?

I wouldn't care less about this apart from wanting SJ to join us!
Sheffield United
at 18:21 27 May 2021

For those of you with better knowledge than myself please. What is the view on The Blades appointing Slavisa Jokanovic as their manager/head coach?

I think Konk was a huge fan of his at Fulham, but is he likely to overcome the hangover of relegation in time for August? He certainly seems a better bet to me than the usual suspects that the media put forward.
Tonight's matches
at 20:52 9 Dec 2020

I'm in shock. I've just seen that Preston are winning at home! 3-0 against Neil Warnock's men.

To make it even more unlikely, Brum have also scored twice to lead 2-0 at Reading.

Meanwhile, Sky have picked another magnificence 0-0 to inflict upon the nation.*

*I've not seen any of it, so it may not be as bad as our first half yesrterday.
Ignore button
at 17:00 7 Dec 2020

I'm sure i should know, but can somebody please tell me how to put some posters on ignore?

I've reached the conclusion that it is either this or goodbye to message boards. I don't expect for a minute think that I would be missed, but I would certainly miss being able to communicate with the majority of this board.
Today in The Championship
at 17:09 28 Nov 2020

What a joy that must have been for anybody watching a stream of Sheffield Wednesday against Stoke!

I'm sure Mr. pullis will be delighted with his team gaining a heroic point in a goalless draw & keeping Stoke to one effort on target (in the 95th minute).

If that game didn't take your fancy, you can celebrate Mr. Rooney gaining his first point & goal as manager of Derby. According to Sky he was in sole control today & that was obviously the difference to their not losing!

I don't know who Forest are playing this weekend (I know it will be mentioned in Clive's match preview), but hopefully they can give us the same excitement as Derby & Wednesday have!

25 man squad
at 10:03 8 Oct 2020

I've just seen a post from ricky on qprreport that states that this season all EFL clubs have to name a squad of players as has happened in the Premier for a longish time.

I was not aware of this & suspect that many of you won't be either.

Below is a copy of the regulations that ricky posted:-

43.9 Squad Lists

43.9.1 Clubs shall be permitted to name up to a maximum number of Players in their Squad

List based on the following provisions:

(a) in respect of Championship Clubs, 25 Players of which a minimum of 8 must be a Home Grown Player;

(b) in respect of League One and Two Clubs:

(i) in Season 2020/21, 22 Players of which a minimum of 8 must be a Home Grown Player; and

(ii) in Season 2021/22 and each subsequent Season, 20 Players of which a minimum of 8 must be a Home Grown Player.

The limit set out in Regulation 43.9.1(b)(ii) increases to 22 for any Club relegated into League One, for its first Season following relegation.

43.9.2 The following Players do not need to be included in the Squad List to be eligible to play in League Matches:

(a) in respect of Championship Clubs, any Under 21 Player (save for any Under 21 Player who is registered with the Club on a Temporary Loan Transfer); and

(b) in respect of League One Clubs and League Two Clubs, any Under 21 Players.


Under 21 Players who are on Loan to Championship Clubs are counted towards the 25 Player limit for the purpose of the Squad List Regulation.

43.9.3 Each Club shall submit its Squad List to The League:

(a) within 24 hours of the conclusion of the Summer Transfer Window; or

(b) such other date and time as may be notified by the Board
Stevenage Town
at 19:53 11 Aug 2020

Stevenage are back in the EFL!

The EFL appeal into whether the Macclesfield point deduction should apply to this season has been upheld & has resulted in them replacing Stevenage in the National League.

This does beg the questions of why can multiple hearings on Macclesfield take place in such quick time whilst the Wednesday hearing took ages & the Derby hearing is taking forever? Also, why did the EFL appeal this decision but not that the Wednesday deduction is held over?
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