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25 man squad
at 10:03 8 Oct 2020

I've just seen a post from ricky on qprreport that states that this season all EFL clubs have to name a squad of players as has happened in the Premier for a longish time.

I was not aware of this & suspect that many of you won't be either.

Below is a copy of the regulations that ricky posted:-

43.9 Squad Lists

43.9.1 Clubs shall be permitted to name up to a maximum number of Players in their Squad

List based on the following provisions:

(a) in respect of Championship Clubs, 25 Players of which a minimum of 8 must be a Home Grown Player;

(b) in respect of League One and Two Clubs:

(i) in Season 2020/21, 22 Players of which a minimum of 8 must be a Home Grown Player; and

(ii) in Season 2021/22 and each subsequent Season, 20 Players of which a minimum of 8 must be a Home Grown Player.

The limit set out in Regulation 43.9.1(b)(ii) increases to 22 for any Club relegated into League One, for its first Season following relegation.

43.9.2 The following Players do not need to be included in the Squad List to be eligible to play in League Matches:

(a) in respect of Championship Clubs, any Under 21 Player (save for any Under 21 Player who is registered with the Club on a Temporary Loan Transfer); and

(b) in respect of League One Clubs and League Two Clubs, any Under 21 Players.


Under 21 Players who are on Loan to Championship Clubs are counted towards the 25 Player limit for the purpose of the Squad List Regulation.

43.9.3 Each Club shall submit its Squad List to The League:

(a) within 24 hours of the conclusion of the Summer Transfer Window; or

(b) such other date and time as may be notified by the Board
Stevenage Town
at 19:53 11 Aug 2020

Stevenage are back in the EFL!

The EFL appeal into whether the Macclesfield point deduction should apply to this season has been upheld & has resulted in them replacing Stevenage in the National League.

This does beg the questions of why can multiple hearings on Macclesfield take place in such quick time whilst the Wednesday hearing took ages & the Derby hearing is taking forever? Also, why did the EFL appeal this decision but not that the Wednesday deduction is held over?
at 09:35 15 Jul 2020

I know that we have conceded 10 penalties this season & Clive has stated it is 20 since the start of last season. Some of these were rediculous decisions, but most have been for unnecessary "challenges".

Barbet has given away 3 this season & Manning can't be far behind him. Bidwell was also a serial offender. All three play/ed on our left hand side. Why, do we get caught out there?
Sheffield Wednesday hearing
at 20:27 24 Jun 2020

I'm told that the EFL hearing for Sheffield Wednesday is this week & that they are being represented by Nick de Marco. It is rumoured that he is also in charge of the Derby defence.

They obviously didn't agree with the view of some of our supporters that "this man is useless & got us the worst deal of all time"!
at 13:49 13 Jun 2020

I have seen a tweet posted on the non-league forum that Wealdstone & Kings Lynn have been promoted to the National League.

Can any of the many Wealdstone fans on this site confirm this?

I certainly hope this is the case even though I'm still pissed off that PPG is not being used for promotion from Step 3!
Home to Barnsley
at 10:25 8 Jun 2020

Time to start the speculation! Cameron is suspended, so he is definitely out, but what is the situation with our loanees & those going out of contract?

I ASSUME that West Ham & Tottenham would have needed to extend the loan period for Hugill, Amos & Clarke to remain at Rangers. I'm aware two of those are on "season" long loans, but that normally expires in May & extensions have to be applied for if you're in the play offs. I also take it for granted that they are available as the club would surely have reported if they had returned to their parent club.

I have no idea if the players whose contracts end on 30th June have been offered or accepted short term contracts to the end of the season. Or whether the club are in discussions with them regarding new contracts.

Again, I assume that Hall, Rangel & Cameron are around for all the nine games as the club have not announced anything to the contrary!

Does anybody have actual information on these two issues?
Queens Park Hotspur
at 13:47 18 Apr 2020

Following on from the manure & Cottagers played for both clubs thread, I give you some names for this combination:-

Radek Cerny

Kyle Walker
Grant Hall
Terry Fenwick
Clive Wilson

Terry Venables
Ossie Ardiiles (on his pre Rangers ability)
Andy Sinton

Adel Taarabt
Clive Allen
Les Ferdinand

Subs would include Chris Day, Les Allen, Frank Saul but NOT Stephen Caulker!

Allen would obviously come on for Allen as the two don't talk to each other!

I'm sure there are alternatives to Grant Hall, but they are not coming to mind at the present!
[Post edited 18 Apr 13:54]
Rugby League
at 13:49 14 Mar 2020

A few questions for Clive I supose as a RL & Hull fan!

What is the feeling among Hull supporters regarding the sacking of Radford? Who is likely to replace him? Are Wakefield likely to have to make the trip to Canada next weekend? Is Chester in danger of losing his job with Trinity, or is that just some disgruntled Wakefield fans being hopeful?

All/any answers will be greatly appreciated!

at 13:33 28 Feb 2020

Another memory slip! Is it Karl who is the manager of Orkney?

I've just read on a non-league message board that Orkney are playing two league matches on the 14th March. One at home & one away with the kick offs being just 15 minutes apart.

Karl (if you are the man!), how are you going to decide who plays in which game & which one will you attend?

It would be rather special if you managed two wins!
Exciting Friday night Rangers games
at 16:16 11 Oct 2019

Following Antti's Friday post, what is your most memorable Rangers Friday game?

Mine was a 1-0 home defeat to Don Revie's team of choirbors in January 1970.

For all but thirty seconds of the match we outplayed, outhought & outfought the furure Champions fo Europe. This was probably our best performance in that traumatic season & we followed it up with another outstanding display in a 3-2 defeat at Tottenham. Our best two games finashed in two defeats!

The Leeds goal came early on from a cross & the floodlights went to full power as our 'keeper (Mike Kelly?) went to catch the ball! We even had a penalty that Bobby Keetch had saved. To be fair to Keetch, Marsh & the other players refused to take the kick!
FA Cup
at 15:45 9 Aug 2019

This seasons FA Cup starts tonight!

Seven fixtures this evening followed by a million Exrtra Preliminary round games tomorrow/sunday.

Come January, that will be eight rounds we have survived!
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