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Helsinki Holiday Advice
at 14:29 21 Aug 2023

Looking to mine the travel minds on here. Heading to Helsinki for a long weekend and wondered if anyone had any recommendations regarding;

Things to do

Big thank you in advance.
Pub in Danger - Oddfellows Arms Pinner
at 16:18 21 Jul 2023

They have a crowdfunder but maybe people local could pop in for a pint or some dinner to try and help them out?

Extreme Sports
at 12:11 5 Jul 2023

Anything goes

Non League 2023/24 Season
at 09:58 29 Jun 2023

Seemed to have a good uptake last year so thought we could have a new one.

Pre season starts this weekend, anyone heading anywhere?

I have two options I am considering;

Sporting Club Thamesmead v Sutton Athletic (free admission apparently)

Frenford v Redbridge

A lot of clubs are doing free entry but are playing at training pitches and at random times so double check
Steve Morison (Millwall/Cardiff one)
at 15:23 9 Jun 2023

Has just been appointed as Hornchurch manager?!!!!

I have to admit that has been a surprise, they must be paying a decent wedge to get him from a league coaching/managing role to the Isthmian Premier (level 7).

2nd Job - tax query
at 09:35 5 Jun 2023

Hi all,

After some advice, I have been offered a 2nd job, it is a 0 hour contract and the company do no tax related bits so I would have to sort out a tax return if I take up the role.

I wanted to check whether it would be worth it and whether this is something I can do or should get an accountant?

1st job - average salary, 2nd job I can fit around it and would pay approx ยฃ100-ยฃ200 a week depending on the hours I put in.

If anyone is able to uncloud the waters somewhat it would be much appreciated, many thanks
[Post edited 5 Jun 2023 9:35]
Stoke Away - Free Coach Travel
at 14:12 5 Apr 2023

Fairplay to them for this, you need to book when you get a ticket I think but might help out a few people;
QPR Media Team - doing too much?
at 12:55 16 Mar 2023

Not a moan but more of an observation, actually it is a full on moan.

In recent years (since 2010 I reckon) we have far more coverage and content on mediums such as Twitter/Facebook etc.

Some of it is important - team news, links to QPR plus, new signings, departing players etc

Some of it is filler - admin video showing "a day in the life", training ground pics, community interaction, birthday shout outs etc

Some of it should probably be mothballed - players saying sorry for a bad performance (has that ever seen an improved performance the next game), bigging up a single game achievement (recently Drewe but previously Ledesma, Shodipo and a whole host of others whom it was a high point of an otherwise unremarkable career), in depth's with behind the scenes people such as Belk, the Haka/team bonding video's (how is that helping anyone showing a team building exercise?), putting out statements about set piece coaches etc, alternative angle video w@nkathons about beating Watford - why do we have 15 odd go pro's dotted about the ground? Why do we need two people video'ing the players walking round after a win?

We should go back to basics, stop increasing expectation and let the talking be done on the field. Don't give out players Twitter account details, if a player wants to be on Twitter that is up to them but don't tag them in because as soon as something goes wrong it is just abuse from the nutters.

To me it seems like setting yourself up for a fall, the amount of content after the Watford game would have seemed excessive for the majority of PL teams.

Examples - in 24 hours including the final score tweet there have been four tweets after Blackpool. One is Ainsworth's post match, one is an apology, one is the official pics.

Watford - in 24 hours including the final score tweet there are 4x videos of the players/staff post whistle, Ainsworth's post match interview, a reply taking the pi$$ out of the Watford twitter, a selfie from Kakay, the official pics, selfie video of Tim saying it was great to score, 2x good morning tweet with pics, another interview with Ainsworth, retweeting Tim, plugging the highlights, who was your MOTM?, Tim goal video'd from 'all the angles', retweet of Drewe, Drewe/Kakay appreciation tweet, Dykes appreciation tweet, final whistle video.

That is all in 24 hours. Just. Stop. I haven't included the subsequent deluge of content between Monday and ko on Tuesday.

It's not even like we have had a great season with all the bells and whistles. Seems like the club is all fur coat and no knickers. Tell you what, you win the fc king league and I will take as many alternative angles rubbish as you like, but until then give me the basic bits and sod off with the rest.
Crawley Town
at 14:44 6 Mar 2023

The NFT/Crypto car crash continues at Crawley who are looking at relegation to non-league this year. Just seen that they are a hotbed of $hit ex-QPR players:

Joel Lynch
Aramide Oteh
Jordon Mutch
Ben Gladwin

No wonder they are fcked
We're saved!!!!!
at 18:00 20 Feb 2023

Brum are in yet more shit

They get a hammering from the league and take up one of the relegation places
The right sort
at 10:39 16 Feb 2023

We were told in previous seasons that we were taking into account personalities and behaviours when looking at our recruitment policy. There have historically been too many bad apples, we were told, and too many whom did not want to play for the shirt.

Look at the players we have now. There are some whom would play for the shirt even if they had no legs and one arm, i'm looking at you Jimmy Dunne. But the vast majority seem to not be the "right sorts" that we were constantly told would be a part of the recruitment.

With the stories coming out that players enjoy a night out after a loss more than bothering to play for a new manager I have to wonder how on earth this supposedly fundamental principal of our recruitment has been ignored so badly?

For me it again highlights the soundbites the club likes to put out verses the actions they undertake.
Magic of the cup
at 13:54 17 Jan 2023

Accrington pocketed a whopping ยฃ2.99 profit after an FA Cup match earlier this season. Yet the PL teams want to do away with replays. Utter cnts, would save a season for the likes of Accrington

Fleetwood FA Cup Coach Sold Out
at 14:50 15 Dec 2022

FFS - how can it be sold out - charter more?!?!?!?!?!?!
Sunderland v Millwall Tomorrow
at 15:03 2 Dec 2022

How on earth has that happened then? Seems like the two sides simply agreed it;
A must watch - Gate Money: Inside Non-League Football's Funding Fiasco
at 14:58 2 Dec 2022

The story of how the Conference (Vanarama) leagues divvied up money to keep the top level of the non-league pyramid going during the pandemic and managed to completely fck it up. It is free on youtube

If only there was an independent regulator.
Reading in Trouble?
at 11:18 2 Dec 2022

Reports that they haven't fully paid their players due to funding delays. Sorry it is behind a paywall:
Driving Tests
at 10:15 28 Nov 2022

Your best/worst stories and fcuk ups

I went too fast and then hit a width restrictor. It wasn't a surprise when he gave me the bad news.
Xmas Sky Picks
at 13:02 1 Nov 2022

all 3 festive fixtures moved

B Team is dead, Long live the B team
at 13:11 12 Oct 2022

On this day...
at 10:17 26 Aug 2022

14 years ago
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