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RIP Neil Innes 23:00 - Dec 30 with 1340 viewsCamberleyR

Can't believe nobody's mentioned this yet. Very sad news. Those songs he composed for The Rutles verged on genius and he was also brilliant in 'The Innes Book Of Records' and not forgetting his early days in The Bonzo Dog Doo Dah Band.

My personal favourite:

This one at the beginning says a big fúck you to Noel Gallagher who he successfully sued for plaigirism for ripping off his song 'How Sweet To Be An Idiot' on Oasis' 'Whatever'


RIP Neil Innes on 23:15 - Dec 30 with 1311 viewssmegma

Rutland Weekend Television was a must watch show growing up as a kid.

The best Beatles song not written by the Beatles


RIP Neil Innes on 23:23 - Dec 30 with 1298 viewsCamberleyR

The first incarnation of Ron Nasty from Rutland Weekend Television


RIP Neil Innes on 23:27 - Dec 30 with 1295 viewssmegma

RWT was like Monty Python with music


RIP Neil Innes on 10:32 - Dec 31 with 1097 viewsCaptainPugwash

Great shame.


RIP Neil Innes on 10:50 - Dec 31 with 1070 viewsbosh67

6th Beatle 7th Python. Utter genius.

Never knowingly right.
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RIP Neil Innes on 23:49 - Dec 31 with 924 viewsGloryHunter

Unbelievably sad. By a ridiculous coincidence, I'm cataloguing my old vinyl, and this afternoon I played the last Bonzo album. Neil Innes is listed as: piano / organ / heavenly squarwking.

RIP Neil Innes on 14:00 - Jan 1 with 767 viewsNov77

Just reading this morning that the reason he didn’t appear at O2 Monty python shows was because he had a falling out with Eric idle who refused to pay him for the songs he had written that were used in spamalot.

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