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Barcelona (the football club)
at 18:29 10 Jun 2022

Apparently need a trifling €500m to save the club.

I know nobody held a gun to his head and he would have generated income for them as well, but giving Messi in his last contract with them over half a billion euros in total couldn't have helped matters.
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One play off spot for grabs
at 22:13 18 Apr 2022

Forest's win tonight pretty much guarantees them a spot. That leaves
Sheff Utd, Milwall, Blackburn, Middlesbrough, us and Coventry (just) still with a chance. West Brom although still mathematically there must be realistically out of it now.
So that leaves:
Sheff Utd 66 - Cardiff (H), Us (A), Fulham (H)
Millwall 65 - Birmingham (A), Peterborough (H), Scott Parker's Plucky Bournemouth (A)
Blackburn 63 - Preston (A), SPPB (H), Birmingham (A)
Middlesbrough 63 - Swansea (A), Cardiff (H), Stoke (H), Preston (A)
Us 63 - Stoke (A), Sheff Utd (H), Swansea (A)
Coventry 62 - West Brom (A), Huddersfield (H), Stoke (A)

I would say it was Sheff U's and Middlesbrough's to throw away although since thumping Peterborough, Boro have only taken one point from twelve.

Sheff U not in great form either with just one win (no prizes for guessing) in five. I wouldn't rule out Millwall nicking the last place given their last three games. You'd fancy them to win their next two, just depends if SPPB are already promoted (most likely).

We just need to take nine from nine and hope for the best but I think even 72 points might not just be enough. Thoughts?
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Our 1974/75 kits
at 20:40 11 Apr 2022

Just came across this which gives some possible lowdown on the abrupt ending to the Admiral kit deal. Shame, because I absolutely bloody loved that Admiral shirt. My parents tried to track one down for my tenth birthday but were unsuccessful. Even Jim Standen Sports in Camberley which was a brilliant sports shop couldn't get hold of one. I was gutted. Did anyone ever have one?
The Annual Neil Warnock Farewell Tour
at 17:48 9 Apr 2022

Is at an end.

Hope he enjoys his well earned retirement.
Scott Parker's Bournemouth
at 20:25 6 Feb 2022

Such a fantastic transfer window
and now dumped out of the Cup by non league Boreham Wood
Benitez gone
at 16:05 16 Jan 2022

Something deeper wrong there if two Champions League winning managers can't get any sort of tune out of them. I think I read somewhere that he had a worse win percentage than Mike Walker who previously had been thought of as their worst ever manager.

Rooney or Big Dunc next?
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QPR's 1974/75 kits
at 20:32 5 Jan 2022

I've posted a couple of these before from the Museum of Jerseys site about the history of our Adidas kits and saw this today about the absolute myriad of kits we had during the 1974/75 season which started with one of my all time favourite shirts, the one made by Admiral. For reasons not entirely clear, we only wore it for a couple of months.
QPR - The Club Show - Sky Sports January 1993
at 20:53 3 Jan 2022

Just happened to come across this via the 'Retro QPR' Twitter feed I follow.

Who Wants To Be a Millionaire
at 13:13 21 Nov 2021

Just seen this. Our erstwhile Cockney chancer last Friday became the first ever celebrity to leave with nothing. Old dodgy knees who allegedly has a £14m net fortune then pledged a pathetic £5000 to the charity he was playing for (which he probably took out of his fee for going on there). It was all a cruel trick though expecting him to read questions with letters and everything.
Prototype Fantasy Football?
at 21:19 11 Nov 2021

One for the older ones on here. Saw this on one of the Twitter feeds I follow.
It dates from the 1971/72 season and appeared in the Daily Mirror and they got Alan Ball to endorse it. You had a million pounds to spend on a team and the prize was £100.

We get a couple of players in the selection list with Phil Parkes and Rodney Marsh.

Heres my effort:
Parkes 40000
Knowles 50000
Lindsay 60000
Lloyd 60000
J Charlton 25000
Bell 180000
Gemmill 70000
Masson 35000
Best 300000
Hector 100000
Rogers 80000
Uncle Albert
at 14:35 2 Nov 2021

Made the Championship team of the month

I notice they say "Players from Blackburn, Bournemouth, Coventry, Fulham, Middlesbrough, Reading and Swansea feature".

One player's team has been missed off. I wonder who that can be??
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Dykes injury?
at 11:01 30 Oct 2021

From his Instagram

That boot doesn't look too good.
Frank McLintock & Warbs
at 18:41 29 Sep 2021

The article is a few years old and dates to when Warbs was Rangers boss but gives a bit of background to Warbs' boyhood friendship with Frank's son Neil.
[Post edited 29 Sep 2021 18:43]
RIP Jimmy Greaves
at 10:28 19 Sep 2021

Another of the boys from '66 gone. Was too young to have seen him in his pomp but a fantastic goal scorer.

Bournemouth's tactics last night
at 07:42 15 Sep 2021

Their dirty, cynical play and ridiculous number of fouls last night by them got me thinking. I looked at their previous games this season and noticed in their 2-2 home draw with Blackpool there were a remarkably similar number to last night (20). The game against Blackpool how it panned out was remarkably similar to last night although Blackpool did manage to equalise from two down and get a point. Then I found this: (Scroll down to the squad miscellaneous stats)

They lead the division in number of fouls and by quite a distance as well. Over a 100 already in seven games, 18 more than the next worst, Coventry. A tactic instigated by Parker, the tailor's dummy do we think?
[Post edited 15 Sep 2021 7:55]
Terry Mancini
at 12:10 14 Sep 2021

Don't know if this has been posted before as it's a couple of years old but thought it was a good read.
League Cup 2nd round
at 22:19 11 Aug 2021

At home to Oxford, a repeat of the 198....oh hang on, that never happened.
Griffin Park
at 11:54 20 May 2021

The bulldozers move in and carry out a million pound's worth of improvements
at 10:18 28 Apr 2021

Looking at when Johansen signed initially for Fulham and when he signed a new contract for them in 2019, I remain hopeful that he isn't on the sort of wage that many people think he is.

He signed a four year deal in summer 2016 when Fulham were in the Championship, admittedly they were receiving a second year of reducing parachute payments after relegation in 2013/14.

He signed for Fulham from Celtic who had signed him from Norway so he probably wasn't on massive money at Celtic although you'd think he would have increased his salary slightly signing for Fulham. He signed a new contract in summer 2019 after Fulham got promoted which expires 2022.

So for argument's sake let's say his deal at Celtic in 2014 as a then current Norway international was £6-7k a week? He signs for Fulham in the second year of parachute payments who you'd think would be trying to trim back the wage bill and not massively spend so let's say he doubles his wage signing for Fulham so £14k a week.

He signs his new Fulham deal in summer 2019 after relegation from the PL (although he'd been playing the second half of that season playing for West Brom on loan in the Champ). Fulham in receipt of a first year parachute payment of £40m although again you'd think they were being sensible with wages. New deal between £20-25k a week?

Is this being overly optimistic? Parker (if he remains manager) seems to like him as he played regularly last season so he may be offered a new deal in the summer if they are playing Championship football as seems likely. He's 30 now so his next contract will likely be his last one.

So let's assume he's on £25k per week currently, if we did sign him, do we commit £4.5-5m over three years (with nominal transfer fee + wages) to someone we wouldn't get anything back on? Personally, I think a Field/Johansen midfield pairing would potentially be our best pairing since Derry and Faurlin in the promotion season
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