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RIP Jimmy Greaves
at 10:28 19 Sep 2021

Another of the boys from '66 gone. Was too young to have seen him in his pomp but a fantastic goal scorer.

Bournemouth's tactics last night
at 07:42 15 Sep 2021

Their dirty, cynical play and ridiculous number of fouls last night by them got me thinking. I looked at their previous games this season and noticed in their 2-2 home draw with Blackpool there were a remarkably similar number to last night (20). The game against Blackpool how it panned out was remarkably similar to last night although Blackpool did manage to equalise from two down and get a point. Then I found this: (Scroll down to the squad miscellaneous stats)


They lead the division in number of fouls and by quite a distance as well. Over a 100 already in seven games, 18 more than the next worst, Coventry. A tactic instigated by Parker, the tailor's dummy do we think?
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Terry Mancini
at 12:10 14 Sep 2021

Don't know if this has been posted before as it's a couple of years old but thought it was a good read.

League Cup 2nd round
at 22:19 11 Aug 2021

At home to Oxford, a repeat of the 198....oh hang on, that never happened.
Griffin Park
at 11:54 20 May 2021

The bulldozers move in and carry out a million pound's worth of improvements
at 10:18 28 Apr 2021

Looking at when Johansen signed initially for Fulham and when he signed a new contract for them in 2019, I remain hopeful that he isn't on the sort of wage that many people think he is.

He signed a four year deal in summer 2016 when Fulham were in the Championship, admittedly they were receiving a second year of reducing parachute payments after relegation in 2013/14.

He signed for Fulham from Celtic who had signed him from Norway so he probably wasn't on massive money at Celtic although you'd think he would have increased his salary slightly signing for Fulham. He signed a new contract in summer 2019 after Fulham got promoted which expires 2022.

So for argument's sake let's say his deal at Celtic in 2014 as a then current Norway international was £6-7k a week? He signs for Fulham in the second year of parachute payments who you'd think would be trying to trim back the wage bill and not massively spend so let's say he doubles his wage signing for Fulham so £14k a week.

He signs his new Fulham deal in summer 2019 after relegation from the PL (although he'd been playing the second half of that season playing for West Brom on loan in the Champ). Fulham in receipt of a first year parachute payment of £40m although again you'd think they were being sensible with wages. New deal between £20-25k a week?

Is this being overly optimistic? Parker (if he remains manager) seems to like him as he played regularly last season so he may be offered a new deal in the summer if they are playing Championship football as seems likely. He's 30 now so his next contract will likely be his last one.

So let's assume he's on £25k per week currently, if we did sign him, do we commit £4.5-5m over three years (with nominal transfer fee + wages) to someone we wouldn't get anything back on? Personally, I think a Field/Johansen midfield pairing would potentially be our best pairing since Derry and Faurlin in the promotion season
Flying Freehold advice
at 17:02 29 Mar 2021

Apologies in advance, the background to this is a bit of a ramble but I've tried to keep it as concise as possible.

I'm in the process of a house move down to Somerset and just wanted to guage the LFW faithful's opinion on a flying freehold issue I've got on the new house. The background is that the property was bought at auction by a developer (in January 2020) and extended and renovated. We loved it and put in an offer of five grand over the asking price which was accepted to secure it.

The house is one of ten semi-detached properties in a cul de sac and all houses were originally (about 140 years ago) built the same. The property to the right of each semi (our house) has a front bedroom that has a very small flying freehold (about 50 square feet) over the entrance porch of the neighbouring property. Conversely the house on the left next door has a bedroom at the back that has a flying freehold over part of our kitchen and utility room.

The sale has been taking a bit longer than expected particularly as this property is empty and our buyers don't have anything to sell (buy to let). Because it had been taking a while (we had the offer accepted a week before Christmas) and not much progress was seeming to be made, a couple of weeks ago our vendor was getting a bit fidgety and was threatening to remarket the house (we haven't exchanged contracts yet) unless there was some good progress which there since has been.

Our solicitors have told us that when he bought it, he bought blind, probably didn't read the legal pack (cannot 100% confirm that) and wasn't aware re the flying freehold issue as there wasn't any legal agreement in place with the neighbours. He initially suggested an indemnity insurance policy for the flying freehold issue which some lenders accept and other houses in the road have used. His solicitors and mine said a new deed of covenant would have to be drawn up but this would also need to be agreed with the neighbours as well. He has had to pay £1200 to his solicitors for this extra work and the neighbours have engaged solicitors who are requesting £2000 for their bit.

Sorry for the long ramble but to cut a long story short, we received an email from the vendor's agent today with a request from the vendor for a 50% contribution for the neighbour's legal costs (£1000).
Do we 1) Flat out refuse this request because he hadn't done due diligence when buying or 2) given that we haven't exchanged contracts yet, do we offer a smaller (say 25%) amount as a goodwill gesture to keep him onside and not threaten to remarket the property? I have emailed my solicitor about this in the meantime and am awaiting a response.

Thanks in advance guys.

Jimmy Carter
at 08:38 16 Mar 2021

No, not the former American president, but our erstwhile late 80s reserve team winger. From a couple of months ago but hadn't seen it before. An interesting article I thought.

Brief Sky Highlights
at 18:26 20 Feb 2021

at 22:14 17 Feb 2021

First player to score on his debut against Brentford in 60 years
Everton v Fulham
at 21:06 14 Feb 2021

Fulham finally win a league game at Goodison Park for the first time in their history. Broken a run of 22 consecutive league defeats there stretching back to 1959!

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at 21:59 1 Feb 2021

Quickest to 50 goals since Clive Allen. Love the guy.
QPR on Fridays
at 16:23 17 Sep 2020

[Post edited 17 Sep 2020 16:54]
2020/21 Squad Numbers
at 16:51 4 Sep 2020

QPR - The Adidas Years Pt 3
at 15:03 13 Aug 2020

Pt 3 of the thread I posted aeons ago this time dealing with 1983 onwards.


Pt 2 here if people are interested which also has a link to Pt 1 if people haven't seen it before.

Also found out the answer to the riddle posed on the Pt 2 thread of why Middlesbrough wore our rarely worn third kit Dundee United style Adidas shirt in early 1983 at LR. It turns out they packed their normal home shirt but it was the one with a sponsor on it and not the sponsorless shirt usually used for televised games. Shirt sponsorship was allowed for televised games from the following season.
1993 Toulon Tournament Winners
at 21:33 21 Apr 2020

England's 1993 U-21 Toulon Tournament winners. Name them.

One answer per person please.

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This day, 38 years ago
at 12:40 6 Mar 2020

This happened. Great times.

at 07:45 29 Jan 2020

Badly needs a rest, the boy must be knackered. He's only missed the two League Cup games and the FA Cup game against Swansea and played every other. Of those other games he has only really been subbed with significant time still remaining in the game (at least 20 minutes) in two of them and the only other time was subbed was in the 87th minute against Preston.

As I said on the match thread, if he's not careful, Warburton will repeat McClaren's stunt of flogging him into the ground rendering him far less effective.

RIP Neil Innes
at 23:00 30 Dec 2019

Can't believe nobody's mentioned this yet. Very sad news. Those songs he composed for The Rutles verged on genius and he was also brilliant in 'The Innes Book Of Records' and not forgetting his early days in The Bonzo Dog Doo Dah Band.

My personal favourite:

This one at the beginning says a big fúck you to Noel Gallagher who he successfully sued for plaigirism for ripping off his song 'How Sweet To Be An Idiot' on Oasis' 'Whatever'

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