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FA Cup Replays Scrapped
at 12:05 18 Apr 2024

RIP The FA Cup

Well done the Premier League and Sky you utter thunderc*nts.
Highlights from today
at 17:29 2 Mar 2024
Mark Hateley speaks
at 22:44 11 Jan 2024

Putting his two pennyworth in.


Tom Lockyer
at 16:56 16 Dec 2023

Collapsed again in the game at Bournemouth just months after his collapse at the play off final. Ref's now abandoned the game.
Everton docked 10 points
at 12:25 17 Nov 2023


Yet others get away scot free...
[Post edited 17 Nov 2023 12:26]
The Reckoning (BBC1)
at 11:04 11 Oct 2023

Anyone watching this at the moment or watched it in full on iPlayer?

Uncomfortable viewing at times but Steve Coogan is scarily brilliant as Savile, he's nailed him to a tee with the voice, mannerisms even his walk.
Railway Penalty Fare help
at 00:00 3 Jul 2023

Looking for some advice here chaps.

Yesterday we received a letter from South Western Railways addressed to my stepson. It was a penalty fare notice about an alleged journey that took place four weeks ago.

It said that he didn't pay the penalty fare or appeal against it's issue and this letter was giving him fourteen days to settle the matter to pay £104.

Until yesterday this was the first we'd heard of it. I know for a fact that this is 100% bollocks and that somebody has used his name and address so basically has stolen his identity.

It says it took place at 09.40 Monday 5th June between Sherborne and Yeovil Junction. We live three miles from Sherborne and he doesn't drive.

Myself and Mrs Camberley would have been at work so there is no way he couldhave got to Sherborne station. We only moved to the area two years ago and my stepson doesn't know many people. He works part time in the village social club and the only people in our village that he really knows are the regulars from the club. I don't think any people there know his surname or his actual address so how this has happened is a mystery to us.

I have drafted an email to SW Railways prosecution departmant basically stating that unless they have got evidence like CCTV to show that it was him then the fine will not be paid and I will see them in court.

The letter gets very threatening saying he could be prosecuted and fined up to £1000 or use of debt collectors to recover the debt. My fear is that whoever this person is who has used his identity and thinks they have got away with it, will do it again.

Has any of the good LFW folk experienced something like this before? Any advice is most appreciated.

EDIT: I should add that Connor is a fellow R (thanks or no thanks to me!)
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Dozzell & Kakay
at 12:03 11 May 2023

Have made the worst Championship XI of the season...
Which is the worst QPR team? 2022/23 or 2000/01
at 18:31 4 Mar 2023

Which is the worst QPR team?

Your Vote:

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New word for the dictionary...
at 09:02 29 Nov 2022

Barcelona (the football club)
at 18:29 10 Jun 2022

Apparently need a trifling €500m to save the club.

I know nobody held a gun to his head and he would have generated income for them as well, but giving Messi in his last contract with them over half a billion euros in total couldn't have helped matters.
[Post edited 10 Jun 2022 18:29]
One play off spot for grabs
at 22:13 18 Apr 2022

Forest's win tonight pretty much guarantees them a spot. That leaves
Sheff Utd, Milwall, Blackburn, Middlesbrough, us and Coventry (just) still with a chance. West Brom although still mathematically there must be realistically out of it now.
So that leaves:
Sheff Utd 66 - Cardiff (H), Us (A), Fulham (H)
Millwall 65 - Birmingham (A), Peterborough (H), Scott Parker's Plucky Bournemouth (A)
Blackburn 63 - Preston (A), SPPB (H), Birmingham (A)
Middlesbrough 63 - Swansea (A), Cardiff (H), Stoke (H), Preston (A)
Us 63 - Stoke (A), Sheff Utd (H), Swansea (A)
Coventry 62 - West Brom (A), Huddersfield (H), Stoke (A)

I would say it was Sheff U's and Middlesbrough's to throw away although since thumping Peterborough, Boro have only taken one point from twelve.

Sheff U not in great form either with just one win (no prizes for guessing) in five. I wouldn't rule out Millwall nicking the last place given their last three games. You'd fancy them to win their next two, just depends if SPPB are already promoted (most likely).

We just need to take nine from nine and hope for the best but I think even 72 points might not just be enough. Thoughts?
[Post edited 18 Apr 2022 22:29]
Our 1974/75 kits
at 20:40 11 Apr 2022

Just came across this which gives some possible lowdown on the abrupt ending to the Admiral kit deal. Shame, because I absolutely bloody loved that Admiral shirt. My parents tried to track one down for my tenth birthday but were unsuccessful. Even Jim Standen Sports in Camberley which was a brilliant sports shop couldn't get hold of one. I was gutted. Did anyone ever have one?
The Annual Neil Warnock Farewell Tour
at 17:48 9 Apr 2022

Is at an end.

Hope he enjoys his well earned retirement.
Scott Parker's Bournemouth
at 20:25 6 Feb 2022

Such a fantastic transfer window
and now dumped out of the Cup by non league Boreham Wood
Benitez gone
at 16:05 16 Jan 2022

Something deeper wrong there if two Champions League winning managers can't get any sort of tune out of them. I think I read somewhere that he had a worse win percentage than Mike Walker who previously had been thought of as their worst ever manager.

Rooney or Big Dunc next?
[Post edited 16 Jan 2022 16:08]
QPR's 1974/75 kits
at 20:32 5 Jan 2022

I've posted a couple of these before from the Museum of Jerseys site about the history of our Adidas kits and saw this today about the absolute myriad of kits we had during the 1974/75 season which started with one of my all time favourite shirts, the one made by Admiral. For reasons not entirely clear, we only wore it for a couple of months.
QPR - The Club Show - Sky Sports January 1993
at 20:53 3 Jan 2022

Just happened to come across this via the 'Retro QPR' Twitter feed I follow.

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