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Luke Amos - A bit too nice? 15:31 - Feb 24 with 2630 viewsLongsufferingR

Seems like a kid any parent would be proud of, but I was thinking last night whether he needs to get a little more aggression and fire in him to really become a great footballer. Even the celebration for his winner was a bit as though he was embarrassed about all the attention.
Luke Amos - A bit too nice? on 15:40 - Feb 24 with 2535 viewsMrSheen

It must be difficult for him to get pitched into the middle of so many games. Last night got off to a really sleepy start, but was fully frantic by the time he got on. He was caught a couple of times dithering on the ball, which he might have got away with in the first half. I didn't see a lot of him before his long injury; based only on this season, I have never quite understood why others expect so much from him. I was composing a post in my head last night questioning why he should be so clearly ahead of Dozzell in the pecking order, when he scored the winner.

His reaction to the goal convinced me that he hadn't got a touch on it!
Luke Amos - A bit too nice? on 15:49 - Feb 24 with 2481 viewsMyke

Two late goals has turned 2 points into 6 - he can be as 'nice' as he likes!
Luke Amos - A bit too nice? on 16:04 - Feb 24 with 2401 viewsdmm

Because Amos has had such a stop/start season I just don't think he's got into form. He's been 80% or thereabouts in the bits and pieces he's played. If he can get regular playing time, the player we saw in the games leading up to his ACL injury will be really challenging for a starting place.
Luke Amos - A bit too nice? on 16:23 - Feb 24 with 2318 viewsnix
Luke Amos - A bit too nice? on 17:39 - Feb 24 with 2138 viewsplasmahoop

I quite like an understated celebration. I know at times it's nice in certain circumstances to go a bit loopy, but ultimately scoring the goal is what you're supposed to do. Whenever anyone scores a century for England now(rare I know), they embark on this massive punching the air, shouting, doing a dance, hugging, you name it. Just raise your bat to the crowd and the pavilion.
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