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MNF Debate
at 10:15 21 Aug 2018

Did anyone see Neville and JC talking about the merits of Unai Emre changing his style to get wins on the table for Arsenal. GN was very much in the camp that you have to stick to a way of playing otherwise players are confused and lose respect for you, whereas JC was hinting more at adapting the play depending on the opposition.

I think is interesting debate which could easily happen with McClaren. He obviously wants to play out from the back but doesn't have the players to do it. Should he stick to his way or try an adapt to an unfamiliar style to try and fit the players we have.

I think the next few games will give us a good idea. Personally, i think he has to stay with what he knows and if its not good enough then its on Les and TF for hiring that type of manager with these players. That being said, i think bringing in Lumley and Hall (when fit) would really help him out.

I would take Neville here in heartbeat. I know it went wrong in Valencia, but the bloke should have managed in England first. He is obviously very knowledgeable about the game and i reckon he would get the best out of the likes of Kakay and BOS.
Walk-up Prices
at 12:08 10 Apr 2018

Thought i would go along this evening and catch a game before the end of the season. Looked at the website and they are charging £38 for an adult in Ellerslie Road! That is bloody ridiculous! I doubt it is going to be anyway near full this evening, and yet by making walk-up prices that high, they stop anyone going last minute. Not to mention that its Champions League night too! Surly they have to revisit that for next season.
Sunday League Team
at 14:57 29 Aug 2017

Does anyone know of any good Sunday league teams around the Shepherd's Bush area? i am moving closer to London in September and would like to join a local team round there, preferably with some QPR fans in. Now before anyone says it, I don't mean team that plays at loftus road and gets slapped by these bees 4-1, I still don't think I would cut the mustard for that team.
Karl Henry Abuse
at 09:45 2 Dec 2016

I was disgusted by some of our fans last night. It made me truly embarrassed to be an 'Rs fan. How the hell does booing a lad before he has even touched the ball help him. We have had the likes of Bosingwa, Park and Cisse come through this club in recent years, and Karl Henry is the one getting the abuse. Yes fans have a right to say what they want, but i think we have a very spoiled fan base at this point. Please, lets try and turn this around and make Loftus Road somewhere where we actually want to be, because at the moment im starting to question why i go when there is such a negative atmosphere from so many people in the ground.

End of Season Blog
at 09:37 12 May 2016

If anyone cares to have a read.

Hopefully the link works alright.

Austin you legend!
at 16:56 14 May 2015

Sorry if this has been posted before, i could not find anything.

He said he will not put up a fuss if he is not sold and report to training in the championship. Now i understand that this should be the minimum requirement, but when you see the attitude of SWP, Adel, Zarate, Traore and the rest of the 'bad eggs' it is very refreshing.

He is the only player a part from Green who has played well IMO. Yet they are the two who have made the most effort to reassure Rs fans that there is hope.

TF and co need to realise what the plan will be. If we are realistically challenging for the championship (unlikely under Ramsey) then its worth keeping Austin and running the risk of losing him like Ings. Otherwise 12+ million should be his price. He is still young and would do a job for Southampton or Everton!

I for one will be giving him lots of support against the Geordie lot. A humble bloke who clearly likes and respects the fans.
Alex McCarthy
at 15:14 12 Feb 2015

Why hasnt this bloke gone on loan. Im all for Rob Green being our starter because a part from Charlie he has been the player of the season for me, but you have to feel he would have gained more from going on loan.

He came in clearly thinking he was going to be no.1 and the only game he gets he does well in and he has now wasted a season on the bench.

I understand that Green could have got injured but look at the rest of the teams around us, they dont have two quality keepers in the squad.

They have a difficult decision about the GK next season regardless of which league we are in.
at 17:04 7 Feb 2015

The decision by Arry not to play him looks even worse. I thought he changed the game for us, and should have earnt us a draw if Caulker could actually pass a ball!
Team for Stoke
at 18:13 29 Jan 2015

I would go for:

Isla Dunne Nedem Ysy (if fit)
.........Barton Henry
442 not working anymore
at 11:56 23 Jan 2015

Since the palace game, it appears that every defender has worked out how to play Bobby, or he has just run out of steam. The 442 doesnt look anywhere near as effective as it did against the likes of Liverpool and Villa.

Surly our players are more suited to the 433 option. With Mutch/ Fer/ Nico or Adel actual getting to play in an attacking midfield area, along side Sandro/Barton and Henry. At least this system adds someone to the midfield or can actually pass.

It would also allow Vargas to play further forward as a winger not a wide midfielder which he is currently playing in. Hoilet could also benefit from this sort of system i think.

It seems very strange why Harry would go and get Zarate, when he definitely isnt going to hold the ball up, and isnt a loan striker. The only way he would be effective is playing next to Bobby, which isnt going to happen because of Charlie.

I really think TF has done the right thing, only giving Harry loans this january because the names of Pato and Mvila really sound like desperation signings, and there seems to be no second plan if hoofing it up to bob doesnt work.

Players behind Arry
at 15:35 16 Jan 2015

Over the last week, every interview that i have seen with a player has included a line about keeping Harry with us till the end of the season. Green also mentioned that there is absolutely no question that the players are giving there all for the team and the manager. I dont seem to remember people saying that about Hughes very much.

Yes the away performances have been shocking, but i cant help thinking that if Bony had not scored and we were sitting around 12th place, we would not be anywhere near as worried as we are now. I think we need to give it a real go tomorrow like we did against city and liverpool and see what we can get. I still think most of think that we have a good enough squad to survive, we just need to get the first away point and then pick up a few points in the next few home games.

So basically if players like Green, Austin, Fer and Dunne are all behind Redknapp than i think we should be too. I know the relegation season was horrendous, but i really dont think this is squad is as bad as that one, and we should really try and create a hostile atmosphere for Manure, and see what happens. Positivity!
Yann M'Vila
at 18:58 15 Jan 2015

Seems to be a lot floating around about him coming to us. Surly this is all just to fill papers. Buying another CDM really would be the icing on the cake. One of the reasons why we played so poorly is because neither barton or Henry can really pass, so they boot it long, only to invite more pressure.

Surly the answer is not to buy another player in the Sandro mold, whilst we have major issues at the LB and ST spots. I think may be worth giving Much a few consecutive games in the CM role along side sandro when he is back and Henry until then. Mutch was so much better for Cardiff, and i dont think we should give up on him just yet.
Junior Malanda Dead
at 18:50 10 Jan 2015

Wolfsberg midfielder died in a car crash. Only 20, was a bright spark in the bundesliga.

Really puts everything into perspective. Enough of the complaining from me today.
Adel still not fit
at 12:27 27 Nov 2014

What is going on!

I am huge fan of Adel and think he is incredible to watch, but even the most loyal Adel fan must start to get annoyed now. Even though his wages are not being paid out of our money it is still very difficult to understand why he has no interest in training or playing for us any more.

I dont buy all this BS about his injury either. I think it is time to sell him if anyone wants him. Every week its the same old story in Harrys press conference 'no he hasnt been out there'. Get rid in January, because at the moment he is giving bosingwa a run for his money.. at least he played.
Vargas and Isla
at 16:59 22 Nov 2014

Missed them greatly today. I thought Nedem had a poor game as did most of the team. Why he didnt bring on Phillips and Hoilet earlier, i do not know. They have a very average defense and we didnt ask them any questions at all. That was winnable today, we were just very sloppy in possession and didnt look at it.
Ravel Morrison
at 23:55 30 Oct 2014

Made 1 start and 2 sub appearances for Cardiff, scoring 0 goals and 0 assists.

You can say what you want about Harry, but he knew how to get the best out of that fella. If AT goes next year and we need another CAM, i would take him back easily. He was brilliant to watch and it will be such a shame if he doesn't become a top player.
TF Tweets
at 13:04 26 Oct 2014

Just tweeted

A good leader knows when to go . time for me to leave at caterham f1 .love qpr and AirAsia but there will come a time .and staff and fans dictate that 2014-10-26

People are destroying him on twitter, i really wish they would think before hand. If he goes anytime soon we will be in the screwed for a long time.

I can see why he would quit though, as Alan Sugar said, you get no credit at all for being a chairman and then get destroyed whenever anything goes wrong. He put the money in and gets nothing in return a part from abuse. Its not his fault the football is poor! but people still have a go! I think many have forgotten how bad it was under flavio, all he has done is backed the manager each time. Its not his fault we signed Bosingwa or Park and most of us on here thought they were great signings when they happened.

I personally think we have one of the best chairman around and if we beat AV on Monday then things will look a lot better.

McCarthy and Isla
at 16:02 19 Oct 2014

Thought they were both excellent today. Especially Isla, he made tackle after tackle and made some good passes too. Looked very comfortable at RM.
David Moyes
at 16:31 17 Oct 2014

Says he is ready to get back into management. How many would take him should harry get the chop? He is only 51 and if he is good enough for Everton and Utd, im sure he is good enough for us. He can work on a budget as we saw at Everton and if Ashley keeps pardew in, i dont see any other glaring opportunities available at the moment.

at 16:11 13 Oct 2014

Surly we have to go with this, It suits Vargas and Hoilet, who both look like some sort of threat going forward, and still allows us to get 3 solid midfielders in and Austin. The only person who loses out is Niko sadly.

Isla Caulker Nedem Traore

That team has pace, a potential for goals and a solid midfield. I dont believe we can press with Niko in midfield either.

I would go with that and stick with it for 5 games at least.
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