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It Lives ! - New WLS Pod.
at 17:57 2 May 2024

Just when the hate was starting.....
at 17:35 16 Feb 2024

1 more chance and that's it.
New Pod offering
at 22:19 5 Feb 2024

Our friends stateside have started a QPR Pod. We've gone international lads !
Buying tickets
at 13:46 4 Feb 2024

What's the secret? anyone know how to do it.

Page bombs out 3 times, finally get to payment window and clicked pay, 20 minutes later it still spinning the wheel.

Awful experience, I may have tickets or I may not and be £150 out of pocket.
Baffled by the Ref.
at 17:18 3 Feb 2024

Booked Sinclair for being kicked, gave a pull back on him against more than once. Seemed to give almost everything against him.

Even the home commentary couldn't believe where 10mins time came from at the end. Utterly baffling display.

We still won though, so there is that.
[Post edited 3 Feb 17:21]
Interesting QPR F1 Metaphor.
at 14:05 13 Jan 2024

Scanxiety - Non football
at 21:09 31 Oct 2023

As a cancer survivor I have to go for regular scans after finishing my last round of chemo. Every 6 months the anxiety rollercoaster begins, been very lucky for 2 and a half years till this afternoon.

As some of you may be know 'regular consultations with oncology specialists' Post-Covid consist of a phone call once every six months. With a Nurse. 40 miles away.

We go through the same dance each time, she has next to nothing to tell me beyond my bloodwork is pointless as I have Arthritis so bad they can't read my blood for cancer markers, In essence CT scans are all they can look at to see what happening in my case. It takes 5 to 10 minutes every time and it's like pulling teeth.

So this time they can see something on the scan, "need to see you in the next 6 weeks". Bollocks.

Safe to say I'm at a fairly low curve on the ride, it will pass I don't tend to get overly maudling or depressed but please forgive me if I'm a little sharper than usual for a while.

If anyone has a similar experience and doesn't want to post here I'd appreciate some perspective so feel free to PM me if anyone wants to.

Wouldn't mind a performance from my Team at the weekend to be honest.
[Post edited 31 Oct 2023 21:10]
I've seen enough
at 15:26 7 Oct 2023

Tried to be patient, tried to understand the limited resources but I can't take it any more. He has to go.

Wednesday and Boro games
at 20:43 3 Oct 2023

Anyone else watching these with greater than normal interest?

WBA doing the job so far but is it ok to want Cardiff to win? feels wrong. The 3rd of October feels earlier than usual for the buttock clenching to begin.

Prediction Logged by at 20:31:58
Queens Park Rangers v Coventry City prediction logged
Football for the larger gentleman.
at 12:06 31 Aug 2023

Minimum waist requirement of 38" !! "Who ate all the salad, who ate all the salad"

What a good idea, all done tongue firmly in cheek. The team names are quality 'Alloa Unathletic' very good.

WLS - West London Sport
at 09:52 17 Aug 2023

They were posting really good content last season, there was a young blackpool fan (Dan I think) who hosted it and was very good. Once he left you could tell none of the contributors wanted the hosting duties.

Anyone know if they've thrown the towel in?
Kelman Gone?
at 19:56 16 Aug 2023

Saw a tweet and heard something on a podcast. No club mentioned.....

Edit: I have no idea who's account this is.
[Post edited 16 Aug 2023 20:29]
Steve Cook
at 18:39 12 Aug 2023

Came in and looked like a proper professional, with the other 2 at the back they looked solid.

Hopefully Jimmy will learn lots from him when he fit again.

Great Job
O'Neil in at Wolves
at 18:22 9 Aug 2023

Good luck Gary.
The Positives thread.
at 14:27 6 Aug 2023

Anyone want to add what they saw as something/anything positive from yesterday's action?

We have plenty of negative threads so maybe we can use this to focus on any rays of light?

Mine were:
New GK is going to give us real value for money, looks a better shot stopper than Dieng. His shoulders aren't made of dynamite like Archers so that's a solid plus too.

SDM looks like he wants to take any chance given to him, talent aside his attitude is a plus.

Armstrong loves a row when he comes on, will argue with anyone and I like that, it does smack of a slight lack of maturity but shows his intent and drive and will to want to win.

Dykes worked hard, think his legs were gone when he missed his chance.

Gubbins got a smack in the face and didn't do a Lumley. Impressed with how he persevered in tough circumstances.

Surprised we didn't see Adomah and the new LB, thought the game presented an opportunity for both to show up.

So there was a camera - Match Highlights
at 22:41 15 Jul 2023

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