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If Leeds go up…..
at 19:47 18 May 2024

Who will be Sky Sports w@nkfest team?

I’m going for Derby.

at 14:43 8 Apr 2024

Having gone to the game on Saturday, my first at LR this season, and taken both my kids of which it was the very first game for my 6 year old daughter ("I don't like that team in yellow" she proclaimed at the end), I have booked tickets for the three of us against PNE.

We've not seen QPR win at LR in four visits (all defeats) so it surely must change at some point, hell, I'd even take a score draw......

QPR v Birmingham highlights
at 17:35 29 Mar 2024
Bristol City v QPR highlights
at 18:08 17 Feb 2024

Hang on, only seemed to share the caption picture!

Let me try again with the video link
[Post edited 17 Feb 18:10]
Blackburn v QPR highlights
at 17:33 3 Feb 2024

Seems to be a new style of text scams going around
at 12:19 18 Jan 2024

Recently I've be getting a few texts such as;

"Table for four booked on 24/02/2024 at the Touchal Arms.
Please click on this link for more details or reply STOP if you don't want any updates"

Well, I've not booked a table for dinner so it's easy to reply STOP but this then confirms your phone number is live.

Clicking on the web link would be even worse I presume.

The more sophisticated they become, the more aware and vigilant we have to be.

Euro 2024
at 17:49 2 Dec 2023

England in Group C along with;


Scotland in a tough group;


Preston v QPR highlights
at 22:10 1 Dec 2023

[Post edited 1 Dec 2023 22:26]
Boro v QPR highlights
at 18:17 2 Sep 2023

Unfair dismissal?
at 17:25 7 Jun 2023

Long story short, my missus has been having a long running battle with her company (large well known global company) mainly over the fact she can only do a certain shift pattern due to having to leave at a certain time (around 5pm) to pick our kids up from the child minder. They have refused to accommodate.

She's never looked to be doing less hours, just the shift pattern that starts early and ends early rather than late start>late finish.

It's been going on for ages and I've just found out she's being dismissed for stealing company property.... apple juice.

We'll speak more when she gets home but surely this is absolutely bonkers???
West Brom highlights
at 18:13 10 Apr 2023

Reading v QPR highlights
at 17:40 14 Jan 2023

Gianluca Vialli - RIP
at 09:54 6 Jan 2023

58... wow. Really sad.

Forget his Chelsea connections, I thought he was a really good footballer and good person.

Loft roof-boards.... advice please
at 17:17 21 Nov 2022

No, not QPR related but just after some advice please.

Using this photo from the internet as reference, my loft has insulation wadding in-between the roof struts you can see at the top of the picture.

Thing is, over time a few of the waddings partially or mostly come loose then hang down and I keep having to shove them back into place.

So, my plan is to put boarding up not only to hold the insulation wadding in place but also make the loft look a bit neater.
I can't see any boards needing to be thick as the wadding is not that heavy, just enough to hold it in place with screws so anything around 3mm will probably suffice I'd guess.

However, my dilemma is choice of material. I was thinking of MDF but not sure as apparently gives of gasses over time. The loft is well ventilated and access to it is via a hatch (with draught seals) so I would imagine any gasses would just vent out of the house rather than down into the house.

So, is MDF OK or a no-no and something else recommend?

Thanks in advance.

Norwich v QPR highlights
at 22:11 2 Nov 2022
Rishi Sunak is to be the next PM
at 16:13 24 Oct 2022

He was elected without a vote from party members which makes me wonder why we had to have party members voting last time and not this time?

UK's first British Asian prime minister and at 42 is the youngest PM in over 200 years.

How long will this one last?

(ironically "Highway to Hell" by AC/DC is blaring out of my speakers as I typed this thread!)

Earlier, Boris Johnson pulled out of the leadership race, saying he had the support needed to stand but it would not be "the right thing to do".

This coming from a man who has no idea of what that even means. More like he didn't have the support and had to save face. Just fk off and wither away, please.

[Post edited 24 Oct 2022 16:18]
Liz Truss resigns
at 13:35 20 Oct 2022

Never thought I'd do a 'Liz Truss is the new PM' and a 'Liz Truss resigns' thread in the space of 6 weeks!

Her leadership campaign lasted longer than her actual tenure. What a mess. Hopefully we can have some stability, this cannot go on.

[Post edited 20 Oct 2022 13:40]
Sheff Utd v QPR highlights
at 22:32 4 Oct 2022

Liz Truss is the new PM
at 12:39 5 Sep 2022

82% of the 172,437 Conservative members voted. That's 141,000 people deciding the fate of millions.

Sunak got 60k votes (43%)
Truss got 81k votes (57%)

So it wasn't even a clear majority, the Party was fairly evenly split which says to me they're not in harmony, a divided party.

God help us.

I'd have said the same has Sunak won it, what an awful place to be in where no one seems to be anywhere near good enough for the job at hand.

And before anyone says "Well Labour wouldn't do a better job of it" a) it's not about Labour b) maybe not

What a state this country is in.

[Post edited 5 Sep 2022 12:58]
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