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at 15:34 6 Jul 2024

Hadn’t seen xstg thread
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Bicycle For Sale
at 13:54 5 Jun 2024

One careful owner

You'll need to provide your own lock

£900 ONO
Who needs Category A status Academies anyway????
at 22:18 15 Apr 2024

I see the scorer of Chelscum sixth goal this evening was another young lad poached from us for peanuts

All made possible by the ridiculous rules set up to favour the money boys.
Kin madness

Also madness was us not making the current training ground at a level to attain Cat A
It’ll happen again and be ever more maddening
“Saint” Marti
at 20:58 6 Apr 2024

Anointed too soon??????

Another example of him being done today I thought
Chef Weds usually go high press so he started Sincs for pace which worked first 20
They realised and sorted
We have Just dwindled

I thought he was totally out fought and out thought today (not for first time)
Hopefully he can put some fire in bellies for Tuesday night

Geezer is a class act but as I’ve said before he’s learning on the job
Please God he can take this into a full season at this level next summer
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at 08:15 4 Apr 2024

Hope we had a sell on clause as he might be another source of income this summer

From The Telegraph
Middlesbrough's Seny Dieng has interest from Premier League and European clubs ahead of a busy summer of trading for goalkeepers.

If him and Eze move for decent fees could be a nice little touch for the budget
That warm glow of 16th
at 17:06 1 Apr 2024

Hello my favourite old resting place.........

Take that for the season

One more win and a draw I'd say X
Peter Kingham... RIP
at 13:47 1 Apr 2024

Sad to hear this news.

I don't say this lightly but... without Peter and his brother Trevor we might not have this club to support.

The driving force behind the early LSA those boys and a big reason why I loved the away days back then.

Hope the team can do him proud today.

RIP Pete.... a hoops legend.
at 08:51 10 Mar 2024

How many times was the phrase “typical Rangers” used at 4:52pm yesterday?

I’d wager at least 16,500 times

The one thing you can rely on this bunch of ***** to be is unreliable

Anyway…. Come on you Baggies

Boing Boing
Charity Park Rangers
at 21:42 14 Feb 2024

Such a muggy club

Been fcukd like a dockside crack whore for decades.

Just put a bullet in the place now, far kinder than the death of a thousand cuts we've all experienced for the last numerous years.

Marti…… questions
at 18:06 26 Dec 2023

Couldn’t have hoped for a better start.
Always going to have dodgy patches - it’s in these we find out what he’s made of but here’s my questions

Most think he’s the new Messiah - when we get relegated what makes you think he’ll actually stay and rebuild this rotten carcass of a club?
(I ask as he’s never stayed anywhere too long so far in his career and if he really is a genius surely others bigger and better will be in for him)

What makes you think he has the awareness and contacts to attract the players we need in January (even if the billionaires release two Bob and a conker in funds)??

If we lose another 3 in a row does his position come under scrutiny???

And finally does he really drink Estrella????

For me he’s doing an okay job.
If he has a blueprint to get us out of this mess, at this level or below, then I’d sign him on a 4 year deal with huge buy out clauses but performance break clauses on the clubs side (offset with performance bonuses for him).
I do question if he has sufficient knowledge of this level to succeed but that’s just me being a Little Englander.

We’re basically relegated as far as I am concerned so how about planning for the future as a club?
Maybe we can’t as the Billionaires are off totally, if so then we need to plan for that.

If Marti is the man then let’s have a plan
Return of the European Super League????
at 09:05 21 Dec 2023

Ruling just made that FIFA and UEFA acted illegally in blocking it.

Thats good news for me.

Sooner they sod off and play each other four times a year the better.

The rest of us will survive somehow and could be the reset football needs
at 12:09 1 Nov 2023


The reason we got where we did was down to him and Ishkhan that glorious season.

He’s a top fella as well.

I feel he’s stepped back due to GA being a flop and clearly “his man”.
Hope Amit (and his family) are back in the future

Thanks for the good times
Why are there so many THICK AS SH*T people employed by this club?
at 16:48 28 Oct 2023

So many examples but just in less than a week we have

Dozzell - total and utter cock. Almost exactly the same spot he got sent off previously on the pitch yet again a red today. His brain dead terrible ball started the counter, then he rugby tackles the player and, rather than going down when shoved, he gives it Billy Big Balls with Sunday League pub player behavior

Dunne - a player I really like but Jesus there's no defending what he did during the week within 80 seconds of total and utter thickness

Colback - his dissent today now further depletes options for the net game and he's spent more time on the sidelines than on the pitch.

Ainsworth - his lack of self awareness increases and he's doing himself absolutely no favours whatsoever in interviews and will again praise the players post match today

Then in general we have lads like Kakay who look totally confused at opposition players actually being on the same pitch as them; we have fitness coaches who feel it's a plan to spaff off the first five games of the season as some sort of pre-season. Someone also thought it was a good move to offer Hammerlinean and kaky etc 4 years deals etc, etc
The king of them all was Bungle who I know has sloped off buthis lack of intelligence when here was a wonder to behold.

I'm amazed we haven't imploded before now as it's been going on for ages and I just don't get it. Maybe it does all stem from the top and thick leaders / owners will spawn a thick as sh*t outfit below them.
[Post edited 28 Oct 2023 16:50]
Storm Babet
at 18:10 19 Oct 2023

I predict it will miss most of the UK from a promising position just outside the box after a free kick won.

May caused some bandaged heads though

Good luck everyone
Happy St George’s Day
at 09:31 23 Apr 2023

Cry God and all that
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