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Calm down lad, calm down.....
at 19:17 18 Jan 2024

I'm usually reluctant to pitch in on other peoples clubs but the recent Everton issues obviously catch the eye.

Many moons ago the company I worked for was having "trouble" with moaners at our depot in St Helens. It was explained to me that, despite them having the same deal as everyone else around the UK, they were always complaining. From being an independent asset we acquired they were shut down inside 10 year due to this attitude.

Those comments have stayed with me ever since and every now and again comments and campaigns pop up to confirm those comments, not least this one in the BBC Sport section today.

The "its always them, not us" stance.
Quiet how/why they see themselves as not having to comply with FFP rules is beyond me. Even the complaining about "small club" designation well, they are aren't they. ? A big club is perhaps one that's won something in the last 20 odd years....they last won the Cup in 1995, I'd kinda be thinking consistency has a part to play in that comment too.

Are they "bigger" than Leicester who won the League 2016, or are maybe Leicester bigger than Everton? Who knows, who cares ? Certainly not the Premier League.

Regardless "they" still pitch to be considered and appraised in a way that seems to be separate from the rest of us.

I guess the question is....why?
Bob Malcolm, common down.......
at 15:31 31 Jul 2023

Is it as bad as that?

I'm having night sweats waking thinking it could be.

clearly we are in desperate straights centre back-wise, short of asking "Dear Bob" to reprise his role, I wonder who we'd take, short term, loan, any term?

I think I'm drawing the line at Maguire, but anyone else is welcome.
FFP Maelstrom, is there any way out?
at 17:14 14 Jun 2023

I only ask on the basis that there seems to be a EFL and Premiership League inspired rule here that benefits keeping everyone in their place.

Arguably, no matter how much money you want to throw away as an owner, the rules and regs conspire to put you back in your box practically before you've spent it.

But what if the rules were different? What if you could spend what you like on long as they were purchases from teams in lower divisions than the one your in?

This seems to me to encourage a Club / Team / owner to look to the lower leagues for talent and keep money in the EFL/Premiership coffers as opposed to other Continental and overseas leagues. Don't get me wrong, star players would still be bought by Premiership clubs BUT the key advantage for Championship clubs and owners is they would have a genuine / better chance of breaking out of the current circle of trying to break into the upper reaches of any league but being capped on expenditure.

At least this way owners wanting to make a genuine effort to "break the mould" and seek promotion could revitalise their squad AND see the money re-invested in / to the benefit of the lower leagues.

Currently as in stands FFP rules just nullify clubs developing and growing.

[Post edited 14 Jun 2023 17:17]
GA must be doing something right
at 19:00 30 Apr 2023

I noted the comments from ( naturally ) upset Burnley fans on their fans website forum last week.

Guess what, apparently the ref was "shite" and the worst they've seen at Burnley all season, plus our shithousery was of an Olympic standard.

Ditto this week at Stoke, whilst the ref may not have that awful, the shithousery was noticed.

Well done Gareth.

Whilst, as mentioned here, no one likes to see it at your own home ground or seeing your own side do it, but if Rangers were clearly one thing away from home it was weakness of game management.

At least that's been fixed.

Note to DoF
The next time we're in need of a manager and they talk about who they'll be bringing along in their coaching team, ignore the waffle about dead ball management, sports science, dietician. The key requirement / priority is for a professional shithouser trainer.
I think I'm mentally ill and have no private health care.
at 14:29 10 Apr 2023

Basically, I'm screwed.

I keep looking at the squad and the team for Preston and today against West Brom and can only see images of us tonking Watford 3-2 a short while back.

Then I realise is was some 6 months ago.

am I in a parallel universe where somehow those same players have gone from world beaters to dross? Those exact same players had the where with all to be top of the League....I mean Nurse, explain it to me.

And then, just when I think I'm cured I see there's close to a 1000 just like me gone to get their medication directly from the fountain at WBA...madness, just madness
The significance of this win..]
at 20:25 27 Aug 2022

Firstly apologies if this is felt as just another tag on the win, I hope it's not.

I've been going to Vicarage Road since the early 60's with mates who were Watty Supporters and I'd drag my heels along. Over the years I've been pilloried - and again today, by family and friends who are all Watty supporters. hence from a personal viewpoint this is a great win.
I was sat in the lower tier of G Taylor Stand and jeez, you are low, practically underground ! can see why there's an urge to relocate, the old burger stand on a ash mound near the corner of the Rookery has now gone, mind you that was 50+ years ago...

I never like patronising clapping but thats what we got when the teams were introduced to Sarr's appearance, we all know he's off somewhere so this was just a stay of execution. Next week they'll have changed their tune about him. As usual with these matches I'm with relatives in the bearpit of Watford supporters listening to our support, and it was great to hear. Meanwhile we had the monotony of their sodding drum. Whats the point, the chants are meaningless and can't be heard of the drum - explain?

From the off we were compact, well organised, in shape and playing the ball quickly and to feet. This seemed to unsettle them and from the off we were dominant, I for one wasn't expecting that. One or two mix ups, their 2nd goal but otherwise largely untroubled. Their shot clipping the bar was as near as they got to take an overall advantage.

During our last home game I was once again dismayed at the referee and linesman performances, Like Nigel Pearson who got distraught the other week, despite winning, today was once again a mixture.

Our linesman was regularly 2 metres behind play and on a couple of occasions too far behind to flag for offside. Watford's strategy has reverted to The Ross Jenkins Show of nearly 40 years ago where they hoof it for their 2 front runners, outside of that it's not a style I'd want to go and watch. Lose a few and this manager with this style of play will be dust for sure, It ain't pretty. Blatant shirt pulling by their LB went unchallenged and ignored despite the linesman being 3 metres away, imagine our shock and surprise therefore when their equaliser was ruled for offside, the linesman really pulled that out the bag. Got to say well done him for making such a decision, at the Rookery End, brave man.

the main point however if this fixture has been the graveyard of many a season for us. A non show disappointing effort here usually precedes a flat season and a loss puts down a marker, if Watty are in the ascendency we're in trouble. You can go back to the "Venables Slope" aftermatch comment, to the Glenn Roeder / Stan Bowles "double shuffle" comment ( there's only two people in football that can do that, and I taught Glenn ) but whichever ever way you odds this, this was a great performance and one that we should slide in the back pocket of experience and say "right, we've got that, lets nab another"

Top performers, Chair and Willock will get the plaudits, but overall, everyone there would have walked away saying that was a great team performance right through the club.

now, I never thought I'd be writing that..

You RRRRrrrrs etc

and a big shout out to the other R who was somewhere in the Lower Taylor Stand with me, we had to keep our joy under control, but he like I, were ecstatic on the 90.
Freeman to Luton FC
at 16:08 8 Jul 2022

saddened to see Luke end up at Luton this week.

Always felt he'd be a great asset back at Loftus Road and could do a great job for us.

Practically unused for the last couple of season's, suspect he'll be good for them
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