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Hammersmith Palais
at 21:09 22 Oct 2021

I seem to remember someone posting a YouTube video of footage from the 70s in colour of a Saturday night in the palais. It's way before my time but wanted to show my mother in law who used to be a regular down there and will probably know some faces. She also met my wife's dad there.
If someone knows it, could you please post on here as I can't find it on YouTube.
Many thanks in advance.
It's goodbye from me :)
at 10:39 12 Aug 2020

Thanks all for your company for the last 13 years or so.
I'll continue with Clives reports and will pay a subscription for Clives work but I'm done with the forum now. The reason I'm putting it out there and not quietly disappearing is I lack will power so this way it will help keep me off here :) . Besides I thought it more dignified way rather than goading Clive to delete my account. Lol. Many thanks to all that helped with donations for GOSH. There lots of positives to the forum but unfortunately the negatives are starting to out weigh it more for me . You can all catch me on Release Radio (if House music your thing) and say hello or throw a few insults my way. Whatever floats your Got a few of you on WhatsApp so will obviously keep contact with you lads. I'm off now to level up 130 year old floor joists with C16 grade timber..
Thanks again.
U Rrrss
A million views
at 16:27 10 Jul 2020

Not bad for a bunch of old ravers.

Must be a first for this site. Just thought it worth mentioning.
Big up everyone whos contributed and tuned in.
Respect to Frankie Knuckles RIP.

House music all life long. x
at 23:18 30 Apr 2020

I've got an ongoing issue with Reading college that i don't know how to resolve or even speak too about resolving so thought i'd put it out on here. As you do.
My son, who i employ, completed his 2nd year of college where he should have received his NVQ level 2 carpentry. He finished back in june 2019. He should have received his qualifications no later than October, so i was told. We got certificates to say he passed all his modules, some with merit. Except he hasn't fully passed yet.
The final assessments has to go out from the college to an independent assessor for his final grade to receive the NVQ level 2.
Heres where its gone wrong.
Part of his assessment was a site visit. There's supposed to be 3 site visits but the third wasn't done. Unfortunately the assessor has been in poor health and has taken a considerable amount of time off work. When he came back in September he did his final site visit. (Harry had left college by this point).
The assessor was happy with everything and signed it off. Or so we thought.
8 months later we are still waiting for it all to go through. The assessor is now off work long term with his health, plus of course the covid - 19 thing has now kicked off.
I have of course been on the phone to the relevant people at the college who just keep telling me "it's in the system"," its being processed and should be done soon". Bare in mind its still got to go out to an independent assessor.
Its a mess and an absolute disgrace that a college has messed an 18 year old's apprenticeship like this. The lad has worked hard but for no reward.
Who can i speak too to get this sorted?
I wanted Harry to do his 3rd year but no chance of that happening (putting aside the virus thing). For one , he doesn't want to deal with the college anymore and secondly he couldn't anyway as level 2 hasn't come through.
The relevant people at the college have assured me they're happy with his work ,yet don't seem to be able get it assessed independently from the college.
I know this isnt an isolated case either.
What on earth is this college doing? and how can i get people involved that will help us. ?
Any thoughts?

Release Radio
at 08:07 13 Mar 2020

Some of you might already know but im currently DJing on an online radio station playing House music.
The station has now been granted an DAB licence from Ofcom. Its great news for everyone involved with the station.
If anyone wants to get involved, be it DJing or has a company that you want to promote through our adverting space PM me and we'll get something sorted and i can explain in more detail.
Sorry if i sound a bit spammy. Didnt know how else to do this. We will be broadcasting hopefully 03/04/20. We will cover Berkshire, Surrey and SW London.
It will be the only legal station playing the best in underground and mainstream dance music.
Tunes of the decade
at 11:19 14 Dec 2019

Anything goes..
Obviously i lean to the more electronic dancey stuff.. :)
Heres a few..

Whats the latest on the training ground?
at 20:46 31 Oct 2019

Assuming Skylarks season is over?
FAO Discodroid
at 19:42 18 Oct 2019

Spoke to Andy (Alderaanic)online. Has a load of tunes for you if interested.

Check your inbox pal.. lol
at 08:08 29 Sep 2019

Edited: If you've already donated please dont accidently donate again as this was a thread i posted 5 months ago. Having said that please feel free to donate again if you wish to do so.. :)

As this hospital continue to look after my 11 year old son Archie, my oldest son Harry has decided to do this charity run up the walkie talkie tower to help raise some money. I did this but up the BT tower about 4 years ago and the LFW faithful were amazingly generous with donations.
Any donations will be massively appreciated.
[Post edited 27 Feb 2020 20:00]
Mobile Phone help
at 19:02 28 May 2019

Im with a company called that took over from o2. I was on a 2 year contact with a samsung A16. Two months ago i was due a renewal . They phoned me up to see if i wanted to upgrade my phone or reduce my monthly phone bill. I was happy with my phone so it seemed obvious just to reduce my bill from £32 to £27 p/m. Ive had no problems with company or phone in the 2 years.
2 months in and low and behold my phone has decided to die on me. It wont charge up.
I contacted the company and they told me there's nothing they can do. Im now tied into a 2 year contract with no phone and they wont replace because the new contract does not come with a phone.
So i now have to start a new contract with whoever and pay monthly and also still pay £27 p/m to a contract that's completely worthless to me. There's a £900 buy out clause!
Do a file this under the should have known better file or is there an answer to this whereby im not going to be paying for two phone contracts for one phone?
Anybody had similar or any advise?
[Post edited 28 May 2019 19:11]
Les Ferdinand
at 08:41 2 Apr 2019

His name keeps cropping up in all the SM threads at the mo so i thought it was worth starting his own one.
I dont for one minute think he should go. He's exactly what we need while we have these owners. Someone who's a football man and understands QPR.
However i do think he needs to get a grip on his roll and improvements need to be made. The idea of a DoF running the football side of things ,i thought, was to keep a consistency in the way we play and our recruitment. We seem to be very sporadic still in all these areas.
Just wondered what the general consensus is at the moment.
Construction industry
at 08:46 5 Mar 2019

Anyone else in it and finding things a bit too quiet at the mo.?
Hopefully pick up again in the summer as per.
London wake up tune
at 12:54 27 Jan 2019

I didn't want to post this on the political neutral zone of the Frankie thread so thought i'd post a new thread. Thought provoking song and vid. It's not really saying anything we don't already know but nonetheless a tune that speaks for a lot people.
Check out all the nightclubs that have closed down at the end of the vid. If you add all the public houses to that list its quite striking how London has changed in the last 20 years.
Some might say for the better i guess.
Tickets x2 for Chemical Brothers
at 17:10 5 Oct 2018

Tomorrow night at Ally Pally. Face value £42.50 each .

PM me if interested

Can split tickets
[Post edited 5 Oct 2018 17:26]
at 00:12 3 Oct 2018

Anyone used these to sell tickets?
I think i'm about to be stitched up by them.
at 19:45 18 Aug 2018

at 02:52 27 May 2018

Bit naff. Han Solo deserved a better film than that.
I should have taken my 9 year old to Deadpool 2 instead.
Peak Dave
at 00:40 26 Feb 2018

Quite a few Daves on here.
2010/11 SEASON
at 22:13 26 Jan 2018

Just thought i'd post this.

[Post edited 27 Jan 2018 0:56]
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