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Help needed, power of attorney
at 16:53 21 Feb 2020

Alas my partners mother has been showing the signs of dementia for the last 2 years and it has gotten to the stage where she doesn't know if it's Wednesday or Lewisham (Courtesy Ms. P. Scales).

My partner has got power of attorney, and has started going through her mothers accounts as her mother hasn't got any money each month as her pension seems to disappear from her mothers account.

she has found almost £16,000.00 missing / unaccounted for with no real paper trail over the last 2 years. All DD's have been cancelled, and mortgage is sorted, so is her poxy time share, but...........

However we are thinking that as her mother knows nothing of these transactions we can claim under the chargeback scheme as apparently they went out by someone using her debit cards purporting to be a company in Spain. (We know that she owns her part of her time share and that this property has a maintenance order for payment every year...fair enough), but there is no paper trail at all here, and for some reason the Halifax isn't recognising my partner has power of attorney despite my partner going to the bank along with her mother.

So this is an old lady who has 'lost' 16k in cash from an account she hasn't got paperwork, receipts etc for.

What i'm after is advice please, legal or otherwise to guide both hers and my next moves.
Cheers guys and girls
Man City banned from Europe
at 19:08 14 Feb 2020

2 seasons apparently, and a 25m fine too (derisory in my opinion)
Corona virus
at 10:04 10 Feb 2020

is it me but if it can be spread by breathing in particles in the air expelled by carriers, then why the fcuk are the bus drivers and second man travelling without masks on each coach bringing peeps back from China?
15 more years of 'normal' cars left
at 09:16 4 Feb 2020

Ok, so i havnt really got many objections to this, apart from....

1) no range. if i cannot drive from scouse town to strasburg on 1 charge of electricery rather than on a tank of gas stopping only for a loo break and the tunnel then i'm out.

2) charging points.... not enough, and should all have a single compatible plug

3) costs of buying them, and the battery if replacements are needed

4) charging speed. i dont want to have to sit there for anything more than 15 minutes when i have a long journey to complete waiting for the car to charge.

Plus i want to be able to use the radio, air conditioning, lights etc and not have to keep looking at the battery level while doing a trip to London, for instance.

They need to cancel HS2, and put 'upgradable' charging point infrastructure in place now.
Really good adverts
at 23:05 2 Feb 2020

Hi guys,
for some lighthearted entertainment, i've started this thread for you all to post adverts you find amusing or just plain brilliant.

Here's mine...... and happy groundhog day.

No subject
at 13:59 1 Feb 2020

[Post edited 1 Feb 14:33]
Will the last person to leave.....
at 13:41 30 Jan 2020

please turn the lights out.

So far......i'm reading that these have left, or are leaving or have been linked with a move...


If they all go, thats a hell of a chunk of our first team, and some great players we will / could lose.

My word, do we have players of skill to replace them? remember at present we are 16th, so in grand old Duke of York fashion (oooerrrrrr) neither up nor down, but would losing these have a very negative impact on the team and performances?

Is the wycombe game
at 22:29 28 Jan 2020

still playing?

Live scores says it is at 10.28pm

78mins gone and 2-0 to wycombe?
[Post edited 28 Jan 22:29]
in the 5 years Before smart motorways....... 72 near miss incidents......
at 21:01 27 Jan 2020

and in the 5 years after 'smart' motorway modifications 1485 incidents

This is on a stretch of the M25

I totally recommend tonights BBC1 Panorama "Britains Killer Motorways" to see just how badly they are going wrong.

The 'oh sh1t' moment of a dad broken down with his family of 5 kids, as he sees a truck about to rear end him on what was the inside lane is harrowing.

Smart my fecking ass!
Oh ni, Terry has gone now!
at 12:58 22 Jan 2020

Terry Jones has died aged 77
Stepping back from public life!
at 08:30 9 Jan 2020

yeah thats right, we are going to pay for them to have a quiet life, split between the UK and USA.

to quote 'Nat King Cole... 'there may be trouble ahead'!
Swans match thread (or our yearly cup capitulation)
at 11:58 5 Jan 2020

Didnt see one posted so i thought i would start my first one of the new year.

I am predicting (despite the thread title) a rip snorting 4-2 to Rangers with the ugly duckings scoring first.

Eze, Hugill and BOS for 3 of our 4 (assuming they play of course)

New James Bond Trailer out. "No Time to Die"
at 14:06 5 Dec 2019

I've watched this railer a few times know and cannot help feeling that rumours are correct, Bond retires as a white guy and gets replaced by a Black woman.

No problem with a black ''00." or even if that character is a woman, but having Bond as a woman always will rankle with me.
Political correctness gone mad in my old mysogynistic eyes.

Dave Cullen (if you have not seen his You Tube progs i'd recommend them) , think it looks very 'Woke', and i have to agree.


Dave Cullen

What are your thoughts, or is it just me?
Sam Kydd (Actor) trial with QPR
at 12:08 2 Dec 2019

Just seen it mentioned that that great character actor Sam Kydd had a trial with Rangers.

Anyone know more about this?
Rangers against the buzzers stream
at 19:48 28 Oct 2019



click past the porn pop ups etc, you get a black rectangle with a play arrow..... its the match

WBA stream anyone?
at 12:25 28 Sep 2019

Hi chaps,

anyone picked up a stream yet for the match?
Currently unemployed so cant go for the official one
Poor old Bury (and all for the want of a horseshoe nail)!
at 21:44 26 Sep 2019

[Post edited 26 Sep 2019 22:12]
Parking ticket advice please chaps
at 17:42 25 Sep 2019

I went to Manchester airport to pick the family up from holiday, and parked 5 mins away from the arrival terminal (literally, their plane flew over me as i parked), on a road called Shadowmoss road, by the tram stop, where i always park to pick them up when they are shopping in town.

There is a parking bay clearly laid out on one side of the road opposite the houses (google earth it if you need to see more) and they each have off road parking for a minimum of 1 car.

So between my visit before picking the family up, signs have been put up saying 'residents parking permit only' on posts by aside the long parking bay.
I didnt see them.

In fact the first i knew of it was the parking enforcement chap knocking on my window saying that 'this was residents parking and would i mind moving'.
No problem there, he was polite and once pointed out to me i moved away.

Today i got a ticket in the post for £70, which equates as £30 per minute i was there in the bay i always park in.

If i complain, i have to pay 50% extra.

No ticket was given to me, no notice of being booked given verbally, just a polite 'this is residents parking and would i mind moving'

Anyway, as it stands i did park there for a couple of minutes, i moved on without stress or words exchanged apart from me saying 'yes, sorry i didn't know , and i'll move now'.

Any advice please?
Bird season officially over!
at 10:14 25 Sep 2019

No, not the female variety, but the feathered ones......

What hope of breaking ground at Warren Farm before the next ice age?

out of 100% please folks.......

I'll start with a hopeful 25%
As Warburton has newly signed......
at 21:52 17 Jul 2019

Robert DeNero in, why isn't he playing?

Don't tell me he's bloody injured already?
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