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Rangers against the buzzers stream
at 19:48 28 Oct 2019



click past the porn pop ups etc, you get a black rectangle with a play arrow..... its the match

WBA stream anyone?
at 12:25 28 Sep 2019

Hi chaps,

anyone picked up a stream yet for the match?
Currently unemployed so cant go for the official one
Poor old Bury (and all for the want of a horseshoe nail)!
at 21:44 26 Sep 2019

[Post edited 26 Sep 22:12]
Parking ticket advice please chaps
at 17:42 25 Sep 2019

I went to Manchester airport to pick the family up from holiday, and parked 5 mins away from the arrival terminal (literally, their plane flew over me as i parked), on a road called Shadowmoss road, by the tram stop, where i always park to pick them up when they are shopping in town.

There is a parking bay clearly laid out on one side of the road opposite the houses (google earth it if you need to see more) and they each have off road parking for a minimum of 1 car.

So between my visit before picking the family up, signs have been put up saying 'residents parking permit only' on posts by aside the long parking bay.
I didnt see them.

In fact the first i knew of it was the parking enforcement chap knocking on my window saying that 'this was residents parking and would i mind moving'.
No problem there, he was polite and once pointed out to me i moved away.

Today i got a ticket in the post for £70, which equates as £30 per minute i was there in the bay i always park in.

If i complain, i have to pay 50% extra.

No ticket was given to me, no notice of being booked given verbally, just a polite 'this is residents parking and would i mind moving'

Anyway, as it stands i did park there for a couple of minutes, i moved on without stress or words exchanged apart from me saying 'yes, sorry i didn't know , and i'll move now'.

Any advice please?
Bird season officially over!
at 10:14 25 Sep 2019

No, not the female variety, but the feathered ones......

What hope of breaking ground at Warren Farm before the next ice age?

out of 100% please folks.......

I'll start with a hopeful 25%
As Warburton has newly signed......
at 21:52 17 Jul 2019

Robert DeNero in, why isn't he playing?

Don't tell me he's bloody injured already?
O2 thoughts please?
at 14:57 9 Jul 2019

Hi everyone,

i have an i pad that takes a sim card for data 'on the move', and its with O2.

last september i had a need to swap my broken i pad for a replacement in the apple store. i accidentally left my sim card in the the time i realised i was 200 miles away.

so i got a 1 month pay as you go sim from another vendor, contacted O2 and got them to block the sim i left in the old machine.

they promised to send a replacement out, so alls well........

But, the sim never arrived, and as i stopped using data on the move i forgot that they were still charging me every month.

so its now 10 months later and the auditor just flagged it with me......ouch.

I ring O2 and they say tough, we see you've not used any data, but as a bit of good will we will give you £10 credit.

Thoughts please (and not the obvious 'youve been a plonker' ) lol
More spam on this site
at 08:28 8 Jun 2019

Hi Northern

just had a new sky redirection / hijacking away from this site

if it helps i'm running an i pad.

Link for today?
at 12:36 5 May 2019

If i'd have put 'link for wednesday?' it may have confused. lol

So, anyone? please?
Blackpool let off points deduction
at 21:52 11 Apr 2019

The B-52's are coming !!!!!!
at 19:58 27 Mar 2019

No i don't mean the current deployment of 8 of them at RAF Fairford in Gloucestershire, i mean........THE B-52's!!!

30/6/2019 London Apollo if anyone is interested?
I am but typically i'm in Scotland that weekend, and am well miffed at missing them!
Dull Shytty vs Farcelona match thread (the original thread)
at 08:17 16 Mar 2019

Yeah ok, maybe Dull Shytty will be the Farcelona today.

After this weeks awful mess, i'm predicting a 2-0 win to Dull, but live in hope that we might win this to give us a semblance of safety from relegation.

[Post edited 16 Mar 13:32]
Flooring and liability (real post, kitchen free)
at 10:50 14 Mar 2019

Hi guys,

your thoughts please?

we had a new fridge freezer delivered 2 weeks ago. The deal was to deliver, install and remove the old one.

the new and old went through the double patio doors, but the old fridge freezer and the new fridge freezer were dragged on their wheels out fo the tiled floor kitched, onto our engineered wood oak flooring in the hall and living room.

subsequently both left marks across our flooring, the heavier one making tram tracks like a tank has rolled across the floor.
both fridges here jiggled on their corners to negoriate both doorways they had to go through leaving zig zag indentations and various scrapes across the floors in the hall and living room.

To be fair, there were existing marks on the floor as its been down 10 years, but this has controbuted those marks 300% as all our furniture have felt pads on the bottom to keep potential damage down.

The transport company has just been out and told us that they think the floor will sand out, and that they will get a quote. Fine, no problems there.

However he then said we will get a quote for this but you will have to meet us on the price as otherwise we will be paying for the whole floor to be refinished.

Its not been our intention to sand our floors, and i have asked him why i should pay for their damage to be repaired........ he said, 'well thats the way the industry works, why should i pay to put your damage right'?

on the face of it a reasonable question, but if he only put his damage right i'd have a top layer of my oak floor 1/2mm lower all over my floor and different colouring if he just repaired and sanded and sealed their damage.

Cant be right can it?

Opinions and thoughts please team!


Stringfellow Hawke dies
at 08:25 9 Mar 2019

J.M.V., who played the above in the show 'Airwolf' dies aged 74

Another from my past departs.
I'm a firestarter..... no more
at 11:52 4 Mar 2019

Keith Flint dies at 49
Urgent tech help needed
at 21:06 2 Mar 2019

Hi everyone,
Urgent help needed if your able?

My partners daughter has saved 12 files on a memory stick that has become corrupted.

We told her that she should back up, but she decided, as young girls and boys do to ignore us and simply save them to the stick and not the computer.

This has ALL her course work for university and it has to be in on Wednesday, so i am after a free cheap and very easy to use recover program please?

I cant even drag and drop the files to my lap top or hers as they are corrupted and windows 10 wont let me do it.

Any help gratefully received, and obviously its quite urgent.
[Post edited 2 Mar 21:12]
Notts County in receivership
at 15:46 28 Feb 2019

winding up order.

arent they one of the, or the founder of, the football league?
dont Juventus owe the shirts to Notts County helping them out?

So where is the next win coming from?
at 15:44 23 Feb 2019

easy question this, and maybe i should add 'and how?'

We are on the slippery slope, and if we dont win today (2-0 down at the minute and nearly half time), and although we know we have a team to do ok in this league, the run of defeats are worrying.

Mind you there are 16 new grounds for me if we didnt stay up (yes i know, lightweight), somthere is an upside. lol

Maybe its that fluky win that will turn things around, maybe a homer ref at HQ, have no idea, maybe you have some thoughts.

over to you guys and gals.

[Post edited 23 Feb 15:48]
Blackpool update
at 19:47 18 Feb 2019


i feel sorry for the fans to be fair.
Incompetent refereeing or.........???
at 21:43 12 Feb 2019

Seriously worried that there might just be an underlying problem with referees this season, and i'm not about to go all 'Danny Baker' here (hopefully you all remember what he said for the BBC that got him fired), but you have to wonder, dont you?

Yes we should put away our chances, but the amount of terrible decisions is mounting by the week, and i have an uneasy feeling it cannot be simply bad luck.
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