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Best League in the world!
at 10:53 7 Jun 2024

Championship (Obvs).
Florest points fine appeal gets thrown out
at 12:29 7 May 2024

not to worry though, both fines leave them in exactly the same place in the league.

bent as a nine bob note the 'premier' league.
so who would you keep?
at 17:13 13 Apr 2024

this team arent good enough, but might be lucky enough, to stay up.

However, its fair to say that STILL, this team isnt good enough. And some of the players were here last season too, so there's a pattern developing.

Marti, no matter what happens, has to get rid of the dross that is hurting us.....



To name but 2, but who would you get rid of?
Rotherham down
at 09:33 6 Apr 2024

Shame really as i have a soft spot for them.

I first saw a match there at the old ground, a delightful, back street kind of ground, open terrace etc...... 1-0 to Rangers.

Then a few years later i visited again but to the new , swanky ground a few hundred yards down the road. ......3-0 to the Rangers.

That leaves 2 more places to be allocated a team very soon.
And to top it all off.....
at 16:51 29 Mar 2024

Louis Gossett Jr has died
Frank E. Torpey
at 18:10 26 Mar 2024

Just so a friend of mine doesnt just fall through the gaps of recognition.

Frank E.Torpey, went to sleep Saturday evening with his family present.

Frank was an 'aquantance' on Facebook, but we never met, merely chatted, but got on well.

One of Frank's best memories was watching Buddy Holly on stage at the Kilburn Empire. And something from that gig stuck with Frank, for he decided music was his future.

Frank became the co-founder of 'The Sweet'!

R.I.P. mate , the last original member passes to that great gig in the sky.
Advice requested on shower door shattering
at 10:43 17 Feb 2024

Hi everybody, am after some asvice from the 'sages' that are out here please?

Sat in front of the telly last night, having a lovely sweet & sour when there was a roaring like a large firework being let off outside.

Indeed, so loud was it we both ran to either door to chase off the culprits, only to find no one there.

Confused by the sound we started a search only to find that the shower / bath screen had shattered and deposited 90% of the glass into the bath, damaging the thick polycarbonate bath.

So today, we contacted the insurance and was told that the bath was covered under the house home and contents insurance but the shower screen would need a report by an expert to ascertain what went wrong with the screen! 🤬😖😤

They will replace the bath but not the screen until we have had a report on it. Well good luck with that, the tempered glass shattered into thousands of pieces, soi'm not sure if someone can figure out what caused it, as we were eating tea at the time.

So meanwhile, the insurance say nope, not touching it until you have a report, and we dont want to use the bath as the chip, gouge and scrape onto the polycarbonate might weaken the bath if either of us decided to have one.

Any thoughts / help please?

Today, i celebrated my birthday
at 22:59 14 Feb 2024

Great way to celebrate, a comp ticket to the game, dinner after, and maybe some jigajig?

Then i heard from a very reliable source that their Footy CEO was telling his staff that he was extremely nervous about tonight.

Well, need not have worried mate, and in the end i didnt go, or have a meal or, thanks to Rangers, get laid!

Rangers / Strangers ....... bum gobbed once again!
Creed gone
at 20:23 2 Feb 2024

Apollo Creed has died.

[Post edited 2 Feb 20:35]
Ferrari and Hamilton
at 12:06 1 Feb 2024

Confirmed for 2025 season.

This could be interesting!
TV's 'Pawnstars' death at 39
at 15:00 22 Jan 2024

It's being reported that Adam Harrison (Rick's son for those that watch, and really was only alluded too in the series) has died at 39.

I must confess to watching the show for entertainment purposes, and i know the family have been slated for carious reasons prior, but 39 aint no age to die.

[Post edited 22 Jan 15:10]
Last 5 or 6 managers
at 14:05 15 Jan 2024

Just wondering,

How does Marti's last 10 or 15 games compare to our last 4 managers last 10 or 15 games?

Might be interesting to know.

And how many of those players played for all of them?

Just thinking Causal links here.

However bad or poor it might look for Marti, he will come good, i think we've seen enough to know that, but he's only working with the tools (meant in all meanings) he has been given.
Post office / Horizon show
at 19:46 2 Jan 2024

Christ, what great 'real' drama.

When i first heard about Horizon, waaaay back in the day, and even then with my rudimentary understanding of glitches, viruses, 'computer says no' etc, i knew there was something wildly 'fishy' about it.

Thoroughly recommend it to you all.
Get rid sharpish, or have this cancer corrupt?
at 18:18 1 Jan 2024

Now, knowing you can only play what you have got, i sympathise with Marti and will still give him a few years grace to get a squad together....... but......

We need someone in the club to sit down tomorrow with the team and pick the 'best 4 or 5', and release with immediate effect every other player in the first team (yes i think they should be paid off and got rid of as they are the problem, not the cure).

Then tomorrow afternoon i'd get the reserves etc together and choose the rest of the team from those players.

1) it would give a 'shot across the bows' to those chosen to stay.
2) it would give those in the reserves etc a filip knowing that the 'promised land of riches' isnt far off if they perform.
3) Pay the reserves on a lower wage than the 4 or 5 chosen but tie them into a performance bonus to boost their wages
4) kick trainers, ramsey, boot boys etc out.

unless we kill this cancer, even league 1 will be a nightmare, only made happier by new grounds to visit next season.
google and i pad changes, anyone know why?
at 00:03 25 Dec 2023

Hi and Merry Christmas everyone.

In the last week or 2 Google has started to ask me for consent and cookie choices on every page i now visit.

Its also asking me to confirm i'm using my i pad or sammsung phone, by sending me requests to prove i am who i say i am.

All my passwords etc are up to date, but i'm getting mithered a lot. I can be on a web page, go through 2 stage stuff, close, then want to revisit it, and have to do it all over again. It's blinking annoying.

Any thoughts please?
Tis the season....... whats your favourite Christmas film? and why?
at 22:30 4 Dec 2023

Mine is Die Hard, despite John's vest changing colours when he is in the air conditioning duct!
[Post edited 5 Dec 2023 7:43]
is someone.....
at 17:50 2 Dec 2023

having sex in the background in the middle of the European draw?

So where is our first win coming from and when?
at 16:59 25 Nov 2023

I'm putting February, and an own goal!
Training ground
at 16:01 21 Oct 2023

Do we actually own one?

or did we actually sneak into Warren Farm and play 'carlos kickaball' when no ones watching?

What is this stat guy doing? taking the pee methinks.
Trainers ditto
Manager ditto
Assistant ditto
team ditto

This is crap, and it wont get any better as the firestorm is about to play out in the second half.
Haydn Gwynne R.I.P. @66
at 17:48 20 Oct 2023

Love this actress,

Always got good parts from Drop the Dead Donkey, to the sublime 'Windsors' (the latter an acerbic view of the monarchy.

Not only that, she was on my 'women i fancy but shouldnt list'.

[Post edited 20 Oct 2023 17:51]
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