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23 billion versus 700 billion
at 09:24 8 Oct 2021

All thats wrong with the world right there.

How will any other club in the world be able to compete with that?

New Car Woes (Honda)
at 14:56 5 Oct 2021

Hi everyone,

3 months ago i got a brand new (leased) Honda CR-V Hybrid. It's a lovely car but its started to get niggles (ok, stuff that happens that shouldnt)

Here's the list
Alarm going off at night
hazards going off at night
Seatbelt pre tensioners violently pre tensioning when theres not a car on the road
Sat nav made a balloon popping sound snd went off for 5 minutes while on the M6
Sometimes the sat nav freezes
Drivers side window closes by itself when half down
brakes graunching
brakes sounding metal on metal when slowing from 20-0mph
headlights self activating and flashing other drivers when its bright sunshine
Doors not unlocking and when they do, the dar decides which handles to unlock
and just now (tuesday 5th Oct @ 2.25pm) the auto collision avoidance system turned on, as did the lane keeping by itself and the dash started scrolling through warning icons including a tortoise, the car on a steep hill (i was on flat ground), 'ES', 'Brake Hold', 'EP', all quite random and some with a bong tone!

I've started to video this as no one is believing me at Honda, and no one is helping and i keep all exterior sensors clean and free of dirt etc.

They want the car for a day, but wont offer a car so i can go to work or simply go home.

Anyone else had some sh1t experiences with a new car or can advise? Car now has 7500 on the clock, and with 2 breaks away coming soon i'm loathed to drive it twice to cornwall, if at all.


Quatar and F1
at 13:15 30 Sep 2021

So lets see if Lewis et al will protest, stay away etc huh?

My monies on them doing nothing!
Away fans in Ellerslie?
at 13:41 21 Aug 2021

Hi guys,

Been thinking this for a while now, but given the noise from Barnsley fans in the School end, should we not consider putting them all in a block on the half way line of Ellerslie? The sound of cheering wouldn't be so loud there either, and if we had both ends we could 'raise the roof' somewhat on days like today.

Amazon deliveries
at 10:27 9 Aug 2021

Hi guys,

Something ive noticed recently regarding Amazon and wondered if any of you have had the same exoeriences?

i have, in the last 6 months, purchased quite a bit from Amazon, and my first gripe is that there is an awful lot of items sold there that are delivery from China, but they dont tell you that when you order. i purchased a lens for my camera at a good, but not outstanding price, and it offered next day delivery or standard.... i chose standard and on checkout the delivery was quoted as 4 weeks. Knowing that item was available in UK shops, i did some digging and it was being supplied as a 'grey' import from Hong Kong!

secondly, ive noticed that items with a 2-6 week delivery, if you try and cancel the order, you get the item the following day.

Or is it just me, and my old, fading, mind. lol
Derby get off scot free
at 21:45 3 Jul 2021

EFL decide not to appeal, so WRDC get a free pass for next term.

What the fcuk us wrong with this picture?
Game over man, Game over!
Where are all the fookin trees?
at 15:41 12 Jun 2021

Living oooop north in close to whippet country, i have just decided to go out for the afternoon, to defrag, chill, relax, get some space and air. Perfect.

The neighbour is doing his best to pee people off 25 miles away with his outdoor beat box thats got blown speakers, and has proved that his goes up to 12.
He's busy playing the same garage, gansta shyte almost on repeat, but certainly annoying.

Now , so before i decide to go all 'falling down' on his ass, i thought, lets look at good old google earth and find a forest, woods etc that may just be quiet enough to sit and just relax.

I turn on google earth, and search...... and search..... and search.....

Where the feck are all the trees in this country? ok, some nice forests if your prepared to queue up to get in, or pay for parking or pay the duke of shyte to go i to the grounds of his stately home, but surprisingly for such a 'green and pleasant land' there aint much cover available to us mere mortals.

If you have the time, take a look, this 'green and pleasant land' is only green because of the fields of crops etc.

Looks like i'm gonna have to go 'postal' then instead! Grrrrrrrr
A hotel and an injury (thoughts please)
at 18:18 26 May 2021

Hi everyone,

Last week i was treated to a belated birthday present (corova virus y'no?)

Anyway, it was a full day at a known chain of hotel spa, including 2 massages, use of the pool, steam room, ice room, jacuzzi etc)

First hour in the bubbles was rather nice, and we then moved to the pool for an hours swim prior to the massage.
As i had left my towel on the far side of the pool i walked round to pick it up....on walking back to the tother half, i rounded the corner of the pool and felt a huge pain in the sole of my foot.

I let out a yell, stopping everyone in their tracks, and looked down to find a 2mm diameter glass rod embedded in the sole of my heal.
I asked someone to get a medic, which took 7 minutes, but she came and brought some towels just in case it bled. A towel was placed under my foor, and while the medic tried to wrap my foot in a towel, the rod was dislodged, and 4 large towels worth of blood came out, a fair bit going into the pool too.

Anyway, after bleeding for 10 mins, it stopped, was dressed, but no real apologies just what seemed like a party line of 'we dont have glass in the pool area, we have no idea how it got there'.

Anyway, it went septic, then got a little better over this last week but yesterday opened up and started bleeding again as its right on my sole of my heel and i drive a manual car so use my left a lot.

So, i contactedthe hotel, got the party line....but they are asking what i would like to resolve this..........
suggestions please?

[Post edited 26 May 18:18]
at 11:36 7 May 2021

Hi chaps,

got a rear lower tooth that cracked a couple of years ago.

It left a bit of tooth and both roots in place, but i left it alone (hate dentists).
Now, 10 days ago it became infected In the cavity left from the broken bit. This spread up to my ear, chest, neck and lips.

I went to the dentist and they couldnt do anythjng because of the infection and gave me a course of antibiotics.

This had, i thought, cleared my infection and i plucked up courage to visit the dentist today to have it pulled.

No joy. There is an infection still there (more meds), and i had 4 or 5 (whatever the max allowed is), pain killing / numbing injections into the area, but it wouldnt budge, and also the pain was huge despite the injections.

Being the coward i am, any suggestions regarding further treatment please thats less trouble and pain?

The Alex Belfield case
at 16:33 28 Mar 2021

Anyone else been following this chap on You Tube?

Some strange goings on with regards to him being arrested without warrant, home raided, items taken but not returned, front door put in etc

He's blaming the Broken Biscuit Company for colluding with the Notts police force , but the more you watch his videos, the more you either think theres no smoke without fire, or, like me you wonder why the Police would keep harrassing him without any paperwork, charges being proffered and no explanations or reasons for his arrests. (5 in a week is pretty steep i'd have thought).

And apparently when at the police station he's strip searched, then released without as much as a 'by your leave''

Very strange.
Thoughts ?

worth a bet?
at 13:45 16 Mar 2021

on Rotherham's game tonight being postponed? lol
Rotherham Postponed again!
at 11:01 13 Mar 2021

Whats going on? Anyone?
No more Hilton Valentine
at 21:05 31 Jan 2021

Alas he's died aged 77

When the Police played Wembley Arena, on New Years Eve 1983, The Animals (original line up) were the support group.

Pretty damn good they were too.
[Post edited 1 Feb 0:26]
Thick , dont give a shyte, or plain ignorant?
at 11:57 28 Jan 2021

No, this isnt a thread about Chelscum or Wayne Rooney.....

Not sure about you guys, but i am pig sick with the amount of flagrant breaches of the lockdown (read lock downs), by 'famous' people who , in my opinion, think they are above everyone else and give give a flying fcuk.

Latest muppet is Rita Ora, who held a party for 15, blacked out the windows of restaurant so willfully tried to sneak it and the cctv was turned off for the duration.

then 2 weeks ago, a 'celeb' under lockdown on a tropical island was caught trying to sneak out of said island at the airport.

Then, like the rest of them, come out with a B.S. platitude that 'they should have known better', 'have let people down' blah blah blah.......... but seem to get away scott free.

[Post edited 28 Jan 13:08]
at 17:40 9 Jan 2021

Pardew for Warby Warburton?
at 15:36 9 Jan 2021

cant think why he would be in the 'crowd' today otherwise, unless BOS is heading to Croatia?
Wigan player ?
at 14:45 17 Dec 2020

not sure whom, but wigan forum (i'm watching with interest the new owner thread), seems to think we are very interested in one of their players.

Taking into account they have sold pretty much their best players, anyone here got an idea whom we might be interested in? Club mascot? ball boy?
Greg Clarke gone
at 17:39 10 Nov 2020

Animals on the pitch
at 14:27 9 Nov 2020

No, not Joey Barton.... however....

i seem to remember, back in the day seeing 5 animals on the pitch at HQ at separate times in the 80's....

A fox

Has anyone seen other animals either at HQ or at another match they have attended (must have attended)?
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