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Euros observations
at 03:10 20 Jun 2024

Seeing copious amounts of holding, pulling and general man handling going on at this tournament. Some of the high profile players taking a real hammering at times. Yellow cards seem to come out late though I’m sure FIFA have told them to keep them tucked away sometimes. Funny as well that when players who do get booked act so indignant. You did it and the world saw you do it, Bizarre.

Goalkeepers not catching the ball. I remember seeing Clemence and Nev making diving catching saves all the time. This parrying malarkey is Costing goals.

Some mad shot blocking, single players and half the defense accompanied by goals being scored going through players legs.
Bands you haven’t got around to listening to yet but here great things
at 02:44 24 May 2024

Captain Beefheart
Frank Zappa
The Rutles
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Johnny Marr/James
at 16:50 8 May 2024

Coming to a town in your nearest US residency.

Help getting a Birmingham programme
at 11:40 28 Mar 2024

Any kind soul attending this event willing to mail me a programme please. I have PayPal.

Ps I get a mention in dispatches

Thank you

Ignitionsports media who print the programme won’t mail to the USA

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Sunderland till I die Rangers footage Venables & Francis
at 04:10 15 Feb 2024

First episode of series 3 has footage from Roker Park against us from the 70’s. Like a home movie. Really cool. Wondering if it’s the game after their fac cup final victory where we won 3-0 and is there any more footage from that home movie knocking around.
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QPR shirts seen on screen
at 19:28 1 Feb 2024

Seen a couple of late.

Mr Doherty singing dirty olde town in Ukrainian at Stamford bridge with a classic compaq shirt. Good on yea

Military Wives movie one of the wives wearing a Car Giant shirt
BBC Irish/Scots influence in football Brian Mclair
at 04:29 27 Jan 2024

Great documentary, 1979 cup final only 7 English players on the pitch. Stopped watching that game when Arsenal went 2UP then started again at 2-2. The rest etc. Never a fan of Arsenal back then, had too many Arsenal mates who were at the game as well.

Anyway dodgy Barnets and an era of footballers fav music being Luther van dross etc. Today now being interviewed in nice places with smart haircuts and up pops

Brian Mclair, double take or what. Looks cool though.

Anyone post a pic if poss. Thanks
Usual argumentative suspects a thread
at 19:30 6 Jan 2024

just for you (10 page minimum)


PG Tips
at 20:50 13 Nov 2023

Went to my usual local Indian grocery store to get the basics, tea and chocolate.

PG tips pyramid 240 in a new style and colour box and lo and behold they taste like shyte. Got hold of an old style box, no problem. Something has changed?

Also if I purchase the biggest Cadbury bar it tastes not great but ok. Get the smaller ones taste well dodgy. These are the imported bars not the ones made by Hersheys that you can also get here.

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Dobson as manager
at 17:57 7 Oct 2023

Anyone, I’m not opposed.

At least he talks about football rather then listening to a Ted talk.

Got to be a bit mad or desperate though to manage at Rangers.
[Post edited 7 Oct 2023 17:59]
July 4th
at 18:30 1 Jul 2023

In a country where the immigrants know more about the history of the country then the locals you sure hear a lot about this day if your native land is Grand Brittania.

Got invited to a few parties to join in the celebrations. Lovely food with good craft beer available that is a thriving independent industry really taking off and giving a black eye to the big hitters.

Got to have a token Brit at the event, it’s the law. Americans aren’t always good at getting stick back after they dish it out. Fun though.
QPR clear out
at 20:10 5 May 2023

Club looking for players via agents for all positions. Reliable source.
Music fans and dancing around the kitchen
at 15:07 20 Apr 2023

Would like to recommend a radio station called RADIO PLASTIQUE. It’s available through the App Store. Anyone who can post a link would be appreciated.

Based out of Baltimore simply playing great tunes. The beautiful thing is they play great music and familiar/unfamiliar tunes and also stuff that may not be always your cup of tea but it’s good. Always solid pieces of music that can be appreciated. Plenty of British artists played all the time. Very rarely I hear any shyte played. Music played for music people.

Classic punky alternative/soul/funk/blues/jazz/weird shit etc. Also introducing me to so many artists I was unaware of.

Some joy behold to fellow kindred spirits and followers of our beloved team in our season of plight, please indulge and join me dancing around the kitchen.

[Post edited 20 Apr 2023 15:22]
Taking or giving
at 19:10 19 Feb 2023

Having followed Rangers a while and been privy to a few things it always occurred to me that we as a club seem to attract and encouraged a taking mentality. What I will say about the people running the club is that, it has been identified and somewhat rectified.

However some situations can’t always change when bringing players and managers to the club, ie the right sort. Absolutely in hindsight the owners screwed up with us around being in and out of the premier league.

So many good things are said from ex players and managers about Les, Hoos and co. Something’s right at least. Footballs malaise is that it’s too jobs for the boys. It’s endemic and won’t change, however you just need the right boys. And if you do find the right boys they often get tempted to pastures greener.

Calling for any changes need to talk to someone who was behind the scenes when Mike Rigg and his goon squad got involved. That’s why we have who we have running the show and how the show is run now. Its a current sad and concerning situation I agree and I don’t have the answers.

What ever happens moving forward the club can’t go back to idiots like Paladini being around and again Thompson gets a lot of stick but talk to ex employees and he was one of the better owners.

I’m sure, like all of us, don’t want a club that no one wants to work at, play for and stop the rot of losing more supporters attending HQ. This is the challenge

Ps anyone see Spurs first goal against West Ham, majestic.
[Post edited 19 Feb 2023 19:19]
If you feel that strongly
at 02:24 29 Jan 2023

Hello all dissenting voices. Instead of pontificating on here why are you not doing any real protesting. Invade the pitch, stop a game, throw your season ticket on the pitch. Go all ultra and visit on mass the training ground, maybe even don’t buy a programme. I don’t know be creative.

Seems far easier to get things off your chest on a social media platform then actually do anything. Same posters regurgitating the same agenda.

Man city game anyone care to remember.

[Post edited 29 Jan 2023 5:18]
Liverpool vs them mid table clash tribute
at 13:12 21 Jan 2023

Sitting here in my safe American home, both teams aren’t very good in fact shyte.
[Post edited 21 Jan 2023 13:18]
Need a millwall and Sunderland ticket please.
at 23:35 19 Jan 2023

Visiting my 91yr old Dad for the first time in 3 yrs and planned it so I could catch some games.

Any help appreciated. Thanks
International r,s season ticket
at 20:56 10 Oct 2022

Whispered quietly, Premier league

I was thinking if we do ever get there how about sharing a season ticket so when we go back to visit we get to see the game. The longer I’m away my contacts are getting slimmer and also take the hassle out of the equation. I’m sure between us we could make it work.

Thame hoops said he would manage it and sell the ticket when no one was using it.

Are things simply just coming to the surface
at 20:43 17 Aug 2022

Driving this morning to coach an U11 girls team how to play like the Sexton side of 75/76 I wondered and pondered.

Has all that has happened is players have been found wanting and been shown things that they are unable to do. Therefore, and I don’t care for the phrase, being found out, the reason some are players really not making any meaningful impacts on the pitch. We’ve all seen strikers just glad to get a shot off rather then be a finisher.

Warburton got the team playing well yet I never was sure he was moving players out of their comfort zone. Talk on here about modern football, that backwards and sideways stuff stops me watching. Relying on one player to get you out of jail also has no long term success.

As I’ve said before team goals are missing because we have bits and pieces and parts and not a cohesive unit. Very little balance last night I thought.

I think Beale has a way and style he wants and what he has at his disposal doesn’t fit in with that.
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