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Solo Rs fans joining forces?
at 12:40 17 Jul 2021

Slightly embarrassing question, but I was wondering if anyone else who doesn't have a regular crew of QPR-supporting friends fancied meeting up for matches at KPFS this season?

I've always gone with my Dad, but a combination of life getting in the way and him moving out of London has made things much tougher to coordinate. None of my other friends are Rs fans, and I've tried going to games on my own but it's just not the same without people to chat to or go for a pint with.

Between covid making me reevaluate the importance of being there in person and the general buzz of optimism around the team at the moment, I really want to get to more games this season, but I also don't want to do it on my own.

If anyone else is in a similar position and fancies joining forces, or if you're up for adopting an extra person into your existing group of match-going friends, let me know.
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Dexter Blackstock making PPE for the NHS
at 10:48 20 Apr 2020

Really interesting article about Dexter Blackstock’s medical technology company making a bunch of protective equipment for NHS staff:

Wally Downes - dodgy bets while at QPR
at 18:27 25 Sep 2019

Apologies if this is a Spackman, but Wally Downes has been suspended by AFC Wimbledon and charged by the FA over a series of dodgy bets.


Worryingly, some of the bets appear to have been made while he was a coach at QPR, under that model of respectability and legal propriety Harry Redknapp.

Could this have implications for us, or is that just me being paranoid?
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Football & acid house 86 - 91
at 17:34 20 Feb 2018

Hello! Long-time lurker, irregular poster...

I'm doing some research for a film documentary on the birth of acid house, between the years 1986 and 1991: one of the things I'm looking at is the connection between the acid house scene and football fans.

There are a couple of anecdotes about fans discovering ecstasy through the house scene, taking it at matches, and this creating a much more loved-up and less aggressive atmosphere. I'm hoping to find anything which might cast a bit more light on this, find out whether the myths are true, and uncover ways in which we can tell this story.

If anyone on here was going out to raves back in the day and might be willing to talk about any of this stuff, I would love to chat to you!
25 years ago today
at 17:12 5 Oct 2016

Was going through some old family photo albums yesterday and discovered a bunch of pictures I thought I'd lost, from the day I was a mascot at Loftus Road.

It was about a week after my 8th birthday, and for my birthday party I'd gone to see us play Forest with my dad and 3 or 4 friends: somehow he'd let the club know it was my birthday, and the day before we got a call to say that one of the mascots was sick and did I want to take their place. Obviously, I said yes. Checked the dates and it turns out it was exactly 25 years ago today, to the day.

Not sure if anyone else is likely to be remotely interested, but thought I'd share this one of me with Simon Barker and Stuart Pearce before kick-off (think that's Andy Sinton in the background too):

Details of FA charges
at 16:55 7 May 2011

Bit of a weird time to post my first thread on here, but what the hell... thought this might be of interest.

After the FA announcement, and various people on twitter saying we've been "let off" or narrowly avoided a points deduction or that the FA had bottled it, I wanted to have a quick look at the charges which have been proven against us, just to see exactly what we've been found guilty / innocent of.

FA Rule E3 covers "general behaviour" and bringing the game into disrepute: it's worded in a really vague way and could conceivably relate to just about any unwanted behaviour by a club. Rule A1 of the FA Agents Regulations relates to the use of an unlicensed agent, as you'd expect.

Neither of these two rules make any reference *at all* to either 3rd party ownership or lying to the FA, which must surely mean that we're innocent of all the charges relating to both of those. It looks pretty obvious that the only two charges we got found guilty of are definitely at the very, very minor end of things.

So in case any bitter cardiff fans complain about why we weren't deducted points, despite being found guilty on some of the charges, you can tell them that's why!
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