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Si Ferry meets... Clint Hill
at 21:39 12 May 2020

I can't see this on here, hope not a Spackman, friend told about this podcast and said it's very good so I'll hopefully get a chance to listen to it soon.
Si Ferry is an ex player and has done a lot of these.
PinnerPaul or other referee, a question
at 16:50 14 Apr 2020

Since we don't have current decisions to worry about can you clarify this for me;
Penalty shootout after extra time. Penalty taken hits the post directly from kicker, rebounds clearly out from goal, strikes keeper on back of head and goes in goal.
Is it a goal?
at 12:18 17 Feb 2020

Hopefully dipping into the LFW mine of expertise here!
Ive never had a proper CV and all jobs I've had have really been through contacts etc and current one I was approached by employer.
There is a job come up locally which is interesting me but its a national company so full CV and application process, does anyone have a decent template I can download etc which suits the modern process?
I'm sure i've pretty much got suitable background and vocational qualifications, although it's in a different field to my work history, so it's getting it down in the right way so I can hopefully get to interview process.
Any help much appreciated!
Footballers with ladies appendages
at 10:56 1 Feb 2020

Interesting twitter page, should appeal to many on here and not least Danny Paddox who could well be resident artist...

Edit the link
[Post edited 1 Feb 10:57]
Have any of you worshipped at the doors of this Kirk?
at 13:45 26 Apr 2019

You'll have to scroll down as i dont think the swear filter likes it
Left wing sorted at least.
at 19:01 3 Apr 2019

Good luck to our resident Trotskyite in bringing power to the people!

All the best Baz, hope it goes well.
Like Redknapp with a brown envelope?
at 21:00 5 Feb 2019
Dylan McGeouch
at 21:08 14 May 2018

Been offline a lot recently buying and moving house but this is one potential signing I can give report on.
Very good footballer who plays deep midfield mopping up in front of CBs and linking with more attack minded midfielders.

Pros - neat, tidy and cool with the ball under pressure. His ball retention this season has been remarkably good and he is reading the game really well sensing danger and loose passing by opposition.

Cons - Bit on the small side although not a weak player on the pitch he can lose possession with an odd slack pass per game which he has tightened up on but is still guilty of and they do lead to chances on goal due to field position these happen. Kind of accepted by Hibs fans as he is viewed as a high class player and his contribution overall is greater than these mistakes, would another club with less tolerant support give enough slack for him to bed in?
I say that purely as a new signing of what would be considered an experienced player, his maturing was done at Hibs and in 2nd tier so got an easier spell.

Biggest 'concern' would be his general fitness and durability. He spent months at Hibs on the treatment table with groin and muscular problems in his Hibs career until this his last season on contract, this season with Lennon alluding to a 'confidence/mental issues (much as Klopp did with Sturridge) he seen a specialist in London and has barely missed a beat and when he has been out of the team the odd time the difference has been palpable.
If he's fit I'd say he's definitely good enough for top half Championship and we're all sad to see him leave Hibs, which he does with best wishes from everyone. He had a very tearful walk around the ground away from the rest of the players at the end of season walk about with Sunshine on Leith belted out. Very emotional.
He was also a regular at U20 games supporting his younger colleagues and our son got his photo with him no problem, very friendly lad so good around the club I'm sure
Liam Miller
at 20:36 12 Nov 2017

There's a thread appeared on a Hibs forum that Liam Miller is in a hospice in Cork with a short time to live. Never knew he was ill and a shock to read this, anyone know any more?
I know he wasn't a success at LR and he had some mixed reviews at Hibs although overall I think he did a reasonably good shift there. Terrible news if true
at 12:47 30 Sep 2017

BBC have stolen Brians copyrighted CTN, scoundrels!

1 min

Huddersfield 0-0 Tottenham

He nearly scored in the first minute!

Harry Kane twists and turns in the home area but his shot goes out for a corner.

The corner comes to nowt.

But they win another seconds later.
Passport SOS
at 16:13 21 Jun 2017

The font of knowledge on here needs to be flowing please!
Our goalkeeper applied for an American visa through Belfast and they've delayed sending his passport back to the extent he hasn't got it today and we're leaving Orkney tonight! Any suggestions as to what to do, are there any ways around this anyone knows?
They have assured him it was posted on Monday so will likely arrive tomorrow and can get it couriered out for the return journey but doesn't help outward obviously.
We only have one keeper and two who are very much part time so couldn't have happened to a worse player!!
Island Games
at 10:31 21 Jun 2017

Setting off on the boat tonight and arrive in Gotland, Sweden on Thursday afternoon. Getting excited /nervous now and hopefully after all the hard work and expense we can so ourselves justice.
We're the 12th most populated island out of the 16 football teams competing so our immediate aim will be a finish of 9-12th meaning we need to finish 3rd in our group and then we play a placing game after that, if we can sneak a draw against Minorca then we could have a chance of 2nd and a finish of 5th to 8th but realistically that will be a very tall order!
Wish us luck and there may be live streaming of the games on the BBC Radio Orkney Facebook page if there is a good enough signal at the venues.
If we win you can be sure I'll keep you updated!!
Jason Cummings, centreforward Hibs
at 14:34 12 Jun 2017

Purely Facebook rumours concerning QPR but it is being widely reported as agreed fee with Forest and will be having medical this week.
Other rumours then start with QPR and Leeds joining in with interest. Fee being bandied about from Forest is £1.4m although plenty are sceptical since we turned down £1.7m from Peterborough last pre season and he's still got 3 year on contract. Difference may be that most of the payment is up front and sell on clause % whereas P'Boro was a lot of add ons etc to get to the eventual £1.7m.
Make of it what you will, just something a little different from politics!

Edit: 3 year on contract left
[Post edited 12 Jun 2017 15:00]
On my way
at 05:35 3 Mar 2017

Just going to catch the ferry to make my way down to the big smoke, meeting Baz today and my good friend Pat who has asked me along to LR tomorrow to celebrate his birthday in hospitality!
Never done hospitality at a game before so a new experience altogether, hopefully we see an exciting game and 3 points. Colin will surely send his team out to attack and we might be able to play our counter attack at home and reap the rewards.
Non QPR Island Games Football draw
at 17:04 30 Jan 2017

For the handful interested the draw was made for the Inter Island Games football competition today.
Orkney are in Group A with 2015 Bronze medallists Menorca, Jersey, who always have a strong team and Alderney who we have to view as our winnable fixture.
Group B: Gotland (host island, Sweden) Froya (Norway) Greenland and Western Isles
Group C: Guernsey (Gold last time), Aland (Sweden) Saaremaa (Estonia) and Shetland (boo!)
Group D: Isle of Man (Silver) Hitra (Norway) Ynys Mon, Falklands

The first named teams are the seeds and everyone else was out of the hat. Play each group member once then you play for positions i.e Winners of groups play a semi and final for positions 1-4, 2nd placed teams play each other for 5th - 8th and so on.
Orkney realistic aim will be to finish third in group and then obviously try to finish 9th, which as the 11th sized population is a par position?
Fixtures are released on 8th Feb if anyone is remotely interested

Edit 5 games in 6 days so not easy, max 20 players in squad
[Post edited 30 Jan 2017 17:06]
Just back's?
at 23:29 12 Jan 2017

Surely LBlock will be on the 'Just back' thread, he's been sorely missed so far tonight....
at 15:35 16 Dec 2016

Just had a quick look on forum today so might be a Spackman?
Surely a coach/player role?
The Daily Record are well known for getting stuff wrong it has to be said.
Boring laptop questions, anti virus etc
at 20:48 29 Oct 2016

What is best free anti virus etc?
Basic windows 10 laptop not really used for much other than a little bit of Open University stuff, web browsing, Now TV and kids play a few online games (real kids stuff as 10 and 6 yr old).
There's no 'adult' stuff (honest!)
Seems to have something infected on it as when you click on a link quite often you get a page open very much like you have on the streaming football sites.
Keep it simple please as i have got very little tech knowledge!

Edit. Its a laptop. Told you i was crap at Tech side!
[Post edited 29 Oct 2016 20:50]
Island Games 2017 Gotland, Sweden (non QPR)
at 18:57 5 Oct 2016

Orkney have accepted a last minute invitation to take the football entries up to 16 for next years Island Games.
Great to be involved in and looking forward to broadening our horizons somewhat, £1000 a head to get there but seems to be good response from the players and we should have a strong squad. We will be rank outsiders and one of the smaller populated islands but hopefully we can give a good account of ourselves.
Where was my invite Woking?
at 22:34 17 Sep 2016
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