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How did you celebrate Dom's Blooter?
at 12:55 2 Nov 2020

Obviously if we'd been there it would've been full #LIMBZ and I'd have been trying to stop the auld fella running on the pitch.

As it was, it was ou first real "moment" of behind closed doors.

I was watching in my bedroom on my laptop and couldn't really see the ball go in - i was looking for it carrying over the bar tbh. I noticed the same time as the comms guys, leapt up, sent my bedside table flying. My wife ran in cos she thought I'd had a heart attack or something.

Deffo would've got the first round in down the ShepFlo afterwards, probably have gotten home at 1am. First time I've genuinely missed being there. So thought it might be nice to share the disparate ways it was celebrated
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The Smallest Space You've Seen the Biggest Band in
at 11:44 9 Apr 2020

A trend I noticed in the best gig/worst gig a lot of people seen some big bands in small spaces, and I thought a nice brag thread was in order.

Maybe we could even work out a ratio like record sales divided by capacity!

Saw Arctic Monkeys in the cluny in Newcastle. They weren't even the headline act (MIlburn were LOLOLOLOL)

Saw Coldpay at ULU. Couldn't have imagined the scale they'd reach

Not terribly small, but I saw blur at their Astoria residency in 2003. Being in the front couple of rows it felt insane to see a band of that size in that venue

Saw Arcade Fire at a church in Westminster. It was rubbish. I was gutted
Crowd on Saturday
at 09:24 9 Dec 2019

Took a bit of time to warm up, but after all the stories of online abuse in the week, I was really taken aback by just how supportive the crowd was on Saturday. Everyone was right behind the players, full of positive support and everyone seemed genuinely chuffed with the clean sheet at the whistle.

Probably my favourite home match of the season thus far
Robith's Relegation Index 19/20
at 10:25 16 Sep 2019

Hello fellow travellers of the night.

You may remember this thread from last year where I tried to create a way of seeing our chances of survival (aside from the brief fortnight we thought we were gonna make the play offs). I had planned to bring it back, and had some nice feedback that people wanted to see it again. Now we've played 15% of our game it feels robust enough to have a look

Also, others made great contributions too, so maybe this could be a catch all stats thread

From last year - "So I've tried to create a basic statistics system to see. Totally based in the numbers we need to post rather than subjective analysis of how games have gone.

So each week I'll post the index of our chance of survival. Indices work by converting separate numbers into a base (which is scored as 100) and working out how more or less likely an outcome is. 120 is the mark for something significantly being likely to happen, 80 is the mark for something being significantly unlikely to happen."

So in summary - 100 equals standard. Above 100 = good, below 100=bad

I've taken the average points for the last 5 years. Play offs = 76.2. Survival = 46.6

Survival: 191

Play Offs: 117

Interestingly though when we look at vs the same results last year (so discounting Hudd & Luton) we have 9 points vs last year's 10. I've built this in this year so will keep monitoring it.

Encouraging start. 28% of points for survival accomplished already.

Six Nations Thread 2019
at 09:19 30 Jan 2019

It's that time of year again

IN BEFORE - posh people taking over pubs and not drinking. It's been done lads

Intriguing year this year pre World Cup. Some talk teams should blood players, but imo that should have been done already. This is about making sure your team is battle hardened and firing.

England have absolutely lost the plot imo. Trying to play mind games with the second most professional set of players in the world and posting videos of them trying to copy Ireland's tactics waving pool noodles at people. Gonna be quite embarrassing when Ireland grind them into dust.

Ireland - last year I felt like we should be winning by default with everyone else's injuries, but in that process they seemed to find the confidence to drive on to ever new heights. Leinster are dominating the European game. We'll have a target on us and we'll relish it - but this is a test of how good we actually are and how we've manged to negate our bottle job heritage.

Wales are the quiet ones to watch. They've steadily been racking up wins, look refreshed with some new personnel, and got that Australia win monkey off their backs. I'm going to Wales Ireland final game and I'm expecting it to be the decider.

Scotland - won't win but are bloody good fun to watch. France and Italy remain rubbish.

Some of you may remember that I tried to start a rugby podcast last year - and I've put a bit of effort in to get it off the ground again this year. If Clive's ok with self promotion, you can listen to it here, or search for Numbers! in the itunes store!

Grant Hall interview
at 14:50 10 Jan 2019

Sorry if it's been posted elsewhere but couldn't see a thread


Pretty raw interview with Hall about his injury problems and the dark places that go alongside it.

And a reminder that it's ok to talk about your feelings, it's ok to be sad, and there's always someone to listen
at 09:47 17 Dec 2018

Absolutely gutted - I've been backing a red card the last few weeks FFS
Any club historians with time to spare?
at 16:38 6 Nov 2018

Hello everyone. A mate of mine who I play cricket with is a member of the running club Queens Park Harriers, and is currently writing a history of their club.

It transpires we were both the same entity until we began to focus on football.

He asked me for help and I thought I'd pass it on. Anyone got any knowledge of the early days of the club, or know some people I can connect him with who might know some stuff on our history?
Robith's Relegation Index
at 09:42 3 Oct 2018

I think we can all agree that our primary objective this year needs to be first and foremost to stay up. Further it's been say a mixed bag of a season, where even I, the perennial happy clapper was calling for the manager to be sacked after 5 games. I saw a comment in Brian's thread of someone saying "well, they'll just say Reading were crap" and that got me thinking. Yeah people will.

So I've tried to create a basic statistics system to see. Totally based in the numbers we need to post rather than subjective analysis of how games have gone.

So each week I'll post the index of our chance of survival. Indices work by converting separate numbers into a base (which is scored as 100) and working out how more or less likely an outcome is. 120 is the mark for something significantly being likely to happen, 80 is the mark for something being significantly unlikely to happen.

I've set the base for safety at 50 points. Can revise on feedback

So Gameweek 11:

Played: 11/46 - 24% of games played

Points: 13/50 - 26% of points needed

Based on this our current survival index is 109

At this stage we look like staying up, but it's not a sure thing - we're tracking very close to the baseline run rate.

Stay tuned for more exciting stats action as it comes
Club sent me an email wishing me happy birthday today
at 12:47 14 May 2018

They *may* want to update their CRM materials

Six Nations 2018
at 12:41 31 Jan 2018

Kicks off this weekend! Thought it might be good to take people's mind off the doom at the moment.

Some shameless pluging as well, you may know I used to write the old blogs, well I've now started a podcast as well, which I'd be honoured if you gave it a listen. Preview of the tournament and my squeaky voice for you delection


(apols for plugging clive, let me know if it's not cool and I'll take it down)

Anyway open tournament - England have a lot of injuries as do Wales. Kinda makes Ireland favourites by default, and despite my recent scepticism on us, we really should be winning it.

Scotland are the glamour team, but they're missing a lot of front rowers so will their backs get the ball enough? Wales have had to pick a lot of the Scarlets players so will be interesting to see how they play.

I reckon


FAO: people who will moan about pubs with made up stories about rugby fans. We've heard it all before so maybe lay off it? Surely preferable to gastro pubs full of Cockney Reds on a Sunday #winkyface #banter #earlybirdcatchestheworm
QPR host kids from Grenfell
at 12:03 14 Dec 2017

Maybe it's cos I'm ill, but I think there's something in my eye

Still Laughing Thread
at 12:08 28 Nov 2017

oh mercy, I haven't laughed this hard since ma got her tits caught in the mangle
at 12:06 20 Nov 2017

Sorry - did I miss a law change meaning intentional and retaliatory elbows are now only yellow?
Autumn Internationals
at 12:03 10 Nov 2017

Pretty average looking bunch this year, Ireland's schedule is absolutely diiiiire. Wales' however is rock hard and they're missing most of their team. England continue to saunter to domination

Wrote some words on it: https://thejackalist.wordpress.com/2017/11/10/autumn-2017-this-time-its-average/

Countdown to someone moaning about rugby fans in pubs in 5.....4........3
Priti Patel
at 13:24 8 Nov 2017

Hmm, this is quickly unravelling from a bit embarrassing to a full blown scandal

Jewish Chronicle reporting that May was fully aware Patel had had meetings when she denied it


22,000 people online currently tracking her flight back from Nairobi
Grenfell Game
at 13:54 26 Oct 2017

Raised over £900k.

Amazing stuff
Luongo Haters
at 11:23 20 Aug 2017

Where you at?

This is a banter thread
Blast from the Past: Dani Parejo
at 09:25 10 Jul 2017

Saw on the auld twitter today that Barcelona are after former R loanee Dani Parejo, but Valencia won't budge on their SIXTY MILLION EURO valuation.

Which I guess makes Barca chumps because all QPR fans know he's rubbish
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