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I could have cried 19:47 - Jun 18 with 1682 viewsNoDiddley

In a queue at the supermarket checkout today.
Old dear in front must have been 80 at least, puts her shopping on the conveyor which contains a kids Father’s Day doll present of Captain Mainwaring of Dads Army.
“ That’s lovely” I said (speaking through the obligatory face mask)
“Yes it’s for my husband he’s got dementia I thought he might like it & remember the show”
Took my Dad, horrible fcuking disease.

I could have cried on 20:28 - Jun 18 with 1570 viewshantssi

Took my dad too, nearly 12 years ago now, came as a blessed relief to all when he died.

I could have cried on 20:52 - Jun 18 with 1505 viewsStanisgod

Took my father in law, mother in law and brother in law.
Do worry about my wife later I must admit.

It's being so happy that keeps me going.


I could have cried on 00:10 - Jun 19 with 1242 viewsloftboy

My mum has it, visiting her in the care home tomorrow, when I video call her on Monday she won’t remember that I would have done a 360 mile round trip to see her two days previous.
Talk to her about stuff from 40 years ago and her face lights up and she’ll remember loads.

favourite cheese mature Cheddar. FFS there is no such thing as the EPL
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I could have cried on 01:36 - Jun 19 with 1176 viewsSharpy36

My mum was diagnosed with dual dementia some 4 years ago and now resides in a care home.
We went as a family, 2 sons and a daughter from sharing the work load of looking after her 7 days a week to October last year when she finally went walkabout at 6am barefeet in her nightie and fell fracturing her jaw, to today where our visits are through a window of a conservatory.
As you say NoDiddley, "horrible fcuking disease".

'You didn't know that was wrong, but now you do. If you do it again, I'll know you are doing it on purpose.'


I could have cried on 07:13 - Jun 19 with 1044 viewskropotkin41

Maybe too late for people who've had it a long time, I don't know, but there was some good news on a treatment last week, I believe, a new drug. Would be amazing.

Oh, approved in US, and controversial it seems.
[Post edited 19 Jun 7:15]

‘morbid curiosity about where this is all going’


I could have cried on 09:24 - Jun 19 with 830 viewsozranger

After my father passed away, unable to survive his third open heart surgery in less than one year, my mother started to go downhill. My sister and I felt that perhaps our father was hiding this from us. We started by moving her in to a retirement village and she seemed quite okay but eventually we had to take the car away from her as she would just get lost. Once she woke up in the middle of the night and went walkabout fearing that soldiers wanted to break in and take her - my parents escaped from Hungary in 1956 as true refugees, leaving with nothing bar what they were wearing.

Eventually, we could no longer keep her in the village and moved her to a nursing home. I, myself moved house to be closer to her so that I could visit. But dementia was slowly tearing her apart and she would ask the same questions over and over again. Talking to her on the phone was hard and some times she would be very good and completely with it while others completely on another planet. Now, mother is almost a vegetable and we hope that she is not suffering. If she makes it, mother will turn 90 in November. However, mother in back in Sydney and I am in London, having only last seen her at the end of December 2019. There is almost no way I can get back owing to this virus and the isolationist policy of Australia.

So, I say to those who have posted and those who have relatives with this disease to enjoy as much time as you can with them.

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