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Paul Pogba - Footballing genius or global marketable asset?
at 21:56 23 Jun 2022

Been sitting reading an excellent book on the Velvet Mafia - the gay men that managed and influenced the music of the sixties and beyond (highly recommended) and have got sky sports news on in the background.
through the usual nausea of rubbish pundits masturbating furiously about the transfer window, they've just announced that Paul Pogba is signing a four year deal at Juventus, giving him a 300k salary per week.
Now I'm no fan of the premier league and rarely watch it, but even I know that he's had an awful few years at Man Utd, where the fans have been really critical of the input and energy he's put into the side. On the strength of this he's managed to negotiate this huge deal at Juve. It's made me think - what exactly is the appeal here? he looks uninterested and seems to play well only when it suits him. It must make him really difficult to manage and it totally appears like he dictates the terms. I can't make out whether this is absolutely genius to be so in control of your destiny, or if it makes you a complete rsshole to play when it suits you?
On the other hand, is the appeal to this 'superleague' clubs the marketable asset of having a globally recognised superstar a part of your set up - to the extent that the football he plays is completely irrelevant?
Obviously I'm not interested enough to check his stats and understand how important his input is, but it really seems like an odd conundrum that reflects the state of the game at present.....
Luton away...
at 23:30 23 Feb 2022

Anyone know when tickets are on sale?
oh yes it is.......
at 18:48 21 Feb 2022

and some people are coating Charlie off. FFS,

Am I right in assuming....
at 16:19 2 Jan 2022

That due to WBA having 2 players sent off they will not be available against us??
Eze 1 Croatia 0
at 17:16 31 Mar 2021

he starts, he scores... no idea why he's been on the bench the last two games....
Great read - another reason to love our club....
at 10:05 16 Jan 2021

It's these type of things that go on behind the scenes that makes me proud of our little club.

That's what 250m buys you....
at 18:00 26 Sep 2020

3-0 after 28 mins.... ha ha ha
at 17:12 12 Sep 2020

Fck me, that was impressive. Don't want to count any chickens, but wow.... I fcking enjoyed that.
End of season/pre-season/next season
at 13:37 7 Jul 2020

Looks like the intention is to start the new season pretty damn close to the end of this season. Going to put a lot of pressure on the backroom staff
With that in mind it seems like we will need to be ready to hit the ground running with picking up new players, blooding new youngsters and creating a game plan probably without Eze, Samuel and our loan players.... I wonder how prepared they are for this short run?
I'm assuming that Warburton and co must have identified the players that want to get and who they want to develop - there must be conversations about loan players too.
Looks like there will be some wholesale changes.....
Sheff Urd/Wilder
at 20:42 10 Jan 2020

In on a friday night having the misfortune to watch the sheff utd/west ham game... a few observations....
1) if you were luke freeman having to watch this dirge how frustrated would you be - not even on the bench??
2) Is chris wilder the new sam allardyce?
3) what exactly does mcgoldrick do to get picked week in week out??
4) still unsure how sheff utd went up last season and are currently sitting 8th....

what a load of nonsense.... I need to get out more.....
BFG scores in first Berlin derby.....
at 08:48 4 Nov 2019

looks like some atmosphere for the game.....
Another Ex-Ranger being linked..
at 10:12 23 Jun 2019

Anyone know about him...??
at 19:04 27 Apr 2019

Trying to lighten the mood somewhat.... positives today...

Shodipo scared the hell out of their left back - looked great running forward.
Scowen is an absolute asset, has poor games sometimes but never hides.
Manning had another good game today.
Eze had a decent first half - needs some support and an arm around his shoulders.
wells and hemed will not wear the hoops at loftus road again.

anymore, anyone?
at 18:30 13 Apr 2019

Man of the match today. Outstanding.
Tinker Tailor Soldier Footballer Spy...
at 10:20 12 Jan 2019

what's our thoughts on this dirty leeds spying on fat frank's derby affair??
Such a brilliant series of events leading up to the game last night. As much as I hate the dirty lids, Bielsa absolutely out smarted fat frank - and fat frank's indignation about having someone watch his training sessions was priceless. Seriously, does he think that any team he has played for has not done this before? And Bielsa'a interview - pretending not to speak english for subterfuge effect.... all played out in gushing fashion by sky interviewers asking all the wrong questions... great bit of fluff and nonsense.....
Dirty Lids - sunday.
at 22:59 2 Jan 2019

What's the story with sunday, chaps and chapessses?
is the whole ground open?
do they stick your ticket on your season ticket card?
will we make an effort??
Where did all those people come from?
at 18:43 10 Nov 2018

Bloody hell.... where did all those people come from?? Apart from the people with young children in front of us who are excusable - why can't people take their seat before the game, sit through the whole half and then return for when the 2nd half starts??
so bloody annoying to keep having to get up and down for strangers who don't know the rules of engagement.....
Game starts at 3.00pm - find your seat at 10 to if you haven't been before.
go to the toilet before you sit down.
get your snacks, coffee, tea, biscuits, toilet paper, accessories either before or at half time.
stay in your fcking seat - it's only 45 minutes each way ffs.

so many cuckoos today..... wtf happened??

How funny........
at 18:16 29 Mar 2018

is that cricket geezer crying in that interview???!!!
definitely not a cricket fan, so totally unaware of what significance it is - but those tears are as crocodile as paul hogan.... absolutely hilarious.....
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