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DeshaMeFull Cork Debut
at 09:00 22 Feb 2020

It sounds like it was a debut to forget for our young loanee as Dalling is sent off with a straight red as Cork City get taken apart 6-0 at Shamrock Rovers.

With more reaction we now go over to our Rebel County Correspondent Brian Mc......
Quality of Live Stream Matches (Attn Bri Mc) + LA Hoops
at 17:28 13 Sep 2019

Have not had to use the live stream yet this season but am in LA this weekend so I am planning to buy the stream as it will be 8am here.

I know some people have been complaining about the availability of the stream but is it still generally watchable this season?

Shout out to any LA based Hoops - not sure if we have any - I suspect there won't be any LA bars showing English Championship live matches at 8am in the morning here?
QPR are the “Bland Poster Boys For Mid Table Mediocrity”
at 20:03 31 Aug 2019

“And we made them look like Man City”

According to OwlsTalk that is.

I think many of us would bit your hand off at the end of last season for us To finish this season mid table.

Sounds like we played them off the park 2nd half today.

Time not to get carried away and a top 12 finish would be progress when combined with some of the non cup football we are playing at the moment.
Non QPR: Joe Walsh
at 23:01 23 Jun 2019

I am amazed that firstly he is still alive and secondly that the man can still play lead guitar live like he does.
Glad I made an effort to actually get to see The Eagles when offered a ticket.
Son of Frey held his own too.
Neil Banfield
at 18:07 14 May 2019

Anyone got any thoughts on him?
Spent a long time at Arsenal during the Wenger regime by the look of things

Edit: Oh and JE staying on as Assistant Manager.
[Post edited 14 May 2019 18:08]
With no leg room, knees killing me, do I just go now or stay for the 2nd half ?
at 15:52 9 Feb 2019

With no leg room, knees killing me, do I just go now or stay for the 2nd half o?

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[Post edited 9 Feb 2019 16:01]
Thanks BBC
at 23:27 6 Jan 2019

Worth staying up.
(Non QPR) - Another Outer London Suburb Going Down Hill
at 16:00 16 May 2018

20yr old stabbed multiple times in the neck outside St Gregory The Great Church on Victoria Road in South Ruislip at around 9pm last night. A few weeks ago teenagers beaten up and mugged literally 10yrds further down the road. Not sure if the new development of Cine World and the restuarants is bringing additional business to the local dealers. The new development is supposed to have been an attempt to improve the area. Over in Ruislip High St things are no better. My brother's 18yr old and three mates just about managed to leg it away from a group of muggers who tried to do them in the Iceland car park as they were returning to their car from the High St.

After last night my brother says "time to move" - but where too? It's not exactly the wild west here and people should not over react but when the old bill today cordon off our local park and lock the gates since lunchtime, won't give any details but are saying "its a crime scene", you do start thinking.
[Post edited 16 May 2018 16:01]
All The Angles - All The F'in !!
at 12:05 19 Mar 2018

Just watched the Offy's QPR Goals All The Angles video

Should have been called "All the Swearing"
Because they show the first goal from every Sky camera in the ground you can enjoy Bettinelli's F'in and Jeff'in from every single angle.
"Away, Away"
Mas volleys it in to the back of the net
"Fcukin' 'ell!!!!"
"Fcukin' 'ell!!!!"

Clear as day and thoroughly enjoyable

As is listening to the "clang" as Odoi kicks the goalpost and sticks his head in his hands after allowing Pav to mug him - love watching that sweet little back heel with his right foot that left the Fulham defenders for dead and away he sped.

Also you can enjoy little Smythe getting wiped out (he was on his way down already though I reckon) Ollie start ranting at the 4th official who tells him to turn back around otherwise he would miss Pav scoring
Foolham Presser
at 17:24 16 Mar 2018

Haven't seen one in a long time.
I think we sometimes under-estimate Ollie's 'blathering on' skills which allow him to remain open and communicative with his former Sky buddies, but telling them nothing of any import whatsoever about his preparations for the game ahead without coming across as moody and unhelpful like certain other managers.

The 1st question has Sky reporter asking him about squad injuries ahead of the weekend and 10mins later Ollie still has not mentioned one player. So the reporter tries to bring him back on subject and Ollie just tells him that everyone is saying they're fit as Rangers are playing well at the moment even when they are not perhaps as fit as they say they are, so he has to do some checking on them cos Smythe and Robinson are saying they are now fit but he needs to check them.

25mins is waaaaaay to long for an Ollie Presser though!
Non QPR: Anthropoid v The Man With The Iron Heart
at 23:01 2 Jan 2018

Decided to watch a new release on Netflix tonight.
10mins in, I thought this feels familar
15mins in, I thought hang on this is Anthropoid.
Watched it regardless, same plot, slightly different approach. Same outcome.
Found both films very watchable, but found it strange that to production companies would put out 2 identical story films within 12+/- months of each other.
Anthropoid was released sometime in 2016 and The Iron Heart 2017.
Perhaps some Czech related anniversary bringing the story to promenience again perhaps?
And I Thought WE Hated JT (Not Work Safe)
at 10:59 28 Nov 2017

Sorry if this is a Spackman but I have never seen this before or seen it being mentioned on here in a thread.

Is Frankie Boyle a QPR Fan?

Warning - Frankie Boyle being Frankie Boyle

Come On Fess Up..........................
at 09:15 14 Mar 2017

Have you ever owned a car for a really long time, then taken the decision to send it to the scrapyard and then felt REALLY guilty about it and found the parting *ehem* "emotional"?

Or is it only me?
Fulham Presser
at 13:35 19 Jan 2017

Said it was starting at 13:30 according to the offy
Ended at 13:33 - can't imagine he only talked for 3mins - that is normally only half of one question not answered???
READING v QPR Related: 1 x 14yr old Daughter for sale £0.01!!!!!!!
at 23:17 12 Jan 2017

Ring Ring:
"Hello, It's me, listen go straight in and go to Sky Sports 1 on channel 511 on the Virgin box please and make sure you record Reading v Qpr for me please love as I will watch it when I get in tonight - Do it now please cos it is 7:45 and it might be a 7:45 pm kick off, ok?"

"Yeah, alright,.....yeah..........bye"

"are you still awake?"
"sorry love, which room did you record the match on the TV I can't find it"

"oh..........I forgot"

BEDROOM DOOR OF YOUNGEST DAUGHTERS SLAMS SHUT SO HARD, my wife gets out of bed to see what has happened.

No Sale or Return Option
Comes with built in gormless module free of charge
Collection or will drop within mainland UK for no extra charge.
Chrimbo Tunes (Probably Been Done Before!)
at 14:33 30 Nov 2016

Well Hell, if you can't beat them then join them!

Can't believe when walking around Uxbridge shopping centre last weekend everywhere was already playing Shakin' Stevens and Slade and everywhere decorated like it was Christmas Eve already.

So, what are the guilty Christmas song pleasures that whisk you back off to the Halcyon days of Christmas past, when you were hoping for a new Action Man with eagle eyes, and the Roy of The Rovers 1978 Annual?

2. (NSFW)


Upset Fan Being "Escorted Away" By Old Bill (Pre-Match)
at 13:43 22 Sep 2016

Was anyone queuing up outside the box office at 7:30pm and know what was going on with the gaggle of old bill and the very vocal rangers supporter who would not quieten down for them outside the box office area and was eventually lead away down SAR.

Had he had a run in with Box Office Conor about some failed ticket purchase collection or was he considered over-refreshed to be permitted entrance to HQ?
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