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Does This Ref Get The First Ever Zero Rating From Clive .
at 22:32 6 Mar 2024

That thrilling ending is pure QPR under Marti refusing to lie down and deserving all 3 points just having to settle for 1
Its also pure QPR to get the most incompetent ,horrible ref in charge of one of the most vital games so far .
He did not give that penalty as far as I could see it was the linesman .
The handball /straight red card not spotted was pure Stroud if not way worse .
Paul Smyth was dragged down by the shirt in front of the world yet he simply stood by the throw in to WBA and their nasty defender who just smirked away .
Field I think was smashed into the boards yet he just waved another throw in.
Fox got pushed in the back fell to the ground in a critical late attack yet he made no call only let WBA have the throw /advantage .0
Did I forget anything because he probably made a few more fcuk ups .
Saints V Our Choirboys Match Thread
at 04:56 23 Dec 2023

Its Friday night close to midnight here in America so basically 6 am in London and no Match Thread yet.
Are we waiting for E17Hoops again or has he thrown in the towel .
I know the entire fanbase is dissapointed with the SW defeat but I expect a reaction from the boys tomorrow / today .
QPR 1 Southampton 1
Workplace Injuries / Close Escapes For LFW Posters.
at 14:11 21 Nov 2023

I did a quick search but could not find a thread about this topic so here goes.
Saturday morning I was installing a vinyl plank floor in a commercial building .I have been in construction for 30 years and never came close to this fiasco.
I was shaving a piece to put by the wall when the blade caught my left thumb and savaged the flesh .I had a glove on and it was shredded but actually saved more damage .I went next door to a bakery and a kid drove to to the hospital.
The glove clogged up the cut so the blood was not pouring but by Jesus I paid for that later.
The doctor injected the base of the thumb but had to inject the cut to numb it and that was by far the greatest pain I have ever known .( I had kidney stones once and this was worse )
He stitched it up but going in today to check nerve damage and bone issues and despite pain pills not 5 minutes of sleep undisturbed since saturday .
Never underestimate the value of your left thumb its without doubt the cog that moves the wheel.
He casually mentioned the margin between the cut I recieved and complete loss of my thumb was my early christmas miracle since that saw is merciless and he was stunned I had got away .
Looking forward to hearing other close escapes it will cheer me up so only good outcomes
Huddersfield Town V QPR 6 Point Relegation Battle Match Thread
at 14:36 20 Oct 2023

After watching episode 2 of Beckham last night and being amused by Victoria telling us she takes it in the ass or something like that .We QPR fans know the feeling over the last 12 months but it has to end sometime why not tomorrow
Huddersfield Town 1 QPR 2 .Smith and Sinclair start our revival
Solheim Cup Miracle ,Ryder Cup Magic Hopefully .
at 22:00 24 Sep 2023

I know there is a few avid golfers on LFW but even casual watchers must have enjoyed today .A team that got whitewashed in Fridays opening session fighting back to get a draw and by rules the win is a massive accomplishment .I must admit to being a bit sick when Georgia Hall got overcome by the pressure and 3 putted from close range on 17 but hung on for a crucial half .Then the Spanish Armada Carlota Ciganda pulled off some incredible shots and puts to win the cup.Fair play to them congrats .
Now on to the Ryder Cup and as usual it will take a massive performance from Europe to beat the US with an extra half point needed to claim it back.
This 1 am tee times is a killer though .Come on boys in blue
RIP 5 Souls On Titanic Submersible Craft
at 01:11 21 Jun 2023

I was holding out hope that all 5 people on board will be found and rescued despite the oxygen window closing.
That was until I met a cave diver by pure accident today on a construction site and he crushed my spirit .
If by some miracle the submersible craft makes it to the surface the crew cannot open the rescue hatch from inside .Its bolted shut and can only be opened from outside he mentioned .
Hope they make it because thinking of them inside knowing its over for 3 days is beyond cruel.
Sorry for the downer thread.Hope they are rescued by the time we wake up

Just got home from work watched the coast guard presser and know its over but at least they died instaniously if that helps the families .RIP
[Post edited 22 Jun 2023 23:19]
Usain Bolt Ripped Off
at 12:58 28 Jan 2023

I know this man has brought pleasure to lots of people around the World and made some Olympics the only reason to watch .
I never missed his races if possible and those few seconds before the gun watching his concentration then explosion off the blocks just stunning.
According to the RTE website he has been robbed of $12.7 million dollars by a Jamacian investment firm .
One time I hope there is justice and he gets it all back
Losing My Virginity Match Thread QPR V West Brom
at 12:13 4 Nov 2022

I have been happily reading those threads for years hanging on every word Brian types and watching the usual suspects cheer , cry , vent and either celebrate or lash out haha.
Its my time to jump in and set one up hopefully its lucky because I am not .
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