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Witford Goalie Video of QPR Game
at 04:07 7 Oct 2021

This is kinda old but a nice video from last season's game against Watford. He comes across as a good bloke and he likes Loftus Rd. Others might of seen it when it came out, but if you didn't it's well worth a watch.

Most Important/Influential Player
at 14:00 3 Oct 2021

So, who is the most influential player on the team. There is a case to be made for a number of players:

Dieng: He has been brilliant this year. His presence in the box is immense, he saves us once a game, his distribution is great. Yes, he made one bad mistake, proving he is human, but he may be the best goalie so nice ... well we've had a few good ones but certainly for a while. When he hurt his shoulder I definitely had a pit in my stomach of, without him we're fckd.

Chair: Brilliant play recently. Really playing to his potential and dominating games. Scare defenders shttless with his runs, creates chances all over the pitch, free kicks, corners. Scores great goals. Just a joy to watch.

JoJo: He definitely ties everything together. He was a little off the ball yesterday and he still made some gorgeous passes. Among all the defensive and linking-up play he contributes, he also just somehow has a way of seeing the play from a slightly different direction and making something out of nothing.

Dickie: Massive presence in our box. He always seems to be in the right place to head out the incoming ball or block the pass/shot. He has put in some miracle tackles already this season. Plus the way he strides forward with the ball ... just brilliant. Oh yeah, and he is still our leading goal scorer!!

There are a couple of other players who someone could make the case for too. So who do you think is our most influential player this season (so far)?

With an international break coming, we need something fun to think about, innit.
at 03:33 29 Sep 2021

Why did Chair look so subdued today? He seemed half-hearted in his goal celebrations and after the final whistle he seemed downright despondent.

Was he just exhausted after running his heart out in the wind and rain? Was I just imagining it? Thoughts?
Luke Amos Comeback
at 14:56 18 Sep 2021

So Luke Amos has caught his way back from his horrendous knee injury. He played 90 minutes for the B team and sat on the bench v Bournemouth. Apparently, his first game back will be the Everton cup tie. Good for him. I always liked him as a player. The thing is, with the team we currently have, I just dont see a spot for him. I mean, obviously it’s a long season and he will get games. But in terms of a permanent place on the side, he is not gonna replace JoJo or Chair in midfield or William in attacking midfield and he isn’t a natural striker. He isn’t really a wing-back although he could do a job out on the wing if needed. I kinda feel bad for him; to work so hard to get back into the squad and not to have a place to play.
QPR - Most Goals in the Division
at 17:05 11 Sep 2021

With 14 goals scored, QPR have now scored the most goals in the Championship (and have the 3rd best goal difference).

We have some very potent and proven goal scorers in Dykes and Austin (and hopefully Andre as well), but its the style of play that is generating goals this season. Goals coming from all over the park and a lot of them are made in the build up. Obviously, dickie is our leading goalscorer but he aint the only one who sometimes looks like he doesn't know he is not a striker.

This is a bloody fun season so far.

Ex-Pat Friendly Stream for England Poland?
at 16:04 8 Sep 2021

Does anyone know of a live stream of the England Poland game?
QPRs Team Now?
at 06:08 27 Jul 2021

So, who are QPR's first team now, given all the changes, Jojo's return and the performance against Manure? I know, I know, this thread keeps coming back but I haven't seen one for a few days, so lets go again. Here is who I think should make up our first 11:

Goalie: Seny Dieng (easiest pick on the field)

Defensive line: Rob Dickie, Jordy De Wijs, Yoann Barbet

Wingbacks: Lee Wallace, Moses Odebejo

Midfield: Andre Dozzell, Stefan Johansen (I can’t believe there isn’t a spot for Ball, he is so good, but I would start with Dozzell and see how it goes)

Attack: Chris Willock, Ilias Chair, Charlie Austin (again bummed I cannot fit both Dykes and Austin at the same time, but I don’t know how you leave out either Chair or Willock. Also, Charlie won’t last 90 minutes, so Dykes will get plenty of time)

[Post edited 27 Jul 7:01]
Preseason Matches
at 16:05 27 Jun 2021

I didn't see a thread about the preseason matches, which surprised me considering.

QPR's preseason schedule is as follows:

July 16 - Gillingham away
July 24 - Manchester United at home
July 27 - Cambridge away
July 31 - Leicester at home

That is an amazing line up. The Euros finish and then a few days later we begin a 4 game build up that includes playing two of the bigger Prem teams at home.

Well done to Lee Hoos and everyone else at the club involved in scheduling these matches.
Dickie -- Brilliant or Bungler
at 17:22 1 May 2021

He catches some stick occasionally for his wayward passing. For me, his defensive work is nothing short of brilliant. His positioning is so good. He is so quick for a big defender. And his legs seems to be a mile long.

On the other side, his distribution can be shocking. But he is a defender, so we aren't paying him for clinical passing. That would be nice, a bonus, if you will. Thing is, if you are playing for QPR, you aren't going to be the finished product. If he was clinical in defense and going forward, he would be playing for someone who could pay more than us.

Did Charlie Give Us a Lift or Did the Team Just Start To Gel At That Time?
at 16:50 24 Apr 2021

I am curious what people think. When Charlie joined, it really looked like it was his presence that gave the whole team a link. However, looking back, it is obvious that the team has just gelled and are just playing a lot better as a team. We have looked like a great team at times over the last couple of months. So that leave open the possibility that it wasn't the Charlie joining the club that led to those better performances but just the natural progression of a team that are getting to know each other and learning each others games.

Of course, it might also be a bit of both.

What do people think?
Bonne starting
at 14:42 27 Feb 2021

I have never understood what Dykes brought to the team, so maybe this is the start of a run for Mac
[Post edited 27 Feb 14:45]
Player of the Season: Who Is In The Running?
at 14:38 27 Feb 2021

I gotta think that Seny Dieng is high on everyone's list. Definitely high on mine. He's been an absolute revelation.

I'd love to see Charlie in the running by the end of the season. He seems to have lifted the whole squad since he came, but its probably too early to really know yet.

I can't really think of anyone who has been consistent enough to make the short list. Who am I missing?
Willock: How Good Can He Be?
at 23:35 2 Feb 2021

From recent performances, there seems to be a lot to like in Willock. He seems to be growing in confidence and, with it, making more and more of a contribution. He is listed as a striker but looks more like an attack-minded midfielder. Against Watford he played an important role in both goals and made a real contribution.

Without putting pressure on the lad (not that he reads this board) I hope he has done enough to stay on the team sheet and that he grows into a freekin legend!
Stream for overseas fans?
at 14:55 9 Jan 2021

Anyone know of any streams that will work for overseas fans?
Ted Lasso
at 15:26 7 Jan 2021

Has anyone seen this series? In my family we are having an ongoing discussion whether the football club at the center of the show is a thinly viewed version of QPR.

For those who haven't see it, the show centers around Richmond FC, a London club struggling for survival in the Premiership (sounds like us a few years ago). They have a captain who is a former great player with anger issues (sounds like Joey Barton), a superstar goal scorer with massive ego issues (sounds like Taraabt), who play Man City on the last day of the season and lose to a goal with the last kick of the game (I remember that happening).

Obviously, its fiction, so the details don't match exactly, but there are enough coincidents to amuse us. Plus, the show is funny.
Dykes -- What Am I Missing
at 18:43 19 Dec 2020

I really do not see anything in Dykes. Each week the commentary team moan about lack of service to him. But there always seems to be 5+ crosses into dangerous areas where there is no striker within 15 yards. He doesn't do hold up play well, he isn't good with his head, doesn't get on the end of crosses, he is not a poacher, he doesn't rip them into the top corner for 20 yards out, and he is not one for going on tricky runs and then slotting them in. What else does he bring to the team apart from being a good penalty taker?

What is the point of Dykes? Maybe Nick and Andy are right that he isn't getting good service, but if he isn't getting the right kind of service at this point in the season (and I have no idea what sort of service would suit a striker who likes to hide) then maybe he isn't right for our set-up

Value of Each of our Players
at 08:12 8 Oct 2020

I came across this website by accident but thought it was interesting

It shows each player in the squad along with contract dates and "value". I'm not sure where they got their values from and they definitely don't quite look right. For example, they have Tom Carroll to be our joint most valuable player (with Ryan Manning) at $2.64M, whereas they value BOS at only $1.9M. Also, they value Albert Adomah at $2.2M even though we just got him on a free transfer. And, why are the players valued in dollars? Anyway, I think it is interesting, if a bit dodgy, and thought others might appreciate

[Post edited 8 Oct 2020 8:14]
Top of the League
at 16:58 12 Sep 2020

Playoff Final Highlights with Commentary from Green, Hill, Austin and Zamora
at 18:39 24 May 2020

Absolutely brilliant. If you haven't watched it yet, get on your bike and watch it. It is hysterical and an absolute joy. Well done to whoever thought of doing this. Its magic!

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