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Kane - a real weak link
at 08:11 28 Nov 2019

I am quite surprised how little criticism Kane gets...I think he's one of our main problems. Most of the time, when going forward, as soon as an opposition player is in front of him he passes backwards....this is one reason I think that our passing from the back doesn't work (along with the fact that all of our opponents have worked out that if you flood the space between our defence and midfield then we don't have any options and don't know what to do with the ball).
In fairness, once or twice in a game Kane gets a head of speed and whacks in a good cross, but these moments are far outweighed by the negatives.
Kane was at fault in three of the Forest goals, he didn't challenge for the first; slightly impeded? Yes, but defenders need to be tougher than that. He gave the winger too much space for the cross in goal two, and was standing watching as Forest players queued up for number four (not the only guilty party to be fair).
The morale is sapping out of the team and we have lost any momentum going forward because we have been found out when passing from the back. Having a wing back that is shy of taking on opposition players and can't position and challenge particularly well when defending is a liability in my view.
Brighton and SHOVE Albion
at 19:44 16 Dec 2015

If I was a tabloid headline writer I'd do our match report under the heading Brighton and SHOVE Albion and go on about how Sandro was SHOVED off the ball by the Brighton thugs.

Still, why would we merit a headline anyway when the media morons are prioritising non-news from Scumford Bridge?

Meanwhile, if I was Charlie Austin I'd consider filing a claim for sexual harassment if a man from Brighton (Bruno) insisted on cuddling me for 90 minutes.
(Waits for BBC Political Correctness Stasi to complain about homophobia ....despite it not being a derogatory comment, a derisory joke maybe, but derogatory...NO)
Ramsey - Plan B. One Dimension that needs Diversity
at 17:31 31 Oct 2015

For me, Ramsey's problem, is that he has no Plan B, no ability to change course, shuffle his pack, adapt or change direction. In my view, this is highlighted most often in the substitutions where, usually, it is like for like / position for position or a desperate knee jerk with little thought with regard to the team's balance.

Last night, at Brentford, we saw a bit of a change, in so far as Austin replaced Chery. But that and the subsequent substitutions suggested to me that he had given little or no thought to how the ball would be supplied to the forwards.....and let's face it they got little supply. If Austin was always going to be on the bench, then I would have expected there to be a Plan B for when he came on....seemingly not in my view.

If you are driving your car and you come across a road that is flooded, you need to devise an alternative route. I suspect Ramsey would try and drive his car through the flood because that was the only plan he had and isn't quick thinking enough to adapt to the circumstances.

Clearly the man has some very positive attributes, has a difficult remit etc, but this, to my mind is where he undermines all his good points.

Oh yes and BTW, the PB, 1D and Diversity 'puns'( Never quite understood why The Sun can't be honest with us and just replace the 'S' with a 'P') in the headline were deliberate as I am desperate to be 'spotted' by a talent agency for tabloid journalists so that I can write crap for cash rather than post on here for free...wannabee journo I hear you say? . With Simon Cowell's ratings failing, surely it can't be too long before we get 'Hack factor' or 'Strictly Come Drivelling' ?

The pathetic Millwall pussycats
at 19:55 26 Apr 2014

In the modern era football hooliganism is largely about pathetic immature middle aged men and undersexed young men standing yards away from each other mimicking the action of a stripper playing with her breasts and shouting 'come on then' to each other....then occasionally extending their arms in what they may see as punches, but look more like a woman slapping a man in one of those old pre-war movies.

And so, today at about 10 mins before 3pm on that piece of grass behind the upper loft turnstiles where there's a gazebo selling QPR souvenirs, a bunch of Millwall 'boys' (defined by mental age not actual age) reached South Africa Road having slipped the Police Intelligence (and there's a contradiction in terms). and stood there giving it the 'breast caress gesture' inviting a smaller number of QPR 'boys' over....only to be a little surprised when the invitation was accepted and some got 'punched' in the face.

Suddenly the Millwall 'boys' are relieved to see some Police arrive and push back the QPR 'boys'.

So Millwall's finest immature little 'boys' scuttle back to Batman Close and a couple suggest that as they are Millwall they should go back for more but most were clearly surprised that their mythical media reputation wasn't enough to unnerve the locals. So they then started their way up Loftus Road complaining that they are the victims and have been sent the wrong way. Ahhhhh the poor souls. Britain really should address it's victim culture, something promoted heavily by the BBC.

Meanwhile whilst Millwall's little boys were going back up Loftus Road, more Police are now belatedly sprinting to South Africa Road long after it's all over. Fair enough, but the Police on Batman Close who didn't move from their spot and did nothing throughout this are standing watching the Millwall fans go up Loftus Road and don't even point it out to the other Police Officers racing to the scene of a past crime. I've always suspected that you needed a negative IQ to be accepted in the Met, nothing I saw today dented that theory.

I had found myself caught up in all of this and ended up walking up Loftus Road in the middle of the Millwall 'boys'. They were pathetic idiots, the Police were incompetent and I really do wonder why we have to put up with all of this inconvenience.

Every time I hear some pillock from the media say 'but Millwall are doing so much to combat this' they're not! DEDUCT POINTS FROM THIS CLUB UNTIL THEY GET THE MESSAGE.

I only got caught up in this because Ellerslie Road was blocked off and I had to walk via SAR and LR. Luckily I realise that Millwall fans are actually pathetic pussycats.....but for someone else gullible enough to believe the media this might have been scary. For all of the shutting down of Uxbridge Road a firm of immature Millwall 'boys' clearly slipped away from Plod, so that was a success wasn't it? What a waste of money and a pointless inconvenience.

On the way home some pathetic Sun reader type asked me excitedly 'did it kick off today mate?'
Rather than point out how childishly idiotic I thought the question I settled for:
Yeah, start of the first half, start of the second and after both goals, it's the rules of the game mate.

This country can make the average American Red Neck look quite sophisticated at times!
Another England Shirt clad prick
at 22:44 15 Nov 2013

Don't suppose I'll be witnessing too many Three Lioned tattooed pricks in England shirts whilst I'm out cycling this weekend then.

England 0 Chile 2 F'kin' brilliant!!!!!!
MK Got lucky today
at 18:06 26 Jan 2013

As much as we may moan about Ferdinand and Park, MKD never deserved to win that, they got very lucky today.

First 2 goals were gifted to them.

Thought the push on Mackie in the first half was a penalty and there may have been another in the second hald.

Mike Dean was useless. Can spot phantom penalties last year against the scum, but gives nothing this time. The bookings looked harsh too. None of theirs booked.

Third goal llooked miles offside, guess we'll see from the replays, but certainly looked offside from where I was sitting.

Ji sung Park is hopeless, it's like playing with 10 men and we still dominated the game.

We may have to blame our players for the first two goals, but MKD did little to merit the win they got. However, they were unlucky last season against us, so maybe it evens out.

Jay Bothroyd to score against spuds
at 18:43 5 Jan 2013

Given that our last two goals have probably come from the most unlikely sources....anyone brave/stupid enough to bet on JB?

If not JB, who else do we have that hasn't scored since Jimmy Saville was popular?
Granero , the new Ray W@nkins?
at 18:34 5 Jan 2013

Pretty little touches, never moves out of the centre circle,, stylish, great posture but actually contributes absolutely nothing to our game. Splendid, super, and armchair TV fans probably think he's great.

A future career as a pundit, no doubt, beckons. Why else would he need to speak such good English?
cheered up a bit now - positivity restored
at 20:24 28 Oct 2012

I was really grumpy about late offside goals and sending offs, but the Scum losing that way too has suddenly made it all seem palatable.

Haven't seen anything to support the Ref's notion that Nelson played everyone onside, did Trash of The Day discuss it to prove that one of their beloved big 4 are as wonderful as ever? Or did they ignore it because it was only a little club that sufferred?

Meanwhile, looking at this evening's league table. we have basically played nearly all of the top half teams, so with the bottom half to play it's time to be positive. If we fluff the next set of fixtures, then we have problems, but until then let's back the team. Onwards and upwards.
New QPR Film Sleeping Giant
at 08:15 4 Oct 2012

Anyone else go to the Premiere of the latest film by the blokes who did The Four Year Plan last night?

It's about those 2 Indian kids from Mumbai who won a contest and trained with Rangers for 6 weeks a couple of years ago. It's not as dramatic as The Four Year Plan but is another chance to get a look behind the scenes at Rangers. Worth watching if you are interested in India, Indian football or support Rangers (or all three).

After the screening there was a Q&A which included Steve Gallen and Marc Bircham on the panel. Have to say that Steve Gallen came across exceptionally well.
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